Fog Era Chapter 1104

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people coming, people going On a street, there is a statue at the entrance of the street.

This is a female stone sculpture, in the posture of Goddess Aquarius holding a bottle with both hands.

There seems to be nothing wrong.

But what if that stone sculpture is a living~human~?

Accurately speaking, this woman is half stone and half human, as if she had been half turned into a magic stone. The slender legs and arms were petrified, the elegant neck was fixed, and there were two petrified lines on the side waist, which solidified her torso posture and kept her in this bottle-lifting posture.

But other parts are all, yes, live, and live!

There was a bright liquid flowing out of the bottle, dripping dripping on the chest of the statue. It is obvious that her chest is continuously rising and falling because of gasping, and she can feel the vitality and elasticity of her skin even through the clothes.

There is also that water. It’s simply not water. Whose water is so viscous? Tick, greasy and greasy, flowing down the abdominal muscles. If it weren't for the petrification of her neck and vocal cords, she must have heard her screams.

The A Fei next to him flaunted: "How is it, big brother, okay?"

"Fuck... trough..." This Shi stared, the dot in the lotus flower Someone was dumbfounded.

Someone asked: "Is this a modeling resource retrieved from your memory, or is it the product of a girly man?"

"Wait for my confirmation Acknowledge...Eh, isn't this the one of scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!" Shi Tiexin shifted his gaze to his face, only to realize that this girl turned out to be the former enemy, one of the children of the high level Void Spirit, the witch.

Now she is still wearing a red and white witch costume. The clothes used for sacrificial offerings now seem to be particularly tempting, assaults the senses of depravity.

“She is permanently fixed in the stone sculpture, but at the same time she retains most of the Avatar’s touch and the brain that produces reactions. The liquid flowing in the water bottle can magnify the senses ten times, and she But I can only endure everything with motionless passiveness. This is the best imprisonment." A Fei beside him triumphantly: "How is it, big brother, am I good?"

This Shi person is stunned. After watching for a long while, I asked a question: "What if she is itchy?"

"Itchy?" Afei Ka-cha took out a gun: "Then help her relieve the itch. !"

The gun was pointed at the witch, A Fei smiled wildly and pulled the trigger.

But what erupted from the muzzle was not a bullet, but the same liquid as that in the water bottle. This turned out to be a water gun.

A Fei's water gun is much stronger than the impact of ordinary water guns. The powerful water rushes on the maiden, and the amount is comparable to the water cannon for washing a car. The flow of water hits everywhere, and when you look closely, there are still some tiny soft beads in the flow of water, which stimulates wherever it rushes. The witch could not make any movements or make a sound, but her skin was visibly trembling.

"hahahaha, you are not happy, big brother!" ALFY is extremely rampant: "Would you like to try it?"

Shi Tiexin shook his head quickly: "Forget it."

A Fei's wretched expression: "Big brother, now she is getting wet all over her body, which is the most moisturized time. Would you like to do something else to make her happy?"

Shi Tiexin continued to shake his head, and couldn't do other projects.

"Yes, this is just an appetizer. Come, come, and continue to take the big brother inside. There are many good ones in there!" A Fei said hello, I don’t know where a big brother came. Nian, put Shi Tiexin on it all at once.

The style of this large dragon is similar to that of the Qing Dynasty emperor, but the size is much larger. Champion Shi once watched a movie called "Spartan 300 Warriors". When the Lord of Persia appeared on the stage, he sat on this kind of big wheel.

The lord of Persia has no wheels and is carried by the slave. The same is true for this Shi, except that the slave who is supporting him has changed from a ragged slave to a ragged female slave. These female slaves wear black leather masks and can't see any faces, but the clothes on their bodies are really exposed, and you can see a lot of points at will.

"Fuck...slot..." Shi Tiexin was stupid in his seat, not knowing what expression to make.

Outside of the aspect, the woman watched all this quietly, showing a coquettish and confident smile.

Although her wanton golden palace has seven rings in theory, they are all theoretical things, just like the one million army claimed by ancient monarchs.

Although the seven rings are indeed seven rings, only the third ring has actually completed the conceptual purification. The fourth ring of power and desire and the fifth ring of glory and desire have not yet been completely purified.

The woman's sight penetrated the dimension and landed in the other two areas of jagged time and space.

In those two areas, Gonzalez, Alphonse, and their doglegs are falling into the endless dream of silver desire. All of them showed evil forms, and even instinctively opened the real Yin Sector. But in the blurred dimension, the two real Yin Sectors continue to shrink.

The evil form of the doglegs has long since collapsed and collapsed, and their energy has been absorbed by the wanton golden palace. In the infinite joy, they have become the material of the wanton golden palace, infinitely in the seven rings. In the rotation.

They became sparkling jewels for a while, delicacies on the plate for a while, and pierced their bodies for a while and sprinkled blood into wine. In short, they were all tools for other visitors to enjoy. The once incomparably beautiful joyful dream has become a terrifying nightmare that never ends.

Everything that makes Divine Soul upside down in the Golden Palace is filled with real souls.

And this is the fundamental way to run the Golden Palace wantonly.

As for Alphonse and Gonzalez, although they have not completely fallen, the real Yin Sector surrounded by them has been on the verge of collapse. Their expressions were obsessed for a while, struggling for a while, joyful for a while, painful for a while, but in the end they couldn't break free from the concept of pure silver desire and fell into hell irreversibly.

Alphons and Gonzalez's respective Yin Sector concepts have also been extracted and added to the circle of power and desire and the circle of glory and desire.

"Although it hasn't been completely completed yet, it's a bit hot." The woman looked at Shi Tiexin, who was being greeted with all her strength, with overflowing greed in her eyes: "It's close to a completely pure concept of fear. Quickly fall into my hands!"

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!, the strength of the four rings and five rings was superimposed, and the scene in front of Shi Tiexin suddenly changed.

Once Da Nun stopped, Shi Tiexin arrived.

There are countless women in front of them, and at this moment they all shouted: "Heavenly Sovereign Your Majesty, onboard, onboard, onboard!"

this Shi person The whole silly: "What's the situation?"

The Afei next to said with a laugh: "Have you forgotten Boss, you have ruled the world!"

" Me? Dominate the world?" This Shi was taken aback, and the void seemed to convey a certain concept, and Shi Tiexin suddenly accepted this setting: "Oh, yes, I have dominated the world."

A Fei interviewed: "Are you still adapting to dominate the world?"

"Very adaptable, after all--I, I often say that I want to maintain a normal heart." Was carried to a new place.

A Fei immediately said: "Big brother, now is the ceremony, your captive is here!"

Shi Tiexin looked up, and there was a... People?

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