Fog Era Chapter 1101

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If the money field in this golden palace is a huge red vortex and world quagmire, then Ling Xingjian is a transcendent who walks outside the vortex and above the quagmire. The two are in different time and space, without any communication or interaction, all disturbances can't touch her, leaving her untouched and standing still.

But Shi Tiexin is the other extreme.

He has been immersed in the quagmire, in the vortex, and almost has to plunge a fierce man to the bottom of the sludge, because he is so hilarious.

"Betting! Betting! Betting!"

Near a long gaming table, countless gamblers screamed frantically.

There are seven gamblers at the gaming table, but no one looks at the other six. Everyone looks at only one person, Shi Tiexin.

Shi Tiexin sits at the gaming table, everyone looks weak and weak in front of him, and everyone looks ugly and hateful in front of him. Shi Tiexin is like a god of gambling, and the entire casino is his domain. A small hill of chips was piled up in front of him, and in the roar of the gamblers, Shi Tiexin casually pushed all the chips out: "Big."

"Oh oh oh ! It’s all-in again!"

"This guy is perfect in all kinds of gambling, and he played almost the entire game!"

"The most at first only took one A 10-knife bargaining chip, now has won 200 million!"

"Mother, it's too exciting, this guy is either a nerve or a myth! Open! Open! Open!"

"Open! Open! Open!"

Everyone yelled.

The dealer slowly uncovered the answer-big.

"Oh oh oh!"

"He won again!"

"God of Gamblers! God of Gamblers!"

Shi The chips in front of Tiexin changed from hill to Zhongshan.

After a while, Zhongshan became a big mountain again.

Many bunny girls surrounded him, eagerly serving him tea and handing water, helping him to change the denomination of the chips again and again, and finally all of them were replaced by a crystal brick of 100 million denominations. To reduce carrying pressure.

But soon, these crystal bricks began to build walls.

"Ahhhh! I don't believe it, I don't believe it, my money, you pay me back!!" If you win, you will lose. Shi Tiexin swept away all his wealth.

He lost his red eyes and went mad, ignoring the physique of both sides, and screamed madly at Shi Tiexin.

But the mysterious woman who had been with Shi Tiexin waved her hand casually, and the person flew out with a bang as if being hit by a car head-on.

"The poor ghost who has lost money should not be embarrassed in the arrogant golden palace." The woman waved at random and spilled a bargaining chip: "Come here, throw him out, don't disturb It's everyone's interest."

There is no staff, and no staff is needed. Many people rushed out to pick up the chips, and even pulled the fatty to throw it out.

But at this moment, a crystal brick suddenly flew up and hit a few people with only a thud.

This is a hundred million knives.

All eyes are straight, the scene is quiet, and the eyes are focused on Shi Tiexin.

Shi Tiexin looked sideways at the gambler who lost money: "Do you want it?"

The gambler looked at Shi Tiexin stupidly: " just... Did you give it to me?"

"This golden palace is a place to enjoy happiness. You shouldn't delay your happiness for small things like money. Let's play it and replace it with all the large and small ones you want. Bargaining chips, and then come and gamble with me." Shi Tiexin smiled at the dozens of crystal tiles in front of him, smiling very evilly: "I will always go all-in, as long as I win me once, these are all yours."

The gambling ghost's breathing became heavy immediately.

Shi Tiexin stretched his arms and moved the audience: "The same is true for everyone else. Come on, come on and be happy. As long as you can win against me, all wealth is yours!"

"Be sure to gamble, play boldly, I can give it to you if I don’t have any money!"

"No IOU, no interest, even no need to pay back!"

"As long as I am happy , I can give it out indefinitely."

"Tonight, just for wantonly!"

In an instant, the audience cheered and everyone went crazy: "ao ao ao 嗷嗷—— ——!!!"

"The God of Gamblers!"

"The God of Gamblers!"

"No, it is the God of Gamblers, this is the God of Wealth!"

"Fortune! God!"

"Fortune! God!!!"

"Fortune! God!!!"

The carnival began.

Shi Tiexin changed a lot of chips of different sizes. There are more and more crystal tiles and gradually become a stand. He stands high on the crystal table, stretching his arms as if God loves the world. Countless big and small chips are like snow flakes and clinking gold coins, tumbling to the enthusiastic crowd. The constantly changing light above his head shone downwards, giving him a kind of alien charm of a hybrid of divine nature and magical nature, which can make people a fanatical refuge.

He doesn't have any distressed look at all, because in the endless money game, the money will return to his hands.

Small gambling has played a super role here.

Here, as long as he wants to win, he will definitely win.

People lose money and then ask for money. People withdraw funds from the virtual securities plate, even the rate of return on the daily limit cannot attract any desire to invest. Because everyone is assured of betting against Shi Tiexin, everyone hopes to win the crystal brick under his feet, which is an inexhaustible wealth for ten lifetimes.

As long as you win once, you only need to win once. This is the investment with the most amazing rate of return!

The frantic carnival continued, until for a moment, no one could find a bargaining chip in everyone's hands.

People looked at each other in blank dismay, no one can bet against Shi Tiexin anymore.

The virtual stock market above the head has completely taken the time to completely suspend trading, and the crystal underneath has become a mountain. The sparkling crystals are also dotted with dazzling gold and sparkling gems. Supreme jewelry is also thrown at will Among them, Shi Tiexin has gathered all the wealth here.

Sitting on the top of the crystal mountain, Shi Tiexin asked softly: "Do you know how much is this?"

The woman crouched on his thigh with a face full of worship "This is one hundred billion, and one hundred billion is yours!"

"No, not one hundred billion, but ten dollars." Shi Tiexin took out a small piece from his chest pocket. He threw it to her: "These ten dollars, redeem it for me."

These ten dollars are the money this Shi used to buy chips when he entered the arena.

The woman asked: "Is it worth ten knives?"

"Yes." Shi Tiexin stood up from the crystal mountain: "Winning or losing is a game. The fun is over. It's already boring, let's go to the next venue."

He walked to the next ring, the crystal mountain of glorious rumors looked like dust, without any nostalgia.

Behind him, the turbulent crowd went crazy immediately, and rushed towards the crystal mountain like a hell hungry ghost. But all the ugliness was shut behind by Shi Tiexin in a dull loud noise.

On the other side, Ling Xing smiled slightly, and then sarcastically said, "Do you want to stain the black demon monk with earthly mud? Heh, it's just a wishful thinking, that guy is no longer at your level. It’s dark."

The beauty in men's clothing next to him narrowed his eyes slightly: "That’s hard to say. There is always one ring of my seven rings that suits him, and likewise, there is always one ring that suits you."

On the other side, Shi Tiexin smiled slightly, as if the Buddha was holding a flower, looking towards the woman with some strange charm of gods and demons: "I have already begun to look forward to the next ring."

"I will not let the adults down." The woman's eyes shone, and Ping Ping Tingting guided her in front and opened the door to the next level: "Welcome to the second ring of the Golden Palace, the ring of appetite. "

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