Fog Era Chapter 1115

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In the music that reached the emotional peak, the Warhammer in the void was held by Shi Tiexin, radiant and majestic, as if Heavenly God descended.

In Wuxin Zen Lotus, someone asked: "Aren’t we incompatible with holy light?"

"It’s indeed incompatible with holy light." Shi Tiexin quietly replied, "Don’t Forget that we are still in the Golden Palace. This is just a dream I made by leveraging the power of the Golden Palace. If it weren't for being in a dream, how could it be possible to play music with me? I didn't repair Second Heavenly Layer. Physics."

Take someone's thumbs up: "If you don't tell me, I almost forgot. I lied to my daughter-in-law to this point. I'm really a villain."

This Shi is puzzled: "I?"

"Yes, I, I am'I'." Someone stood up from the Wuxin Zen Lotus: "It's like'I' That said, whether it is full of lies or full of plot against, as long as the sun is in the heart, there will be great light in sex!"

Crash-bang, the sound of wind chimes rang, and the strange feeling of soul resonance spread throughout the body.

[3rd day mission, my heart is facing the sun, and I have completed it completely]

soul fusion stepped forward by a large margin, and the mist of the interlayer surrounding the line of this world dissipated a lot. The time between the world lines is basically synchronized, and the channel of the soul is opened.

Champion Shi, Hei Zun, and the big brother stopped lifting the head at the same time, and looked outside the world with a smile: "I'm pretending to be forced again, then Help me."




Three powerful willpower surging along the channel Come, somebody also flew out of Zen Lotus and became one with Shi Tiexin Divine Soul.

Shi Tiexin's control of dreams is unprecedentedly strengthened, and the all around environment suddenly becomes infinitely brilliant. The pure white mist was like a flying typhoon, and the two of them were in the eyes of this typhoon.

The appeal of music has doubled. Shi Tiexin stood in the middle of Huanghuang holy light, watching Ling Xing see: "Holy light is a kind of fire. Fire is precious, but it’s really burning. , It’s your own soul."

"Worshiping weapons is like worshipping heroes!"

"So." Shi Tiexin held Warhammer out of his hand, his eyes gleaming: "Why is the holy light Warhammer?"

Hearing these words, Ling Xing saw that he was shocked.

The power that wandered the Golden Palace destroyed her cognition, but when the cognition was broken, it was also the time to let go of all her stubbornness. The so-called without destruction there can be no construction, how can you reborn from the ashes?

Ling Xingjian slowly raised his hand, and a lance in his hand slowly formed. She looked at Lance in her hand, her eyes getting brighter and brighter: "Yes, why is Warhammer holy light!"

She stretched out Lance and was about to touch Warhammer.

But when she was still one centimeter away, her hand stopped again, showing a painful look: "putting it that way, after all, I was wrong, I led him astray, yes I killed him..."

Shi Tiexin looked at Ling Xing, his eyes full of tenderness, and the background music also lowered back: "I understand your pain. You have lost dísciple forever, It’s like I lost you forever."

"Lost is lost. People cannot be resurrected from death."

"But there is nothing wrong with human beings. Those who know. The difference between science and superstition lies in the fact that science can be wrong and be brave to correct it. This is the inevitable process for us to keep moving forward and create the future."

Listen to Shi Tiexin’s comfort When Ling Xing saw nodded, she took a breath and raised her spirits. Although she can't fully let go, she understands her current mission.

But Shi Tiexin's words are not finished yet.

Music mood has risen again.

"Besides, don't forget, this is not an isolated world."

"Besides this world line, there are countless world lines."

"There will be other places where evil spirits are raging, there will be other you, and there will be other him."

Ling Xing saw suddenly lifts the head, his eyes glowed, and then he shook his head again. : "No, I am not this me, and he is not this him."

"It is true, but you can summarize all the experiences of your own life and this life and pass it on to the world line You. When you meet him again, you won’t be confused anymore, but you can point him to a Great Dao of Connecting Heaven!" Radiation, such as raging flames, finally lifted her spirit completely.

"But I recommend that you let him come to me. After all, I am more foolish." Shi Tiexin patted his chest: "Come and worship me as a teacher, I will educate him. However, if you dare to covet For the teacher's wife, watch me break his leg!" Seeing Ling Xing finally puchi laughed out.

She cleared away the haze, solved her confusion, and restored her usual self-confidence, bravery, and strength.

No, today is better than usual.

Now she finally no longer hides her charm, because she no longer doubts herself, no longer suppresses herself. With a smile, it was bright and charming, and the entire world seemed to light up, making Divine Soul upside down and unable to extricate itself.

In the sonorous and passionate music, Qiang, Ling Xingjian’s long spear meets Shi Tiexin’s stone hammer, and white flames flow from Shi Tiexin’s body to Ling Xingjian.

She has retrieved her seal of honesty.

Because she no longer needs to bury the sacred seal in Shi Tiexin's heart.

The Holy Seal returned to her position, her mind was calm, and the wise, she also recovered her IQ at once, and understood the truth and falsehood of these scenes just now, said while playfully pouting: "You, you will trick me into tricks. "

Shi Tiexin laughed heartily: "Men are not bad and women do not love. Then, do it, Darling?"

"Who is your Darling!" Ling Xing saw it. With a white eye that was more charming than wintry, and then a long spear stabbed, the formidable power of this shot was far better than the previous Peak.

The phases of the layered layers are rapidly broken and disintegrated. The third ring, the fourth ring, the fifth ring and the sixth ring were pierced layer by layer, and a broad and open road was opened with one shot.

Bright brilliance spread on the avenue, Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian walked side by side, striding meteors, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, and came to the seventh ring of the Golden Palace.

The seventh ring, the last ring, is the last layer of protection for the absolute core of the Golden Palace. In the eyes of Shi Tiexin and Ling Xing, there are all souls flying and entangled and perishable forever. Countless souls hang have nothing common with each other's faces, roaring or crying in ecstasy or collapse.

And the biggest group of soul polymer formed is the woman's face.

The woman looked upside down all beings, didn't expect it was stitched monsters joined together by so many souls. Shi Tiexin opened the Opening Heaven Eye and took a closer look, and saw a woman at the core of that group of souls.

This woman is not so beautiful, not so full of charm.

Shi Tiexin felt vaguely familiar, and it took several seconds to think about who she was.

"The mistress of the Bliss Help Vice-Gang Leader?" Shi Tiexin is really startled.

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