Fog Era Chapter 1107

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A Fei shrank slightly and said with a smile: "Big brother, don't be angry..."

"I will ask you, are you the emperor or I am the emperor!" Shi Tiexin interrupted her, taking off her coat as she walked forward: "Is the offering for you? It's for me!"

"From the beginning, You are here to make your own claim. For a while like this, you are very happy to give orders and send orders, and torturing prisoners is so fun?"

"There is no king, it is the same as a crime. You are forcing me to punish me. You."

A Fei was forced step by step to the end of Shi Tiexin's body, her eyes turned on Shi Tiexin's so strong and inhuman body, and she quietly took a mouthful of water and said: "You think you can? Kill me, still want to sleep with me?"

Shi Tiexin tilted his head slightly, cool and cocky: "Is there a difference?"


"If you kill first, then go to sleep?"

A Fei turned his head as he was dead, emphasizing his neck and chest line: "Then go to sleep first..."

"Oh, wishful thinking." Shi Tiexin dropped A Fei, walked off the big wheel, and said to the female slave in all directions: "Everyone listens well, I am the emperor, not a bandit! I am handsome, not a tyrant! In my country, I don’t like this one!"

"All the shackles are gone, and the shackles are untied, go home, go back to the father and mother lover child, go to build a home, and enjoy Live!"

Shi Tiexin gave an order and the dream reacted spontaneously. The female slaves in the hood and the female slaves in the gel coat disappeared in pieces, leaving only the Shadow Moon on the guillotine.

Shi Tiexin came to Yingyue, Yingyue looked at him, and Ling Xingjian behind Yingyue also looked at him.

"Although you and I belong to different camps, you are commendable for your loyalty and admiration for the widow. At the beginning, the two sides fought and had to fight. Now the world has risen to peace, and the widow will pardon the world. Today, you will be pardoned. "

Shi Tiexin reached out and grabbed, and ka beng crushed all the shackles of the guillotine.

Yingyue stood up and said stiffly: "You, you don't want to use this kind of favor to buy me, I will not put life and death in my eyes!"

"I know you have long ago Putting life and death aside, focusing only on the people of my home country, and this is what I admire the most." Shi Tiexin put the coat he just took off on Shadowmoon: "Go, go home."

Shadow Moon looked at him in astonishment and couldn't say anything: "Are you really afraid that I will come back to assassinate you?"

"Assassination? Hahahaha!" Shi Tiexin laughed: "I'm not afraid, not only It is because I am invincible in the whole world, and even more because I know that there is no need to worry about you."

"You are a loyal and brave person for the country and the people, and I am here for Heaven and Earth. Establish your heart and live your life for the people."

"You will return to your homeland, and when it looks like, if I really are an innocent king, you will sting at any time, and I will die at any time."

"If I can lead the people to Fight Heaven and Earth, fight forward, and meet in the next day, then I will be a man of the same way to build a new home together, why should I be afraid of you?"

This For a moment, Shi Tiexin's tall and straight body burst out with an inexhaustible wind of the king, and his shining eyes were filled with inexhaustible sincerity, and his personal image instantly rose infinitely.

Ling Xingjian was also deeply shocked.

The Seal of Honesty was still shining in his chest, and Ling Xing knew that all his reactions were from his heart. It is precisely because of his inner saint and outer king that he can have such a demeanor.

She always thought that although the demon monk was excellent in all aspects, she was a cynical old horse, but didn't expect that kind of cynical appearance, it turned out to be such a majestic posture.

Buzzing, a sound similar to the whistling of electronic products came from the void.

The woman hidden in ALFY's character panicked, and this man was about to break free from the ring of silver desire!

This is not possible, please change the channel quickly.

Recalling the various performances of Shi Tiexin just now, ALFY immediately mobilized his desire for power and began to take over. In the fourth ring of the rampant Golden Palace, Gonzalez, who was deeply trapped, wailed, and the real Yin Sector's background was continuously drawn away and poured into the fourth ring.

At the same time, all around was blurred, and the scene began to change again.

This time, catering to the concept of power in Shi Tiexin's mind, we are ready to weave a dream of power that Shi Tiexin can't help but indulge in.

The woman was ruthless in her heart: "A director of a serious case, how powerful is the power? Sinking in the dream of boundless power!"

Everything began to become clear.

The woman discovers that the scene constructed by the dream is not a serious case, not any luxurious palace she imagined, but a cliff. A highway made a bend here, and Shi Tiexin was sitting on the bend road guardrail, facing the city under the hillside.

He is alone, lonely, not like the manifestation of power.

He is dressed in leather and is pitch-black and rebellious.

But Shi Tiexin looked at the city below and smiled slightly.

Boom boom boom, motorcycle sounds from far to near, creak and stop in the vicinity, a new character appeared.

Shi Tiexin didn't look back: "You are here."

The visitor was dressed in green and took off his helmet. His face was young and shy, and it was Fujiwara Jishin.

Fujiwara Kojima didn't speak, because Wu Xing Jin Gong did not search for the soul of the matching character. He was just a phantom created by Shi Tiexin's consciousness.

Shi Tiexin doesn't need him to speak either.

The two quietly looked at Tokyo below. The night was dark, the sky was no moon, and the evening breeze was blowing. Shi Tiexin slowly said: "Remember the day when we two competed, I didn’t I found that, after looking back, you should have been a member of the barbarian organization at that time, and even said that you were already their leader, the black warrior."

"Your race route was planned in advance, for All that is to let me stay away from the sphere of influence and go to the venue you choose."

"The snack bar where you treat, from the chef to the clerk, should all be members of the Yi Yi group."


"As long as a drop of cyanide, you can easily poison to death me."

"A little bit simpler, let them shoot me to death."

" Or the easiest way is to infect me with Void Spirit and make me one of you."

"Tell me, why didn't you do that at the time?"

not talking.

"After you become a black warrior, Ben can continue to assassinate or threaten me continuously with pancakes."

"Why do you want to give me a big fan and give me a live broadcast? ?"

Fujiwara really didn't respond.

This image is just a shell, without a soul to be stuffed in.

However, Ling Xing, the spirit behind "Fujiwara Kokushin", looked at Shi Tiexin, and she saw infinite emotion in this man's eyes.

Shi Tiexin stood up and sighed: "Forget it, the past is over, it's useless to find out. You know, you gave me a big assist during the live broadcast, which made me famous and directly laid the groundwork The status of a leader on the road. Now, I am the lord of Tokyo, and the unification of Japan is right in front of my eyes."

"I still remember when I first came, the whole Tokyo was dark and lifeless."

"But now, how do you look at this world?"

Shi Tiexin waved at the entire Tokyo under his feet, like magic, and the entire Tokyo instantly lit brightly.

Light the lights on the earth, like a sky full of stars.

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