Fog Era Chapter 1108

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"This city has come back to life. It has been free from the threat of Void Spirit, free from the deceit of cults, free from the shroud of ignorance, free from class exploitation, free from blindness The madness, free from the oppression of the oligarchs and the boring days of stagnant water."

Shi Tiexin raised his hand, as if he had the mighty power of Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth to mediate the sun and the moon. The sun rises and sets. The moon is shining and dormant, and the sun and moon alternate time flies. Tokyo below seems to be fast-forward, constantly changing day by day.

"Japan’s biggest problem is the issue of national dignity."

"Being a person will only make the color and decorations be peaceful and servile. You can always be a jester, even if you wear a gold belt. Silver is also crowned by monkeys."

"And when a person is finally able to trivialize his body and walk the way of a gentleman, he will eventually reach the sky. Even if he is in prison, the sky is wide and wide. "

"The personality is like this, and so is the national style. Of course you can only be a little Japan."

Shi Tiexin looked towards Fujiwara:

"I will continue to lead here and teach people how to face history, recognize themselves, dig out distorted narrow thinking, and fade away the bad habits of Yin Sector."

"I will complete the three here. Great transformation, breaking the decadent solidified class, and regaining the vitality of society."

"I will teach people here to understand what fairness, justice, courage, sincerity, frankness, diligence, friendliness, and tolerance are all about. "

"No longer be a barking wild dog."

"No longer be a resentful poisonous snake."

"I will Teach them not to be beasts in clothes, demons and ghosts again. People, people, able to support both heaven and earth."

"I will, rule here."

Shi Tiexin turned his head and looked towards Fujiwara Tokuma, with a bright smile: "By the way, the construction of the cross-sea bridge has already begun, and it is expected to be open to traffic in three years. At that time, we will be more than one. Let’s go."

"We start from Tokyo, ride all the way around Honshu, Shikoku, Nine Provinces, and then follow the cross-sea bridge to the continent."

"when the time comes, I also show you how beautiful my hometown is."

In Shi Tiexin's brilliant smile, everything began to change drastically in an instant. The clouds are rolling, the Moon Wheel is spinning on the day, the yin and yang mediate, the four seasons change, and all kinds of frost and sky compete freely. The city changed from decadence to prosperity, the harbor went from deserted to busy, vehicles flowed, freighters were like weaving, and people took to the streets and resumed their normal lives.

Everything has undergone tremendous changes, and all the changes are happening for the purpose. It's not as simple as switching scenes when you close your eyes in a dream.

This shows that Shi Tiexin has true control over this city and this country. His power here is not an otaku's light-hearted conjecture of the emperor's Sannomiya Sixth Court, or a few false boasts, but a real power in his hands.

His experience surpassed the dream of the overwhelming majority.

An electric current whistling sound came from the void again. Shi Tiexin's dream modeling was too detailed and the calculation was too difficult, and the fourth ring could no longer bear it. Trapped in the fourth ring, Gonzalez wailed in pain, his real Yin Sector crackled and spread countless cracks, and the false power and desire ring could no longer contain Shi Tiexin's real power.

Outside of the jagged dimensions, the woman looked at all this in a panic.

Not good!

What's the origin of this man?

Is this really the emperor of the island country?

Damn it, I should really spare some time to pay attention to international trends.

No way, no way, if you continue like this, the fourth ring will be over, change the channel soon!

Huh, everything becomes illusory again. But forcibly switching channels is not without cost. The real Yin Sector of Gonzalez on the fourth ring burst into pieces, causing a violent evil disturbance.

Under the influence of evil turbulence, Ling Xingjian suddenly saw a trace of reality under the psychedelic dream, and saw a trace of rules for the operation of the golden palace. She blessed her soul and realized one thing: "These things are not made up by the arrogant Golden Palace. These are the experiences of the big men?!"

Think about what you saw earlier, and then think of Shi Tiexin. What he usually said, Ling Xing Jian was surprised to realize a fact: Shi Tiexin, really came from the foreign world!

He really was the master of Tokyo!

"Could it be that all his nonsense is true?" Ling Xing was silly, and his heart was confused: "Then, the ones he said that we were classmates are also..."

Outside the dimensionality, the woman exerts all her strength: "I don't believe that you have no weakness, the ring of glory and desire!"

Alphons was drawn with power, and the ability of the fifth ring took over Shi Tiexin. Scene.

When all around became clear again, the Golden Palace had already recalled the concept of "honor" in his memory, and strengthened the magic reform, which stimulated his desire for honor.

This time, he found himself at an awards ceremony.

Countless people are cheering and waving at him, and he is a fanatical follower.

He found more than a hundred gold medals hanging around his neck.

More than one hundred dollars, it’s too ridiculous, that is, he has a tall and strong neck, otherwise he will have to let these gold medals break his neck.

A beautiful award-giver stood next to him, and his body contained the soul of the Lord of the Golden Palace.

She smiled and prepared to come over to give out the lifetime achievement award, but suddenly the complexity was slightly changed.

She found that the gold medals on Shi Tiexin's neck took up too much rendering resources.

Look carefully, every one of those gold medals is vivid and full of details. The color, weight, subtle design and elegant pattern of each piece are all the same as the real one.

The woman's eyes rounded.

She suddenly understood that the reason why these gold medals take up a lot of resources is because Shi Tiexin has really won so many gold medals, not just a fluttering fantasy in a dream.

Look at the cheering crowd again, every face is very clear, not at all the modular faces that I can't remember in my dreams.

This shows that someone really cheered like this.

The woman was shocked again. This means that he has not only been an emperor, but also an all-around champion?

Damn it, I should really spare some time to pay attention to the sports situation!

creak creak, the pressure on the fifth ring has also increased, just like the overclocked graphics card, it wailed hoarsely. Shi Tiexin's true honor once again exceeded the upper limit of most people's dreams.

The woman hurriedly suppressed the shock, and tried in vain to induce Shi Tiexin to lead him into the pit.

She interviewed with the host’s shell: "I want to interview you. After winning the National Games championship grand slam, what do you want to do most now?"

Dozens of reporters snapped photos, looking at him expectantly, every one of them is a loyal fan of him.

Faced with the popularity of the people and the great honor, Shi Tiexin just smiled slightly, took the gold medal with his neck down and put it aside, and said the most sincere thoughts in his heart:" I want to go back to school as soon as possible and don't delay my final exam."

Ling Xingjian, who was on the sidelines, laughed directly.

The woman's complexion changed, the final exam? Could this guy turn a blind eye to honor? No, you have to deal with it a bit and dig out an honor that he can't refuse in his concept!

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