Fog Era Chapter 1110

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I made a wrong judgment on him, and at first went the wrong way, thinking that the concept of fear he was carrying must be a brutal kind of brutality, which seems to be not the case at all.

Now I have to change my mind and dig deeper into his memory. There must be so many fantasies hidden in his heart for an old man like him. Let me show them all!

My dreams change.

Shi Tiexin found that he was still on the Forward, returning to before the catastrophe, in the Medical Room, sitting opposite him was not someone else, it was Shi Yulei.

This is the Shi Yulei version of the imperial sister. She still can't hide her explosive figure in a white coat.

Walking in the Golden Palace means that the pressure of rendering small scenes is much less.

Ling Xingjian also appeared in this hut, in a state of complete Nether Soul.

Receiving the shock of the peerless pride of the old big brother just now, she is now full of confidence in Shi Tiexin, thinking that it is impossible to shake the iron will of such heaven shaking, earth shattering.

But when she saw Shi Yulei, perhaps the Sixth Sense of a woman had played a role, and she suddenly developed some vigilance.

This woman does not seem to be comparable to those vulgar fans and coquettish bitches. She has a special charm.

Who is she?

Someone in Wu Xin Chan Lian also asked: "Who is this sister?"

"This is the second girl from the Shi family. Except for the super ignorant, everyone else Very good."

"Wow, Old Brother, the sisters you met are all of high quality. These two girls look really good! There is a kind of sexy, pure and lusty type. Shi Tiexin shrugged: "Don't think about it, the second girl is already married on this world line."

"Nothing." Shi Tiexin shrugged."


"I don't believe it!"

"Heh, can I still lie to you?" Shi Tiexin asked, "Tiger—cough cough, Shi doctor, the three children at home are okay Is it?"

The opposite Shi Yulei did not raise his head: "I don’t have a child."

At this time, Yulei came alive because the woman put on the vest and personally Get into battle.

Shi Tiexin startled: "Didn't you say you have three children?"

"I lied to you." Shi Tiexin's voice was calm: "I have been in deep since I graduated. Working as a ship doctor in the empty fleet, I have been obsessed with researching cases. How can I find a target."

"Ah?!" Shi Tiexin was incredulous: "What are you lie to me for?"

Yu Lei flipped through the folder in his hand: "Because your physical condition was not right at the time, and out of the professional ethics of a doctor, I can't let you make any mistakes. I simply lied and asked you to stay quiet and don't think about it. ."

Think about three or four? ? Ling Xing saw his eyes widened.

"Uh..." Shi Tiexin was a little embarrassed, the old big brother really wanted to think twice.

He hastened to apologize: "Sorry, doctor, I... I have been bachelor for a long time..."

Co-authoring, you really want to think twice!

Ling Xing's gaze suddenly became menacing.

"The key problem lies in this'battle bachelor'." Shi Yulei lifts the head, pushed his glasses, and said calmly: "After careful inspection, I finally found out where the problem is with you. "

"Problem?" Shi Tiexin stunned: "I am now vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, I can kill 20 Qiu Huang with a fist, what can be the problem?"

"This is where your problem lies." Shi Yulei picked up the pen in his hand, lightly touched his white chin, and leaned forward slightly: "You are too energetic now. The so-called rigidity is very easy to break, you need Release it."

She was obviously calm, but for some reason, a strange scarlet atmosphere began to spread.

Only women understand women, and Ling Xing immediately understands that although this lady is calm on the surface, she has already begun to hook men. This is not comparable to the brutal and rude scene just now, but a real temptation. Can a big man hold it?

Looking at Shi Tiexin again, he swallowed his saliva, and naked eye was visibly panicked: "Release? How and how to release?"

"Of course it is the most traditional and most A thorough release method." Shi Yulei's lips look very conspicuous, and the scenery in the neckline is faintly discernible, faintly discernible: "You think about it, how long have you not enjoyed a good, wild beast?"

Ling Xing saw the alarm bell immediately next to him.

Let me go, this girl is not only pure and lustful, but also cute! Say the most slutty words in the most abstinence tone, this guy has a high rank!

Oh, I'm afraid the devil monk can't hold it!

Sure enough, Shi Tiexin's eyes were straight, and he said in a daze, "It's been a long time..."

"So you need to release it completely now, so that you can heal you. Shi Yulei stood up, raised his white fingers, and gently unbuttoned the first button on the white lab coat.

She has a plain expression, just as ordinary as when a doctor writes a talisman, but she unbuttons her while walking towards Shi Tiexin: "If you die, it will be late, and you will explode below you."


As soon as the word exploded, with a click, the third button was directly broken by the big breast. Shi Yulei ignored Shi Tiexin's legs and straddled Shi Tiexin's lap.

Shi Tiexin oh la la fell into the back of the chair at once, not daring to look, and unable to move his eyes: "No, no, Shi Tiexin, you are..."

" You treat the illness, I am your doctor, and I have to be responsible to the end. I can’t let you go whoring, it’s illegal.” Shi Yulei’s tone was still calm, but the white coat had slipped to his arm, and the blue underneath Although the sweater was tight, it couldn't hide the astringency of the undulating peaks.

The peaks and ridges are so eye-catching, just from the visual point of view, people feel a strong elasticity.

Shi Tiexin struggled: "I, I still have traditional craftsmanship--"

"If a man like you still uses traditional craftsmanship, it would be too sad. You save I have saved the world and saved me. I have formulated a full set of treatment plans for you. "Shi Yulei blew into the air, put the folder with always writing and drawing in Shi Tiexin's hands, and lay down on his chest. On the previous stage, a misty light lit up in the calm eyes: "Depending on your condition, you may have to take a few more courses. Do you look at the treatment plan, how many times do you think it is appropriate?"

"I, I, I!" Shi Tiexin was at a loss, looked towards the folder subconsciously, and it turned out to be quite detailed. What posture, what posture, what props are not only clearly written, but even animated! The kind of animation in the color map group!

Since the beginning of co-authoring, she has been drawing a color picture with a calm face!

This Shi suddenly Five Thunderbolts, and can no longer talk about handicrafts.

"Why hasn't it started yet? Your condition is very serious, and it can't be delayed. I feel your swelling. It seems that you have started to get sick, so I need to get treatment quickly." Shi Yulei's voice With endless temptation, he drilled deep into Shi Tiexin's bones: "By the way, are you inexperienced?"

Shi Tiexin subconsciously asked: "Are you very experienced?"

"I haven't actually done it, but I have a lot of theoretical experience." Shi Yulei climbed in front of Shi Tiexin, and the two were close at hand. She gently took Shi Tiexin's hand: "Don't be nervous, Be gentle, 1st Step, first give me a massage..."

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