Fog Era Chapter 1112

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Shi Tiexin's big hand stroked it upwards along his thigh, gentle yet numbing inductance, comfortably thrilling. The resistance that Ling Xing saw quickly melted into this feeling, and suddenly felt that it didn't matter.

The personality of the character blends with her own cognition, and her thoughts are quickly synchronized with the character.

The reason Ling Xing saw quickly faded, and Shi Tiexin took her hand and walked around.

Anyway, it is a legal couple. What's wrong with doing this?

Then, come on!

So Shi Tiexin took off her clothes lightly. She did not resist, but responded fiercely, kissing, and intoxicating.

But at this brief moment, the jagged dimensions suddenly took off.

One dimension was divided into two in the blink of an eye. These two dimensions looked exactly the same at first glance, but the soul under the body had already finished a big drop.

In Shi Tiexin's dimension, the "wife"'s body was stuffed with the soul of the fallen wife, leading him to fall into the boundless desire of silver.

And when Ling Xing saw this, she finally pulled her from the state of being detached from the outside, and fell into a dream woven specifically for her.

Ling Xingjian suddenly felt that he was enveloped by the holy white light. She opened her eyes and saw a monument in the void above Nine Heavens, which was the Warhammer of holy light. The holy light burst from Warhammer, shining on her. But this holy light is not warm and inclusive, but Thunder's Fury, a roar slashed from above Nine Heavens.


Ling Xing saw eyes shrank, and instinctively wanted to struggle. But the face of "Shi Tiexin" appeared in front of her again, looking at her suspiciously, and then seemed to become disappointed in the dim light and shadow.

Ling Xing saw that looking at the holy light above, and then at the disappointed Shi Tiexin, his heart suddenly felt like a split. There was a fierce conflict between her mind and her beliefs.

And in the shell of "Shi Tiexin", the soul of the Lord of the Golden Palace laughed wildly.

This is what she is waiting for!

Waiting for this moment of self-disgust!

The sixth ring, the ring of depravity, is fully launched!

"Painful?" Ling Xingjian suddenly heard a familiar voice not far away: "I was in such pain at the beginning."

Ling Xingjian suddenly With his eyes wide open, I saw that I changed from lying down to standing, and there was a familiar person in front of him.

All around became a snowy field. On the snowy field there was a young man with a delicate and pretty face and flax-colored hair. He was a pretty young man.

But now, the young man's face is covered with black markings, and the pupils in his eye sockets have turned black and white. The white holy light around him and the black evil were intertwined, and finally turned into a half-holy and half-evil twisted appearance.

The young man staggered, struggling to walk towards her, and as he walked, he spoke a demonized language in the accented voice: "Masta, you know how much I long for you , I admire you so much, but how contradictory and painful I am!"

"I want to be close to you, but I dare not touch you."

" I want to be close to you, but I don’t want to blaspheme you."

"I think I am wicked, but I can’t forget you anyway."

"You said, holy light should be pure As one, I dedicate my whole heart to holy light. But you have already stepped into my heart, how can I get rid of you?"

"Finally, I will put myself in front of you, to you Repent, confess your sins to you, take refuge in your pure holy light, and burn all the impurities in your heart."

"I finally confess your purity."

"But, Today I found out that everything is fake, it’s all fake!"

A mocking smile appeared on the young man’s face: "You deprived me of my life with self-proclaimed purity, but now you What are you doing again?"

"You are thinking of a man, you are thinking of spring, a bitch!!"

The young man scolded frantically: "You are full of noble mouths And holy, in fact, indecent and despicable bastard, you deceived me, you cheated me, and then stripped myself out of another man’s bed!"

For a trance, Ling Xing saw impressively I found myself not wearing clothes.

She backed away in a panic, trying to cover her body, and shook her head to the boy: "No, it's not like this!" She turned her head subconsciously to look for Shi Tiexin's silhouette, but But I found that there was only a vast snowfield all around, and I couldn't see Shi Tiexin's silhouette at all.

"Are you looking for your savage man? Why bother to go near and be far?" Suddenly the Form Displacement Shadow appeared in front of her, grabbing her wrist and pushing her to the ground. The boy gave a wicked smile: "Come on Marsta, what you said, purity is not absolute, it is absolutely impure."

"Since you are already impure, why bother to pretend to be?"

"If I want a man, I am the same!"

Ling Xingjian struggled: "No, no, no!"

She clenched the teeth, slapped a slap on the face of the teenager. But she was supposed to be full of holy light hands, but now she is weak.

"hahahaha, you have abandoned holy light, and holy light naturally abandoned you. You have been condemned by the source of holy light as a profanity heresy, and you are already a sinner of holy light!" The boy laughed frantically: "Come on, Master, enter the absolutely impure Ji Realm with me, and be happy with me!" The energy burst, Ling Xingjian suddenly felt a huge emotional shock.

Is that...pleasure?

Yes, it’s pleasure, the pleasure produced by countless souls in the Golden Palace, which was collected by the Lord of the Golden Palace and poured a brain into the spirit of Ling Xingjian.

This kind of impact exists all the time, but it was blocked by the seal of purity in the past. But when she doubted her purity, the power of the seal of purity quickly weakened. The joyful feeling was like flooding over the bank, vowing to overwhelm Ling Xingjian's will in one fell swoop.

Fall, Paladin, fall!

I am hopelessly depraved in the thrill of a thousand people!

The Lord of the Golden Palace laughed wildly, already thinking about the next script in his heart.

Next, I have to take three steps.

1st Step, hard fill in a forced way.

Second Step, used a series of methods to get her to ask for it.

Third Step is the most exciting. When she is indulged in pleasure, she creates an illusory shadow of Shi Tiexin to find her, come to a big drama that her husband is currently committing, and defeat her last bit Chastity.

In this way, she will be able to fall forever, completely reduced to the peerless foundation of the third ring and the sixth ring!

I'm really too smart. A series of Sao operations turned against the wind, and my destiny is mine!

ah ha ha, ah hahahaha ~~

At this moment, Ling Xing shouted hoarsely: "Dear————!!!"


A big hand suddenly pierced through the jagged dimensions, as if breaking through a curtain. In the shattered light and shadow, one grabbed the "boy" by the neck from behind.

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