Fog Era Chapter 1103

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The Ring of Silver Desire? This is going to be the main dish!

Diet for men and women, people have great desires.

Appetite and silver desire are difficult for humans to resist.

The difference is that the food stuff is full when you are full, and if you eat more, you will be tired. Impossible to indulge in endlessly. Moreover, from the psychological point of view of the overwhelming majority, the appetite has nothing to do with "degenerate" and "taboo".

It’s normal to eat when you are hungry.

But silver desire is different.

Most people will not eat food that is known to be poisonous, no matter how delicious it is. However, there are more people who insist on visiting webpages that they know are risky. When I was learning cooking, I was lacking in interest, but when I climbed the ladder and climbed the wall to find textbooks, I was very active.

Don’t mention anything else, just look at Old Gun 4.

The mod tool of Roll 4 is more primordial and complicated than Roll 5, and it is much more difficult to eliminate bugs and conflicts. However, for some "just and honorable" mods, countless handicapped people went on to learn, search for information, find tools, learn to decode packages, delve into texture normals, and eventually become a generation of modMasters.

Such assiduous research spirit, non-high-quality lsp cannot have it.

So silver desire is the project that can most awaken subjective initiative.

Furthermore, looking at the deep-seated enthusiasm of this lady who leads the way, plus the unremarkable stretch of the first two rings, it is estimated that the third ring is her Life Source ring.

Ling Xing saw Shi Tiexin waiting for him. She made up her mind, and if this Shi couldn't stand the pressure later, she would definitely burst into force.

But when the door opened, strange spatial ripples swept across. Along with the spatial ripples, there was a powerful shock of information. The shock was inexplicable, as if a turbid torrent was coming.

The pure sacred seal in the heart releases rays of light, and the impact of the message is firmly blocked outside. When Ling Xing saw a trance, he returned to normal, but in this trance, Shi Tiexin, who was walking in front, disappeared!

The door that opened was blurred and dreamy and bizarre, and Shi Tiexin seemed to sink into the ripples of dreams.

Ling Xing suddenly wrinkled frowned and became nervous.

"No need to look for it, you and the Secretary-General have already entered a different dimension." Beauty in men's clothing smiled evilly: "This is a golden palace where you can enjoy impudent pleasure. Everyone’s experience is completely different. Come on, take a step forward and walk into the paradise that belongs to you alone."

Ling Xing saw staring at that woman. She has been I don't know what this woman is. Her abilities seem to be very similar to the real Yin Sector, but compared to those silly big evils, this woman is too mysterious.

But she must pass through this bizarre ring of silver desire.

Because the demon monk is an old man!

He almost carved the word "Sepi" on his face. More than 99% of the probability will fall here!

If the demon monk falls, then he can only level the remaining links and weaken the protection of this lady. Taking advantage of this lady's full effort to deal with the demon monk, she must rush forward as fast as possible!

With a boost in his heart, Ling Xing saw that he stepped into the bizarre and hazy ripples.

On the other side, Shi Tiexin couldn't help but say: "Lying grass!"

What appeared in front of him was not a small hall, but a huge Flower Street.

The very familiar flower street-Kabukicho Ichiban street.

It’s lively and lively, it’s feasting, and every store here is gold and jade in glorious splendor, all of them look like Shi Tiexin's impression. He seemed to travel back to Tokyo from this world all at once, and back into the body of the black master.

Fortunately, Wu Xin Zen Lotus was not affected at all, and a little bit inside was surprised and said: "This... isn't this your site?"

"Can't say that it is extremely similar, only Can say exactly the same. Could it be... Mind-reading? That girl read all the memories in my heart? No, impossible! Unless she is the soul-based immortal Peak boss, otherwise impossible every delicate hair was completely shown. My memory reads out! And the spirit-based immortal Peak boss wants to deal with me without so much trouble."

A certain point: "In short, that lady is not simple, what should we do? "

Shi Tiexin: "According to the circumstances, you have to smooth the circle of silver desire. Older, let's switch, this level is up to you."

"I will play for you?" A certain look was ashamed: "This... I'll say something first, I'm just a small head. Biology teaching materials are self-taught, art appreciation outstanding, download Major Perfection online, hard drive investment is a big buck "

Shi Tiexin suddenly eyes wide staring angrily: "I am the same too!"

Someone suddenly worried: "Then what should we do? Aren't we going to be planted? "

"Don't worry, I can still hold it now." Shi Tiexin looked around all around: "This used to be a place I personally operated. Really, I can hold it all. Are you afraid of this fake?" They are all exactly the same old routines. You have to look at everything with a dull mentality."

I was thinking, immediately something not so "exactly the same" appeared.

"Big! Brother! Good!" Two whole rows of younger brothers appeared. Shi Tiexin looked at the person in the front. There was a strange sense of absurdity that seemed right but actually isn't: "Fly?! "

Yes, it is ALFY.

But the ALFY who appears here is not the same as the ALFY in my memory.

The coat is still that coat, and the inner one is still the inner one. White coat and white T-shirt plus a big Gold Chain.


The Affitte I know won’t be shaken!

The girly A Fei in front of me is really not covered. The white T-shirt is tight and transparent, and a pair of big and white and tender, even running with one step and three shots. There is indeed one Gold Chain, but the way of wearing it seems a bit painful...

Looking at Shi Tiexin again, I found that the black clothed brother who followed was also not quite right. Black sunglasses, a serious expression, it still looks like that-but what's the matter with the deep lines in the open collar? Obviously, the tactical belt issued for combat constrains the waist tightly. The style of black leather pants is also not quite right, which seems to have a feeling of uniform temptation.

This Shi person and a little someone are dumbfounded, this is really strange.

"Big brother!" Nianghua Afei still retains that nasty air, but it complements each other in the body after Nianghua. She leaned against Shi Tiexin, and immediately swayed the Gold Chain on her chest and moved up: "Come on, big brother, let me show you a good one!"

This Shi quickly refused: "No way, no way. , I don’t watch, I don’t, I don’t, I...” → Honest Saint printed and issued a prestige → “Well, I want to watch it.”

A Fei gently pulled, and Shi Tiexin, who was invincible, was immediately pulled Into the flower street.

As soon as I entered the Flower Street, the changeable situation, the blurred scenery became clear again.

After being clear, this Shi suddenly felt Five Thunderbolts, and the scene in front of him was so exciting that he was dumbfounded.

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