Fog Era Chapter 1118

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With the appointment of new prosecutors and judges, the judicial system resumes operation. The new judicial system has brought a whole new atmosphere, and some of the underlying operating rules are different.

"This article of the Civil Code is inappropriate, so we have to discuss it."

"The lawyer qualification review method is too loose and needs to be strict."

"The so-called expert database used for court evidence collection is too common to be adulterated and must be cleaned up. How can we reduce unjust, false and wrongful cases with these parallel imports?"

"Also, the previous abolished ones The death penalty needs to be picked up again. Some people who are guilty of crimes should be killed, leaving wasted food."

"The most important thing is that the social security law must clearly add a clause: Nie Zhicheng Zhongzhong Private guns are illegal. Starting today, Nie Zhicheng will ban guns."

Behind the large desk, several legal experts looked at each other in blank dismay, and said, "Sir, I don’t want to Don’t remind you, the ban on Spear Art violates the constitutional spirit of the Federation and violates civil liberties. Citizens of the country have the right to take up arms to defend their lives and property."

"Shit! Don't be with me. Playing this kind of foolish sloppy eyes in front of you!" Behind the desk, a man said firmly: "Rights and obligations are equal. Citizens have the right to take a gun. In other words, the obligation to protect life and property is also lost. It’s on every individual citizen."

"And everyone has a gun, everyone is threatened. The police system used to be neurotic and easy to shoot, in the final analysis is these so-called 'Freedom' is forced out!"

Legal experts still cannot accept: "Sir, after the gun ban, the city finance must be responsible for the overall maintenance of public order. This expense is too much."


The man asked: "Is money or life important?"

Experts have hidden meaning: "The budget is a priority item."

"Then I Look at your think tank, too." The man waved his hand: "You were fired."

Someone pulled the expert and walked down. The expert should not be convinced: "I, I The mayor has done his best! I have sweated for the city of Nie! I want to see the mayor and I want to sue you! You are all perverse actions, and the city council and city hall will not agree!"

City Council?

City Hall?

The man leaned on the chair, his eyes deep, and there was no city council or city hall immediately.

The young man standing next to him brought a stack of documents: "Acting Director Cheng, it's time to sign."

Yes, the man behind the boss is Cheng Long.

He has been promoted to acting director of the Serious Cases Department.

The other backbones have their own arrangements and are assigned to other key positions. Most of them are involved in justice, and a small part are involved in education, taxation, urban security and other departments.

The demon monk cult has fully blossomed, and has penetrated into key positions in Nie’s City.

Shi Tiexin trains them not to be pure thugs, but to be alone and bravely carry heavy burdens. Through these people, Shi Tiexin can really re-weave the underlying rules of Nie’s city operation, Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth, and complete the fourth mission of "opening eyes on behalf of the sky".

Cheng Long was thinking about the next big plan of the boss while signing.

"The city council will be abolished soon and the current mayor will be impeached. In a few days, the boss will be promoted to the mayor, and then all walks of life in the city will be reorganized. When the time comes, I am afraid that the boss will have big moves. I have to fight hard with the major capital forces."

"No, with the boss's character, everything is not waiting for me. Maybe he doesn't need to wait to become the mayor, he is already going to crush those stumbling blocks. "

"A few capitalists, what if they become evil? When the ban is issued, a bank account will immediately become a paper tiger, but just a few street lights, nothing can be done."

"But there are more things to consider in the follow-up."

"Ai, the director of the Department of Serious Cases is really hard to be considered. There are so many things."

"What if it is the old meeting?"

"What is the boss doing now?"

"The kind of world-minded man should be thoughtful Action plan, consider the grand blueprint for the next step."

What is Shi Tiexin doing?

He is basking in the sun.

On the beach of Niezhicheng, Shi Tiexin is relaxing on a beach chair. He is wearing big pants, big sunglasses, his head resting on his arms, enjoying the sunlight.

There is no one else on the beach.

Because the nuclear radiation in the sea is too serious, you can still see the flickering blue light at night, is it beautiful? Dreams are not dreams? But if there are big squids more than a hundred meters long everywhere in the blue ocean, and tentacles more than a meter thick are protruding to the sea at any time, it will not be dreamy at all.

So, this Shi can be said to have contracted the entire beach without spending a penny.

This little bit of radiation is nothing but him.

Under the skin, in the meridian, a lot of vigor is rubbed and smelted inside, and it is about to be completely cultivated into a handsome Third Layer.

With the completion of the 3rd day mission, this Shi has shared the cultivation experience and various attributes obtained, and each major body has a division of labor.

Each application is assigned a kind of martial arts, each specializing in the same full cultivation.

Champion Shi is responsible for comprehension of handsome, dull and awesome skills, Black Venerable is responsible for Thunder Tribulation of Infinite Vibration, someone is responsible for Infinite Xunfeng Tribulation, this Shi is responsible for practical operation to enhance the cultivation base.

After each cultivation, exchange the energy with or without shared attributes, and the efficiency is directly doubled.

When the constraints of the old big brother are fixed and the old big brother is freed up, the remaining Divine Art will be handed over to the old big brother cultivation. With the unparalleled talent of the old big brother, the efficiency can be doubled, and the day when the Qi Cultivation Base enters the skyrocketing period is imminent.

The subcutaneous vigor is surging, and the surface of the skin is not idle.

The pores all over my body opened, and the tiny clear sky bubble oh la la oh la la floated out, flying into the sky with countless evil spirits, and then turned into flying bubbles.

The shattering of the wanton Golden Palace has brought extremely rich returns to Shi Tiexin. His spirituality reserve has increased from 700% advanced by leaps and bounds to 1300%, which is almost doubled.

Such a huge amount of spirituality is filled in the thought pulse, making every inch of his left, middle and right three thought pulses shine, like the Divine Weapon refined to +13 in online games.

The spirituality has risen to such a point, and Shi Tiexin clearly feels the marginal effect.

He clearly feels that the spirituality of the Second Heavenly Layer Nian Mai is already not far, so I guess it should be 1500%.

"15 times the spirituality of the Qiqiao Wenxin is the limit of the three thoughts. If you want to accommodate more spirituality, you can only breakthrough to Tiancheng in the legal domain."

"But Tiancheng in the legal domain It’s not so easy to reach."

"The three thoughts will blossom and bear fruit when they reach their limit. Wisdom fruit is the sublimation of knowledge of the mind cultivator and the result of groundbreaking research. It is the crystallization of wisdom that belongs to the individual cultivator. The jurisdiction that extends from the fruit of wisdom will also affect the future development direction and foundation of strength forever."

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