Fog Era Chapter 1111

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Ling Xingjian next to him is almost furious.

This, this, this cheating couple!



Can't stand any test! !

"No way, no way." Shi Tiexin broke free of Yulei's hand and stood up in a panic: "Can't do this."

Ling Xingjian next to him suddenly relaxed again, The big man's concentration is stronger than he thought.

Although I was embarrassed to refuse, but if I refused, I refused. Reward him later.

How to award it?

Ling Xing saw her thinking, and the power of the third ring quietly penetrated into her brain, causing her to think about it, her heart fluctuated, and her face suddenly blushed.

But the story in this scene is obviously not over yet, and the Golden Palace has unearthed more secrets.

Shi Yulei lay down in a chair, curving gracefully, with a playful look: "I know, you think your physical fitness is too different from mine, and I'm afraid I can't bear being hurt by you, right? Huh?"

Shi Tiexin slowly exhaled and stabilized a little: "Yes, the difference in our body strength is too big."

"You are really a kind and good man. That’s right. If the difference is too big, you won’t be able to enjoy it. So, I specially prepared some other'good medicine' to help me share it."

"Sharing?" Shi Tiexin felt bad. Hunch.

Shi Yulei clapped his hands, the door of the Medical Room was opened, and another person walked into the room and shouted happily: "Uncle big brother!"

Ling Xing on the side became wary again, who is this little girl?

"Calf?!" Shi Tiexin's eyes widened, and what appeared was a small calf.

The calf walked in quickly, blushing, and undressed as he walked: "Uncle big brother, I heard my sister say that you are sick, let me help treat you. I am very strong. , You can... come here at will, I can bear it."

The little calf is shy and bright, with a real soul stuffed underneath his vivid body, which was once lured and fallen by the golden palace. Young girl.

"Niu'er, no, don't, you are underage! I'm not a signer, I'm not happy like this!" Shi Tiexin was suddenly forced to step backwards by the little calf, puffing down. In the hospital bed.

Suddenly felt something soft in his hand, Shi Tiexin suddenly looked back towards the hospital bed, and saw that there was already a person lying on the hospital bed.

Ling Xing on the side stares again, who is this again?

How do big people know so many beautiful girls?

Shi Tiexin retracted his hand like an electric shock, and said in shock: "Big, big sister?!"

Yes, the eldest sister Shi Yuhui who was lying there in a nurse uniform was unexpectedly. Shi Yuhui sat up, and her legs curled up on the bed, underneath the nurse's skirt was a thin black silk. She patted the hospital bed beside her, and said strongly, "What are you doing in a daze, come on, and start treating the disease."

Shi Tiexin can't believe it: "Even you..."

"Why, the three of our sisters help treat you together, what are you dissatisfied with? Huh, I am not a casual person. You are a little devil, I usually won't take a look with my straight eyes." Shi Yuhui folded her arms. Chest, turned his head and looked towards the side, eleven strong arrogance: "But since your life is at stake, it's can't be accommodating... Let me make it clear first, I'm not happy, I like you or something!"

Shi Tiexin Five Thunderbolts, dumbfounded, stepped back subconsciously.

Hey, a piece of elastic fluttered on his back, and the little calf blew into his ear: "Come on, big brother, I'm all ready. I'm everything. The carrier, our child, must be the strongest offspring."

"No, no, I..."

"Sergeant Chief, you dislike me Yan Old Zhu Huang Are you ready?" Shi Yulei took off his glasses and unrolled his curled hair, suddenly turning into another world-line youthful and beautiful appearance. She bit her glasses frame and ate and said with a smile: "My age is also fake, I am less than 20 this year. Every man likes a 20-year-old girl, don't you dislike me?"

Shi Tiexin's eyes are about to circle the mosquito coils: "No, no, I—"

"hmph, mother-in-law, is there a bit of masculinity?" Shi Yu Hui came up from the third direction, waved, Shi Tiexin's clothes turned into flying ash: "It's just a cure, not letting you get married. What are you afraid of? Give you a task. Let us all be happy ten times first. If you don’t meet the standards, you are not allowed to leave!"

Three women gathered around, and the tall Shi Tiexin looked extremely small under the besieging of the three girls. He was submerged in the ocean of the gravitational generator, as if sinking into the terminator of molten iron, his struggling strength was getting weaker and weaker, and the last hand that stretched out "the surface of the sea" slowly sank, and finally turned into the appearance of a thumb. , Sank under the ocean.

Ling Xing on the side saw the creak creak that bit his teeth, and the creak had already exploded directly.

You, you bastards, unforgivable! !

The green old lady in front of the old lady! !


Just when Ling Xing saw that it was about to expand in place, suddenly under the sea of ​​gravitation stretched out that powerful hand again, oh la la The three sisters all pulled out.

Shi Tiexin stood up again, soaring into the sky in an imposing manner, righteously saying: "You three give me self-respect! I am a traditional man, I do not accept premarital sex! Moreover, group sports are illegal. Yes, don't you know?"

Shi Yulei and the three people were shocked. They didn't expect that when the arrows were on the line just now, there were still men who could rein in the cliff.

This is indeed beyond their cognition.

The woman under Shi Yulei’s body said unwillingly: "But your illness..."

"Don't bother you." Shi Tiexin turned around and left without nostalgia. "I'm already married. In this life, this life, I only have this wife in this world. I will never betray her." Ling Xingjian bit her lip and suddenly felt A huge move. The peculiar inexplicable memory struck, her tears couldn't help but she cried out: "My dear!"

Didn't expect, the all around scene was lost for a while, Shi Tiexin appeared directly In front of her. The big warm hand wiped away the tears from her face, Shi Tiexin looked down at her: "Darling?"

Ling Xing see you look at all around again, he seems to be in an alien observatory , All around The light is warm and ambiguous. In this small room, I am lying on a bed with the naked Shi Tiexin.

Shi Tiexin stroked her face, handsome and slightly nasty, and said, "My wife, the doctor said I have a disease that can’t be cured if I don’t do anything. Look, can we treat it well? Yizhi?"


Ling Xing saw a little flustered, but she swept an electronic certificate from the corner of her eye, which was a marriage certificate.

I and the big man are married?

He... is he really his husband?

Thinking of this, Ling Xing felt sweet again.

Without waiting for her response, Shi Tiexin who was opposite had already kissed him. Ling Xing saw that subconsciously he wanted to hold back, but the power of the golden palace was affecting her all the time.

In addition, she is just filling in the role, Shi Tiexin's real experience how her own wife does, she can only do this as a "character".

The resistance quickly disappeared, and her lips were completely and completely captured. Soon she was dizzy in this kiss, dizzy in this "character".

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