Fog Era Chapter 1114

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Speaking of this, Ling Xing saw that he hugged his shoulder subconsciously: "It's really terrifying."

There are too many tricks in the Golden Palace. The most terrifying is the belief that will destroy the visitor's soul. Although Shi Tiexin rescued her once, the influence of the arrogant golden palace on the soul will not be eliminated.

Ling Xing saw that the solid holy light had been shaken.

Her courage and will are constantly weakening.

Shi Tiexin gaze as if a torch, and then stopped her shoulders: "Don't be afraid or not. In fact, the will with strength and the conviction of action are the nemesis of the upper echelon."

A strong will? Conviction of action?

Ling Xing remembered Shi Tiexin's spirit, ambition, and the various experiences he showed along the way, and shrank towards Shi Tiexin: "Fortunately there is you."

She never said that.

Now I say this because she no longer believes in herself, and subconsciously wants to rely on others.

"Of course, but what I want to say is not this." Shi Tiexin's finger points to Ling Xingjian's forehead: "Isn't the will with power just holy light? The faith that gathers action, Isn’t it the sacred seal?"

"It’s not that you are fortunate to have me, but I am fortunate to have you."

"I can only float and sink in a dream, only you can I have been standing outside the dimension and watching, until the end is dragged into my dream."

"So, you are the real nemesis of this woman, and you are our decisive trump card."

"Me?" Ling Xing saw his eyes widened, and then showed a hesitant, unconfident look: "Aren't you already able to control this domain, can't you beat her?"

"I can't." Shi Tiexin shook his head: "She can deprive others of the concept, so I can deprive her of her concept. This is the fundamental principle that I can manipulate here."

"However, I’m impossible to deprive her of the concept of purification, because I’m not really evil."

"If the fear field is absorbed into the Golden Palace, the excessive evil will immediately destroy my will. , Demon God took shape immediately. At the same time, it also possesses the power of sex, coupled with my invincible body as the carrier, this world is really over!"

"So I just found it right. Opportunity, I have embedded my fear domain into her domain as a Trojan horse. Can release Trojan horses, but also kill Trojan horses. That woman is mobilizing the power of the Golden Palace to squeeze out my fake Yin Sector. We are running out of time."

"The only one who can really beat her is you."

Hearing Shi Tiexin's affirmative Chinese, Ling Xing saw that it was not like usual, her eyes wandered and she did not dare to look at Shi Tiexin Eyes: "I..."

Shi Tiexin suddenly shouted at Ling Xingjian: "What are you hesitating! Are you still struggling with the question of pure impure? You still suspect blasphemy Isn’t something profane? After so many experiences, don’t you understand the essence of holy light?!"

Ling Xing was shocked, muttered: "The...... essence of holy light?"


"Yes, the essence of holy light!" Shi Tiexin stood up, angrily: "Does holy light really care if you lie? You in Tokyo are full of lies to deceive the world, and you are still alone against the winter. The most dazzling firework!"

"Does holy light really care if you marry or not? The fire star's you and I are forever together, and it is still the most brilliant firework that saves the world!"

"Wake up, see Lingxing, holy lig ht simply is not a doctrine of ignorance sect, simply is not a commandment to deceive fools! "

Ling Xing saw some confusion: "Isn't it? "

"Of course not! I ask you, what is it that passed you holy light? Is it aloof and remote the omniscient and omnipotent God? "

Ling Xing saw that he shook his head blankly: "No. "

"Is it Jesus stuck on a wooden frame and wearing thorns on his head?" "

Ling Xing shook his head again: "No. "

" Is it a grow pair of wings, a beautiful and brilliant angel? "

Ling Xingjian still shook his head: "Neither. "

"Since they are not, why do you show an angel-like image when you use the power of the seal?" It’s not because holy light was born like this, but because it’s your imagination to believe oneself infallible! "Shi Tiexin hit the nail on the head, and said to the soul: "Holy light never told you the rules and precepts, you yourself trapped yourself in the rules and precepts!" "

Ling Xing saw a huge shock all over his body, and his thoughts fell into a great chaos, and then gradually saw a clear light from the chaos.

That was Shi Tiexin's. Gaze.

He stands under the night sky, and the sky behind it is rising winds, scudding clouds, light and shadow change. From nowhere, faintly discernable music naturally penetrates into this magnificent background and strengthens the narrative. The music is one of the Saint’s playlists on the main world line, called "Heroes Proof".

In the melodious and vast orchestral background sound, Shi Tiexin’s voice pierced through the clouds and cracked the rocks, shocking the world , As if the sacred voice cast from outside the void: "lifts the head, tell me, what is it that tells you the holy light? "

Ling Xing saw lifts the head staring at Shi Tiexin, and said in a huge shock: "It's a Warhammer... it's a Warhammer!" "

"Yes, it's Warhammer, it's a powerful weapon! "

"I don't know who cast this Warhammer, but I believe that it must be a heroic fearless warrior, and must be a hero who can support both heaven and earth! "

"I believe that that person must also have his own love, his own home, and his own concerns that he cannot give up. It is because of this concern that gives people the power to surpass life and death! "

"The man didn't leave any statuettes, precisely because he didn't need any worship, and he didn't want future generations to go astray. "

"A Warhammer in the void shows only boundless courage and justice! "

In Shi Tiexin's deep soul declaration, the melody of "Heroes Proof" is gradually invigorating, and the sky is also changing with wind and thunder. The wonderful void slowly unfolds, a connecting to heaven penetrating the earth The stone Warhammer appeared on Nine Heavens.

"So what is the essence of holy light? "

"holy light is nothing, it is just a force to carry out justice. "

In the grand narrative music, Shi Tiexin said to the sky, toward the upside-down Warhammer, "Even if it's me who is full of lies, playing with people, and cultivating demon art." Old sex, as long as you have justice in your heart and have the courage to fight for justice, holy light will also turn into an eternal flame in my heart! "


Shi Tiexin's body suddenly burned with a strong white flame, and the white flame burned all over his body, going up against the sky.

See Ling Xing He cried out: "holy light? ! "

It is holy light.

In Shi Tiexin's chest, a sacred seal shines brightly. It is the seal of honesty seen by Ling Xing. The power of the seal of honesty blooms. Come out, come out through the body, surging with joy on Shi Tiexin's body.

"Come on, feel my sincerity! "Shi Tiexin yelled at the sky, just hearing a bang, like a violent thunder from the sky, an extremely dazzling white golden light shot down from Nine Heavens, shining in the hands of Shi Tiexin Gao Qing.


A huge shock wave swept across the four directions, Ling Xing saw it intently, it was nothing else, but a Warhammer!

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