Fog Era Chapter 1109

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The scene changed, and Ling Xing saw that he had come to a place similar to a classroom.

"Isn't this my high school?" Ling Xing looked around all around in surprise and found that this was her high school, Fengming No.1 Middle School.

In the classroom, familiar or unfamiliar classmates made Ling Xing feel in a trance, as if he had escaped from a dream and traveled through time and space.

At this moment, she heard Shi Tiexin's voice behind her: "See you?"

Did he see me? !

Ling Xing was overjoyed, and then suddenly wanted to understand that what he saw was not the real self, but the self in his memory. It's just that his soul just fills the body in the memory.

putting it that way, in another time and space, has he really been a classmate with himself?

Then she immediately discovered that in the conceptual body of "Ling Xing Jian", she was not an outsider like the spirit behind, but was completely integrated into the perspective. The autonomy of activities was greatly enhanced, and she could control it. The torso makes an action.

very good, I can finally remind the big man!

Just as Ling Xing saw that he was about to turn his head and talk to Shi Tiexin in his dream about the principle of the Golden Palace, the door of the classroom was suddenly pushed open, and a familiar but stranger Ling Xing saw left. Came in.

"Old Jia?"

Yes, it is her high school head teacher Old Jia.

But Old Jia who came over this time is not wearing a teacher's costume, but a military uniform.

Behind him was a woman he had never seen before.

Ling Xing heard Shi Tiexin stand up behind him: "Sister Mengmeng?"

The woman named Mengmeng took out a box: "Tie Zhu, I'm here for two things. The first one is to give you a special battle hero medal."

Sister Mengmeng took out a medal, which weighs more than a hundred gold medals. : "Dongfeng night leaves a thousand trees, Tie Zhu, this is a medal issued to all Dongfeng Company, you take it."

Shi Tiexin seriously extended the hand, slowly took this medal, this It was indeed an honor he couldn't refuse.

Ling Xing on the side was extremely surprised.

Super battle hero?

Has the big man ever been a super battle hero? He never said about it.

The motherhood Shen Saoye on the other side smiled triumphantly, as long as he found the honor he couldn't refuse, and the rest could use this to dig all the way down for the breakthrough.

But before she continued to use her brains, new changes took place in her dream.

"There is one more thing." Sister Mengmeng sighed, and then looked towards Shi Tiexin seriously: "Dongfeng Company Sergeant Chief Shi Tiezhu, the fire star is abnormal. The organization requires you to return immediately!"

Next to the woman in the body of Nianghua Shen Sao Ye sounded stupid.


fire star?

Is it now possible for people to board the fire?

Next moment, I came to the fire star land. The look and feel of the brick red land is extremely real and delicate, not fictional. And he became head?

The question mark on the woman's head.

Seeing this, he has not only been an emperor and a champion, but he has actually been to fire star?

Damn it, I should really spare some time to pay attention to the aerospace industry!

In other words, what is the fire star mutation in his concept? Is it a new space discovery?

When the doubt arises, the fire star in front of me instantly heaven falls and earth rends. A violent shock wave swept across all directions, thunder and lightning roared, smoke and dust soared into the sky, and rubble pierced through the air, and a terrifying giant rose into the sky and flew toward outer space.

Looking at the giant beast of the starry sky full of details wrapped in infinite cyclone storm lightning, the woman in the head character is dumbfounded, Five Thunderbolts.

Is this a fire star mutation? ! It's not the same as the space discovery in my imagination!

Seeing this, he has not only been an emperor and a champion, but has also been a fire star alien? !

Damn it, I should really spare some time to pay attention to demons and ghosts!

The three views of a woman are falling apart.

Ling Xingjian’s cognition of Shi Tiexin was also broken together.



Everything he said is true!

Every sentence that seems to be made up by the most absurd novel is actually true!

There really is this kind of fire star alien species that wreaked havoc on another world line, and he...

Ling Xingjian suddenly looked towards Shi Tiexin, during the scene change, Shi Tiexin Has come to the inside of the rare beast battleship. Ling Xing saw that he had returned to his role again, and it seemed that he had really fought shoulder to shoulder with him.

And the enemy is on the opposite side, a demon who seems to be incapable of killing.

Ling Xing saw that he was able to speak, and he quickly said what he wanted to say, but his words changed into a different way: "Take me to death, don’t leave me alone in this world. , Okay, dear?"

Shi Tiexin laughed to her, the next moment the world was spinning, and Shi Tiexin threw herself out of the starship, and fell towards the earth fire star far away.

The all around scene began to blur, because the big brother at the time did not witness what happened to his wife.

But in the feeling of unfathomable mystery, something strange awakened from the depths of his mind, and Ling Xing saw that the scene of all around had stabilized again and became clear again. She saw that she was wearing a wine-red armor, and she felt the violent wind passing by her side. She stretched out her hand to the starship that was rapidly shrinking above, and cried out, "Honey!!"

In the helmet, Shi Tiexin's mountain-like voice came through Wireless Electronics: "Tell our child that his father is able to support both heaven and earth, the hero of the world."


In the fierce rays of light, the starship above exploded.

Ling Xing Jian suddenly felt the pain of violent heartbreak, and instantly weeping bitter tears.

In the radiating fire, the gold medal at Shi Tiexin’s feet and the emblem of the special battle hero on his chest are scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. This is the case for honor in the world. Only the hero’s courage is immortal, and the heroic spirit lasts forever. .

At this moment, Ling Xing saw a huge shock in her heart and was violently touched. She suddenly understood the meaning of the third holy word.

The real Yin Sector of the fifth ring Alphonse was shattered together, which exploded in endless wailing.

"Fuck! Fuck! What kind of monster is he!" The woman was flustered and exasperated, regretting it at the same time. When I was addicted to sexual enjoyment, so many Heaven and Earth turning upside down happened outside. I thought I opened up the field and got involved in a sweet steamed bun and wanted to swallow it, but what didn't expect came was a world champion, a ruler of the country, and a super battle hero who saved the world!

Did I not read the almanac?

When the woman heard the overwhelming echo of the wanton golden palace, she couldn't help feeling deeply regretful.

I really shouldn’t be greedy and devour it. If I see this Shi Tiexin and my realm is fully opened, regardless of spoils of war or real thing fight, I might have already won. .

But there is no Regret Medicine in the world.

She was born out of the concept of desire. She is impossible to violate her concept, just like Shi Tiexin impossible admits to fear her, she will definitely go to this step of greed swallowing.

Now it’s easier to ask God to give it away. Monkey Sun is already in the belly of my sister-in-law, so how can I let the sister-in-law open her mouth and come out by herself?

Women spare no effort, now either you die or I live, you still have to use your own skills.

Silver desire!

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