Fog Era Chapter 1113

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"Junior" suddenly widened his eyes.

No, impossible, he has rendered a scene exactly the same and fooled him! He should still be overwhelming with the fake "Ling Xing", why did he——

Shi Tiexin at a moderate pace came from the voice: "You are not the right product here, you are so beautiful. My wife suddenly changed into a fake plastic surgery, which will make me very irritated, Lady Boss."

ka beng!

With five fingers, Shi Tiexin squeezed the "boy"'s neck.

In the seventh ring of the Golden Palace, the soul of the Lord of the Golden Palace fled back here, panting in horror. She really felt Death Aura just now.

"Impossible, impossible, how could he penetrate the jagged dimensions? How could he—"

Above the snowy field, Shi Tiexin pulled Ling Xingjian up.

When Ling Xing saw him, he suddenly cried out and threw himself into his arms.

"I'm not afraid, I'm here." Shi Tiexin stroked her hair, raised his left hand and snapped his fingers.

The bang sounded, all around the scene suddenly changed, and it suddenly became a small park at night.

The woman outside the dimension screamed in shock: "Impossible, how can he control my power?!"

Looking at the changing scenes all around, Ling Xing Seeing it, I was surprised and said: "You, how could you..."

"I didn't play with her for nothing." Shi Tiexin smiled softly: "Isn't it just a dream, who can't?" "

Ling Xing saw all the question marks: "What the hell is going on?"

"Now I have a little time, let me talk to you about the situation." Shi Tiexin pulls As she sat down on the top platform of the slide in the small park, all around was quiet, he whispered:

"In short, the real Yin Sector's ability can be deprived of it. Just say it. Just like my'fear' will be deprived when I encounter greater fear, or when I also develop fear."

"I found out when I first met that woman In this regard, if I admit my fear of her, my true Yin Sector will be immediately deprived of her."

"My instinct tells me that if my domain is also taken away by her, she It will complete an irreversible sublimation and become a terrifying existence that is incomprehensible and even impossible to deal with. So I immediately dispelled the idea of ​​leaving right away. Although it is dangerous, I absolutely cannot admit to being afraid."

Ling Xing Seeing it suddenly: "No wonder you stopped leaving immediately. But, why didn't you tell me, why cut off the connection with my soul?"

Shi Tiexin laughed: "I bounced you away with my spirit At the time, it was the time when the other party swallowed me with the domain. At that time, if I maintain a spiritual link with you, wouldn’t I drag you into the water? Of course, I wanted to bounce you away."

Ling Xing thought about it once. Indeed, since that moment, he has been vaguely distinguished from Shi Tiexin in different phases.

It turned out that the confrontation had already begun at that moment.

Ling Xing said with fear after seeing: "There is no sign at all in such a powerful field. What the hell is that woman?"

Shi Tiexin calmly said: "While she keeps dealing with me At the time, I was also working hard to deconstruct her field and learned a lot of information."

"She is a high-level evil."

"To be precise, it is a The formed high-level evil."

Ling Xingjian asked: "What is the high-level evil?"

"We call the evil that can expand the real Yin Sector as a big one. Evil, the real Yin Sector of the great evil has all kinds of signs, white mist, evil, and distorted form, which can be seen through at a glance. Most of the big evils do not know it, and the concept is mixed and weak. For us , The threat of the great evil is not great."

Ling Xing saw that he thought of Protos in Tieweishan Prison, and the concept was indeed mixed. It is difficult for her to deal with, but for Shi Tiexin's horror field, Protos seems like a piece of cake.

"Evil spirit is the power of idealism. Among the real Yin Sector, the conceptual formidable power is the strongest. If a big evil concept is not so complicated, but relatively pure, then this big Evil will be correspondingly stronger."

"For example, my fear domain, it will explode Protos' bad domain."

Indeed, compared to Proto Si, the former director of the Department of Serious Cases seems to be much more difficult to deal with. This is probably due to the other party's exclusive pursuit of "power."

"And if the concept of the great evil is pure enough, the great evil will complete its transformation."

"The concept of purification will bring great power and cannot be Knowing Daxiehui will comprehend his own essence, greatly improve his various abilities, and quickly introvert the appearance of the real Yin Sector. The bizarre distortions will become commonplace, more precisely, they will become more distorted, just hidden Under the perfect appearance."

"This kind of individual is beyond the big evil, the upper evil."

Ling Xingjian finally understood: "No wonder We have never seen the white mist and evil spirits, that woman is so powerful."

Shi Tiexin nodded: "She is indeed very difficult to deal with, and can even be said to be a genius who is evil. According to me According to the speculation, the upper-level evil domain is no less powerful than the Third Heavenly Layer domain. She can be said to be the leading version."

"If it is really a domain, the two of us have nothing to resist. Maybe."

"Fortunately, she is not the real upper-level evil."

Ling Xingjian asked: "Is her concept not pure enough?"

Shi Tiexin shook his head: "No. Her fundamental concept is'Silver Desire', and her secondary concept is'Depravity.' If she eliminates'Depravity' and completely polarizes'Silver Desire', she would have I succeeded."

"She looked at my memory, and I also saw her sporadic memories in reverse. She is really the kind of extraordinary natural talent, sensitive and greedy, capable of endless Indulging in the desire of silver, it is the real "plowing field"."

"However, as a genius in the evil, she is naturally not satisfied with this ordinary concept. "

"She is going to strengthen the desire for depravity, and at the same time merge the desire for wealth, appetite, power, and glory, and purify them separately, and unite the six desires. Once successful, she will jump into the upper evil. The powerhouse."

"The evil in the color, the evil and the color are one, almost invincible. Unless you come to an immortal boss, or come to an immortal seed daoist, you really can’t take care of her."

"If you let her take away the concept of'fear', and then purify the concepts of violence, sadism, torture, and devastation, and complete the unity of sex and terror, everything will really be over."

Ling Xing understood: "No wonder you stopped leaving immediately. Fortunately, you restrained her."

Shi Tiexin said with a bitter smile: "How easy is it. The upper echelon is evil." In the realm of pure conception, it’s like dreams and illusions, and the five aggregates are all lost."

"If the Zen lotus in my heart is always open, I can’t keep half of my purity. Awake. "

"If I had not experienced complicated, firm-willed, deep-rooted, and fearless, no regrets or regrets in my heart, I would also be consumed by her, and finally fall into endless tricks. "

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