Fog Era Chapter 1117

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The formidable power in the fear field is strong.

But Shi Tiexin has no nostalgia and no regrets.

"Go, blow up here, and avenge yourself."

Jennifer turned around in the realm of fear, flew back to the abyss of souls, and rushed to the end of the seventh ring. Bottom layer. If the almost pure concept of fear is exploded, the trauma it will cause will not be a hassle.

"no! No! No——!!!" The soul roared with a big face, rolling up the vortex in a panic to destroy everyone.

Without the protection of the fear domain, Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian were directly exposed to the infinite attacks of the soul storm. Infinite Soul took the hysteria before destruction, baring fangs and brandishing claws rushed forward, vowing to tear all the enemies to pieces.

Ling Xing saw that but was not afraid, did not waver, she knew that Shi Tiexin would be able to protect her.

She just needs to do her own thing, fulfill her mission, and slap the upper echelon with a killer blow that only she can do.

This time, she didn't have one-knee kneels because she was already not in worshipping any idols.

She just clenched Lance with both hands and recited the Holy Word firmly.

"I promise you a glorious moment and guard the palace in your heart."

Boom! !

"Ah————!!!" Shi Tiexin let out a loud roar, bursting out his whole body with spirit. The infinite wind and the infinite thunder carry powerful forces, tearing apart a fierce conflict in the soul storm.

Shock waves burst out all around, Shi Tiexin stretched out his arms, and the radiant wind cut one after another blood on his body, but his strong body stood tall and able to support both heaven and earth , To hide a calm and tranquil haven for Ling Xingjian behind him.

As long as I am not dead, you will never want to hurt my wife!

The flames of the holy white burned, one after another holy seal flew out of Ling Xingjian's body, floating all around: "I promise you to be magnanimous for the rest of your life and defend the faith of your soul."

The shining soul of Jennifer Kosa also flew towards the bottom and lower levels of the sinking abyss. The concepts in the domain of fear are also constantly eroding her, causing her soul image to begin to slowly change, but Jennifer Koza neither hesitates nor fears, just like a falling meteor, it quickly approaches the deepest.

It's near, it's near, just ahead.

The soul screamed with a big face: "If that thing explodes, you will be the first person who flew away and scattered the soul. That man is just using you, why don't you understand!"


Jennifer Kesha did not slow down.

She looked at the bottom of the abyss, as if returning to the last scene she saw in her lifetime. At that time, on the ground of assaults the senses, what Jennifer Kesha reverberated in her heart was not fear, but the determination to smash jade rather than complete it.

Today, even more so.

Nothing can make her afraid, nothing can make her hesitate.

Her soul, she defends herself!

Jennifer Kosa issued a final declaration: "I am long gone, why die again! Let’s explode, explode violently, let all this humiliation, all pain, all struggle, all evil, and All the evil debts are all scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!!!"

The soul of Jennifer Kosha sank into the deepest bottom of the soul.


Boom! !

At the beginning of the bottom and the core of the seventh ring, something suddenly exploded.

The fear field, the almost pure concept of fear, exploded at the core of the Golden Palace.

Far more than other real Yin Sector blasts, the horror shock occurred, and the concept of violent fear swept all directions with an irresistible ripple of fear.

A large number of souls in the abyss of souls were blown out, one by one, wailing and ruining. The seventh ring of crack cracks cracked miserable cracks, and these cracks continued to spread towards all directions. Six, five, four, three, and one without stopping, each ring was severely damaged by terror.

Walking at the gate of the Golden Palace, the tall city gate and the mighty house tremble and shake, the crack pattern of the crack crack, the oh la la oh la la falling down countless slags and dust.

"Ah! There is an earthquake!"

"Help, run!"

The tourists who were still in line looked at all around in panic, no Knowing where this sudden earthquake started, it is even more impossible to go to the entertainment venues to die at this time, and they all fled in panic, cutting off the source of food for the wanton Golden Palace.

"ahhhh——!!!" The soul's face collapsed, and it wailed in pain.

While wailing, Ling Xingjian read the third holy word with emotion.

This time, there is no reluctance, no hesitation.

Because her heart is already connected.

"I promise you a hundred years of prosperity, your body is a model for common people."


holy light burns in an unprecedented warm state, emitting fierce light and heat. All the sacred seals shine brightly, like a gem inlaid all over her body, forming a new set of female Knight armor. Without the aura of angels, without the wings of angels, she is just herself.

Return to Origin, Bright Heart See Though Nature, wash away the lead and bright light.

But how can she rush over without the wings?

Shi Tiexin extends the hand to Ling Xing.

Ling Xing saw slightly smiled, without saying anything, and firmly stretched out his left hand.

Pop, hold your hands together.

The only remaining sharp aura poured into Ling Xingjian and covered her body. Shi Tiexin's right arm muscles suddenly bulged, turning around and twisting his waist to force the whole body, like the best bowler throwing a supersonic speed Baseball: "Fly, Darling!"


The shock wave exploded with sharp energy, and the white light turned into aurora. The tip of the spear entwined with infinite holy light spun out of the holy fire entangled like a drill bit, and pierced the core of the soul's big face.

The panic and fearful woman.

"I said, no matter how close I dare to approach, I won’t keep my hand. This time, there will be no more seven protections to defend you!"


On this day, everyone in the small town saw a dazzling spot of light rising from the deepest part of the Golden Palace, going up against the dark night sky, and then turned into the most beautiful fireworks, releasing Immeasurable Light, immeasurable Holy, shining all over the night sky.

Holy light has been photographed, and the sprites appear. The town that was originally splendorous and majestic quickly turned into an old and dilapidated town. The people who came here watched the changes all around in horror, and dispersed in horror, creating another urban legend in Nie Zhicheng.

A week later.

The city of Nie has changed.

Although Nie’s city has been experiencing constant abnormalities recently, the turmoil at this time is indeed too great, making many people feel that this city has really changed.

Tiewei Mountain Warden Protos.

Nie Zhicheng Chief Prosecutor Alphonse.

Nie Zhicheng Court Justice Gonzalez.

And countless people in the entire system were killed. The prison system, inspection system, and judicial system are in a mess, and everyone is as perplexed as a snake without a head.

According to the truth, such a city of Nie must be chaotic.

However, instead of being chaotic, the city of Nie is much more stable.

Because of the gangs that were rampant on the streets, they were also taken down by the heavy crime division crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The biggest force, the Bliss Gang, fell apart overnight. The other gangs on the list also flee within a few days, and the evil forces that everyone talks about are dispersed by wind and scattered like clouds, and they can’t compete with the Heavenly Might of the Serious Crime Division.

The citizens finally understand who is the father in this piece of land.

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