Fog Era Chapter 1106

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It was like a dream, to be able to see another self in the third person, and to accept everything without any sense of disobedience.

Is there any connection between yourself and this statue girl? Ling Xing saw doubts in his heart.

Next moment, Shi Tiexin appeared.

In Ling Xingjian's perspective, Shi Tiexin didn't see her at all, Ling Xingjian seemed to be a ghost that didn't exist. When A Fei took out the water gun and washed the ten times sensitive liquid on the statue girl, Ling Xingjian also received the stimulation simultaneously.

Ling Xing was shocked when she saw that she had the illusion that she was also sprayed by a water gun.

It's just that this illusion is relatively weak, like several layers of clothes, but it still makes Ling Xingjian a little annoyed, as if she is the statue girl who has been sprayed wanton.

"Big brother, now she is getting wet all over her body, it is the most moisturizing time. Would you like to do something else to make her happy?"

A Fei agitated Shi Tiexin, Ling Xing saw extremely resisted. Although it is a spectator perspective, there is a feeling of linking. If this statue girl is really desecrated, it is absolutely unacceptable as if she herself was desecrated.

Fortunately, Shi Tiexin also refused at this time and let Ling Xing see relaxed.

A burst of light and shadow changed, and Ling Xingjian came to a new place.

In front of her was a woman without limbs. Looking at this woman, Ling Xing reappeared a bit of familiarity with unfathomable mystery.

It seems that I have some causal involvement with this person, and the involvement is deeper than the statue girl just now.

90% of themselves, 10% of them are women.

Ling Xing couldn't help but wonder, what the hell was going on, why did he come here and be in such a peculiar state?

At this moment, Shi Tiexin appeared again. With an order, A Fei pulled the people and women out of the ground. There was no clothes on the woman, and every part of her was neatly and cleanly seen. Ling Xing suddenly had the illusion of being seen, and she immediately became embarrassed and angry.

With more than one hundred cuts and one hundred times overlaid, the feeling at this time is much stronger than that of the statue girl.

Fortunately, Shi Tiexin is the only man here. Glancing at him, Ling Xing saw a sense of fortunate happiness amidst misfortune.

But ALFY immediately came up with a bad idea.

"This lady not only has zippers, but also more than one hundred inlaid holes, more than one hundred! Come here, let the boss take a look, it's fun!"

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