Fog Era Chapter 1102

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The appetite for appetite is one of the great desires of biological instinct.

The appetite is inconspicuous, but in fact it is the strongest and most irresistible desire.

The second ring is a huge dinner party. It is also full of people, and there is an endless gluttonous carnival. No matter how ordinary an ordinary person can eat, he will always have a full burp after three catties of wine and meat. But the people here seem to have turned on the Super Great Appetite King mode, and one by one cannot eat enough.

They stuffing oneself with food, using their hands together, forgetting all the dining etiquette of civilized people, it is almost like the reincarnation of a starving ghost for eight lifetimes.

The delicacies on the plate are indeed delicious in the world, making people mouth-watering. Just smelling the sweet smell makes people salivate. Spicy, pepper, honey, lemon, cream, cocoa, countless flavors are mixed together, and then magically separated into layers, assaults the senses like a delicious symphony.

Looking at it again, there are all kinds of Eastern and Western dishes, ranging from roasted camels in the Western Regions to small Japanese-style raw cuts, everything is just right. All ingredients are exquisite and of excellent quality. The sliced ​​snowflake beef was so tender and almost shining.

The food in this hall is full of color, fragrance, and flavor. It only takes half a step to turn into real luminous dishes and delicious food. No wonder those diners are crazy about it.

Ling Xingjian didn't see it, and her appetite was like a cloud.

Shi Tiexin took a deep breath and closed his eyes intoxicated: "Delicious delicacies, rare in the world, good!"

The woman next to her laughed.

Shi Tiexin walked into a sea of ​​gourmet food.

He was shouted and uncontrollable.

When those Great Appetite Kings can't eat, he seems to be a bottomless pit. He comes to eat as much as he wants.

Sweet and cold, raw and cooked, like a whale cruising, strong wind scattering the last clouds ate all the food within the reach of both hands. But he is not a simple rice bucket, but a foodie who really knows how to eat.

He kept his eyes closed, not wanting his vision to interfere with his ultimate sense of taste and smell. He is like a researcher of food, an appreciator of food, but he has the appetite of a super rice bucket, which is almost a hexagonal warrior in the food world.

How to eat and drink to make use of the residual heat, and make every effort to turn the food in the stomach into energy. The sharpness breeds and breeds again, the Essence Power is more abundant, and then there is nowhere to put it, so it can only be transported back to the other world line through the channel.

Other people who were addicted to appetite soon discovered that the food was gone, except for the half of the chicken drumstick in their hands. They were all at a loss.

The Great Appetite King also found Shi Tiexin with a terrifying appetite, screaming angrily to chase Shi Tiexin, but couldn't even touch the corner of his clothes.

The sea of ​​food seems to be endless, but after all, it is not really endless.

Shi Tiexin swam all the way through the sea of ​​food, opened his eyes, divine light gleamed in his eyes.

"My lord, why not eat it, can't you eat it anymore?" The woman appeared beside him.

Shi Tiexin shook his head: "Thanks for the hospitality, the food is exhausted. All the six hundred and sixty Six Paths dishes have been eaten, and there is nothing new to eat. Let's go to the next ring."

Ling Xing next to him smiled slightly.

This ocean of appetite cannot submerge the aura of the demon monk.

She gradually understood a little bit, this Shi entered the arrogant golden palace and walked in order not to dodge the front and be tough with this woman. It is precisely because this Shi wants to level off all the seven rings of the arrogant Golden Palace, that he went deep into the magic cave to commit danger.

But she still hasn't figured out why this Shi took such a risk, nor has she figured out why he didn't communicate with herself.

"What are you laughing at? This is only the second ring." Beauty in men's clothing suddenly appeared behind her, exhaling like blue on Ling Xingjian’s ear: "Do you know what the third ring is? ?"


A long spear is like a dragon coming out of the abyss, piercing the throat of beauty in men's clothing from bottom to top in an instant.

The silhouette flashed with a scream, and the beauty in men's clothing flashed five meters away. Blood dripped from her throat, staining her white suit scarlet. However, this shot only cut through the skin without a deep stab.

beauty in men's clothing I touched my throat, the blood stopped immediately, and the wound recovered as before.

Ling Xing saw the flat long spear, staring at the woman coldly: "If you dare to approach me again, you won't keep your hands like this time."

beauty in men's clothing immediately raised his hand: "Sorry, sorry, I'm rude."

Ling Xing saw his eyes twinkling and put away the long spear.

Actually, she didn't keep her hand with that shot just now. She really rushed to kill the woman directly.

Unfortunately, this woman is really strong.

Furthermore, this kind of strength is not due to things like the speed of reaction.

This woman doesn’t seem to be able to fight. She can be said to be a complete layman in fist fights. She didn’t hide by reaction just now. The shot was actually stabbed firmly in the opponent’s throat. .

But only a layer of skin was broken in the throat.

Is her body too tough and impervious to sword and spear?

No. Ling Xingjian felt it carefully. The feeling of the shot just now gave her a strange feeling, it was not the skin is rough, flesh is thick of the demon monk. This woman's body surface seemed to be surrounded by several layers of protection. If you didn't penetrate these protections, it would be impossible to kill her.

This is a bad thing.

However, the temptation at this time also made Ling Xing see two good things.

The first thing is probably because this Shi’s horizontal push on the first two rings of the Golden Palace weakened the protection of this woman’s body a little, otherwise the shot I just didn’t even pierced the skin. right.

Next, if you continue to push more rings horizontally, it may have a greater effect.

And the second thing is not good or bad-she can lie!

Just now, she simply didn't keep her hands, but the saying "keep her hands" came out naturally. This kind of thing was unthinkable to her before.

Could it be said that after the seal of honesty was placed in the heart of this Shi, I myself became dishonest?

Holy light on, sin, sin, Ling Xingjian immediately began to repent.

But... She took a peek at the beauty in men's clothing next to her, and involuntarily calculated some more general ideas in her heart.

Over there, Shi Tiexin has walked towards the third ring and came to the gate of gold and jade in glorious splendor.

Before opening the door, the woman smiled evilly: "Master Secretary, the first two rings are just appetizers, and the third ring starts with dinner. Many guests heard about the contents of the third ring. I can’t wait to jump straight to it. Do you know what the third ring is?"

Shi Tiexin's expression remains as usual: "Whatever it is, I look forward to it deeply."

"Then raise your expectations." The woman twisted her enchanting figure and suddenly pushed the door open: "Welcome to the third ring of the Golden Palace-the ring of silver desire!"

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