Fog Era Chapter 1105

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The prison car gu lu gu lu turned half a circle, let her side to this side, Shi Tiexin found out that she was not wearing clothes—just as he remembered.

A Fei said with a sneer: "I haven't changed my words for a month in continuous training. It's really a loyalty worthy of praise. I just don't know, can the pseudo-king you are loyal to deserve this loyalty?"

"Come on, bring those prisoners up!"

The sound of fetters oh la la sounded, and five large and small people came up in a row. The largest man at the back is the mountain ape. Ahead are the big bald mad monk, the beaten War General, the warrior who went for funeral, and the rifting eye, Domoto Dragon.

Looking at these five weird people, especially seeing the cracked eye at the front, A Fei's eyes flickered a little.

In the conceptual dream of the Golden Palace, everything that comes alive requires a real soul as the foundation. As for A Fei, who is alive, he also needs a real soul, that is the woman's own soul.

She put her soul into this conceptual dream, just to adjust the dream on the fly, spare no effort to deal with Shi Tiexin. At the same time, it is also in order to further understand him in the form of participating in the dream, in order to disintegrate him, dissolve him, and decompose him.

You can't make up the Golden Palace at will, at least if the distortion is not high, you must have a basis for the man to think about it. Only with logic can there be a sense of reality, which in turn makes people addicted.

The things that appeared before are basically the things that exist in Shi Tiexin's memory. Including the maiden being petrified, it is also because Shi Tiexin's concept has the element of "Void Spirit sub-body can be turned into a statue."

But what are these all are in front of me? Those eyes look too unusual. How many secrets are buried in this man's memory and experience? He is really a huge treasure, I can't wait to swallow him!

But in the jagged dimension, in the blurred dream, she must also abide by the rules here, not act wilfully.

When she adds settings to this dream, she must also obey the settings spontaneously derived from the dream. Especially a powerhouse like Shi Tiexin, if it forcibly violates his setting, it is very likely to be broken free.

However, no one understands the rules here better than me. I am the Lord of Silver Desire!

So Nianghua Afei took a step forward, shouting like Court Eunuch next to the emperor: "Death to life?"

Five people thump, oh la la, dong, and dong , Bang dong knelt down: "To live, to live, Your Majesty, to spare!"

All these five people are stuffed with souls, they are all Alphonse's dog-legged souls, of course Impossible There is the kind of burn both jade and stone of the deity, and the spirit of death in the morning.

"hmph, whether you can live or not depends on your performance." A Fei issued the order: "Have you seen the woman next to her? She has been trained for a long time, but she has never been released. Dead. It’s too pitiful to be too pitiful. So, go and give her a three-hour limit."

"When she releases her once, you can live another year. Release ten times, and you can live ten years. If you can’t do it once, you will die immediately. You have to count separately, so hurry up."

"Yes, yes! Small ones must be Let this ladyboy be released!" The five people looked towards the woman, rushing forward, and they were about to stage a big wheel show.

Except for the physique of Mr. Ye Liang, which is normal, the physique of the other four is obviously beyond the standard, and the mountain ape is more than five meters high, and all of them are eagerly ready to take out their guns. The heavy mouth is beyond imagination. .

"Shadow Moon." Domoto Dragon was the first to move up: "Don't bear it later, you can cooperate with me."

Women should not talk: "Your Majesty, Your Majesty?"

A Fei on the side yelled: "Three, two, one, start!"

Domoto Dragon is going to get on the horse immediately--

Two flowers bloom Flowers, one branch on each table.

Shortly after Shi Tiexin entered the conceptual dream, Ling Xingjian also entered the conceptual dream.

But on the surface, what she entered was the third ring, but in fact, she entered the sixth ring, the ring of depravity.

What is depravity?

It means that it is easy to learn bad and hard to learn well.

Everyone has the urge to learn badly in the subconscious. They want to break taboos, want to violate good customs, want to let go of persistence, and want to unscrupulously do things that are usually not allowed or dared to do.

For example, the so-called unethical love, in addition to the ordinary happiness of men and women, there is another layer of forbidden pleasure. The extra layer that satisfies the so-called depravity.

But there is one thing that must be paid attention to.

Different people have different effects.

In Western Myths and Legends, the devil always likes to seduce the purest and most determined people to fall. Because only if you stand high enough can you fall hard enough. Only the self-restraint is strong enough to release enough power when breaking the restraint.

Those who don't have any moral concepts in their hearts, the devil won't touch them.

Only a true moral role model can bring a leap forward to the ring of depravity.

In this evil world, looking for a moral role model is as difficult as heavenly ascension.

But at this time, Ling Xing came to see you.

The owner of the Golden Palace is overjoyed and ecstatic!

The only trouble is that Ling Xingjian came with the concept of fear.

Ling Xing sees this kind of person, in the eyes of almost any upper-level evil filthy with a pure concept, they are the same treasures as longevity meat. If the concept of fear can find a way to break Ling Xing's courage and completely erode her with fear, then the power of the evil body of fear will be greatly strengthened, and it can also appear a acknowledge allegiance to the super servant of the concept of fear.

Walking in the Golden Palace absolutely does not allow the meat delivered to the mouth to escape.

Furthermore, the concept of fear has not yet been completely purified. In addition, the owner of this concept seems to be a fool. It is integrated with the concept but not fully integrated. It can easily be stripped off and become another longevity meat. So Xingjin Palace decided to deal with two people at the same time, take them down, and evolve into a real upper echelon in one breath.

The banquet arranged by the Golden Palace for Ling Xingjian is nothing but desire. Depravity and holiness are natural enemies of mutual restraint, and it depends on who can be better.

Walking around the Golden Palace found a brilliant idea.

She wants to combine the third ring with the sixth ring and leverage each other.

"This woman, Innate Charming Bone, possesses incredible charm, sensitivity, and appeal. It is a peerless beauty that no man can refuse. I want to use her characteristics to break through the concept of fear and let the concept of fear sink in Infinite silver desire."

"At the same time, the extraordinary natural talent of the concept of fear is full of charm, tyrannical temperament and thought become more peaceful, and this woman has a thread of love tied to him, which just happens to be able to break through with his power. This woman’s defense made her give up, collapse, and fall, and finally fulfilled my concept of depravity."

"High, I am too high. If I continue to be this high, I will be deprived of oxygen. !"

When Ling Xing saw the confusion in front of her disappeared, she found that she had come to a Huajiekou where people coming, people going. Here stood a semi-petrified woman as a sculpture, standing next to this woman.

She feels that she has a weak connection with this woman, as if 95% is herself, and 5% is the statue girl.

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