Fog Era Chapter 1119

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"So the law domain Tiancheng must not be casually posted, and I must be cautious to produce my own unique and unmatched wisdom."

" Master the knowledge of Second Heavenly Layer as comprehensively as possible, and derive wisdom from the knowledge."

"Just collecting knowledge will consume a lot of time and money. It seems that the law domain Tiancheng can't be anxious."


"But evil is not and the others!"

"When I sweep away the evil in Nie City, I should be able to gather 1500% spirituality. Other cities Xie Hui is also impossible. Let it go. You must go on a business trip to punish Xie Xie. When the time comes, the extra spirituality is nowhere to go, what can you do?"

Shi Tiexin suddenly gave birth to a lot of sorrow, a kind of eye Looking at the delicacies of the mountains and seas right in front of my eyes, but I can't eat them, I can only throw away the melancholy.

"Worry, my thought pulse is full, it doesn’t mean that your own thought pulse is also full." The realm is also breakthrough, isn’t there three more vacancies for spirituality?"

Shi Tiexin nodded: "This is also a way. I, Champion Shi, Hei Zun, Lao Big brother, if the four of us are breakthroughs, there will be a lot of spirituality vacancies. If you go to the four cities, you will have enough margin. Counting the size of the cities, almost this state will be included in the hands."

"But here is a key question, can the spirituality of this place be moved to the other world line?"

After this Shi descended on the body, all the achievements he made can be the same The proof is taken away, but only the foundation laid can not be taken away.

Just like the old big brother, where the body refinement is stronger, it is impossible to bring the body back directly after returning to the main world.

It's awesome to click someone here, but it doesn't matter whether it is the result of body refinement, the meridian that is shaped, or the three major thoughts, it can't be taken away.

Not only can't be taken, but also can't be brought.

Even if there is a Japanese culture base, Tongtian, it is impossible to bring its own cultivation base at the beginning of the New World line. In the past, it could only be rebuilt at an unreasonable speed.

So the deity’s thought pulse cannot be received in the body, so it cannot be brought to the point of someone.

spirituality is refined through the mysterious mechanism of Wuxin Zen Lotus, and it is directly integrated into the thoughts. Uncontrollable and unable to move.

Shi Tiexin tried immediately, but no matter how he tried, there was no way to use the channel to transmit to other world lines.

"What can I do?" This Shi was a little worried: "Nianmai is a kind of super-power organ, it is a part of the body. If you can't move the organ, you can't move the Nianmai."

"Perhaps after completing the mission of the fourth destiny."

"I remember that the high level channel opened after the mission is completely cleared can even be moved by the damage of the fleshy body, and the communication will become It’s possible."

"But it’s not the same to treat an arm injury and change the arm directly, and it’s too much trouble."

"Is there an easier way?"


Point someone looking at Wu Xin Zen Lotus under him, pinching his chin and groaning to give advice: "Or, let's recharge."

"Recharge?" Shi Tiexin understands What happened.

"Yes. After all, this ability to extract spirituality is not our own, but the Wuxin Zen lotus. It is said that Wuxin Zen can make up for the biggest shortcoming of the cultivator. This is true, it is already It makes up for many of our shortcomings."

"But its evolution has not yet reached the end."

"You don’t want to know what else it can open in the next form. Is it?"

Shi Tiexin slapped his hand:

"It makes sense and it makes sense! Krypton gold will solve all difficulties in case of unresolved problems."

"With Champion Shi continuously brushing golden light, we are not short of tickets now."


"Use money to create happiness!"

Open the horizon system and open the Wuxin Zen Realm tab.

The current Wuxin Zen lotus is the fourth stage "heart lotus", and the evolution has not yet reached the end, and it can continue to be strengthened.

The consumption of the first few enhancements was 1,23,000 respectively. According to the law, Shi Tiexin points four thousand golden lights at a time, turning them into forty drops of golden ideas, and pours them on the Wuxin Zen lotus.

Forty drops of golden ideas are like a dripping rain, and like nectar from the sky, dripping on the petals of Zen lotus, sliding out a beautiful arc, and falling into In the lake of pale golden heart.

Nourished by Wuxin Zen Lotus, a new round of changes has begun.

This time there is no profiteer, no inflation, the arithmetic sequence formula works, and the mathematics Prince Gauss sleeps peacefully in the coffin. Under the irrigation of forty drops of golden ideas, the golden lotus completed the transformation of the next First Rank segment.

On the surface, the lotus has just grown bigger and bloomed more beautifully.

In fact, there are deeper changes that are constantly unfolding.

The shallow aerial roots at the bottom of the lotus stem continue to grow, expand and grow, and finally grow a section of white lotus root. There are seven orifices in the lotus root. These seven orifices not only exist in the lotus root, but also extend from the bottom along the stem to the top calyx.

Zhongtong is straight from the outside.

The Wuxin Zen Lotus has truly taken root.

Shi Tiexin immediately had a wonderful feeling. He always felt that Wuxin Zen Lotus was no longer an external hanger, and had been united with himself in the dark, and would never point to other sources.

Lotus is oneself, oneself is lotus.

Have I become Nezha?

[Wuxin Zen Lotus evolves to the fifth stage: Soul Lotus]

[Activate the new attribute: Soul Hub]

Soul Hub?

What do you mean?

Every time Wuxin Zen Lotus has a new ability, I don't give a blunt explanation, and I need to explore it myself, which is really not open.

But before turning this thought, Shi Tiexin suddenly found that his three thought pulses were responding.

I saw the rays of light suddenly released from the three thoughts of language learning, as if it had been strongly inspired, suddenly many changes have taken place.

The three thought veins suddenly change their shape, like a braid, entangled in you and me, and you are entangled together, and then suddenly left the original position in a splendid brilliance, flying all of a sudden Entered the Wuxin Zen lotus and got into the lotus root.

clang, resounding through the soul.

In the staring gaze of this Shi and Dian someone, the three-in-one rhetorical thought pulse occupied one of the seven orifices of the lotus root and filled the hole in Zhongtong.

The splendid rhetorical thought pulse shines, rays of light penetrates into the lotus root from the pulse, rising from the bottom of the lotus root all the way to the top, and the lotus petals in the corresponding position above also light up. After a long time, it gradually converged and remained in a state of radiance.

Shi Tiexin and Tiexinshi are stupid.

"Lao Tzu's Nianmai...move house?"

Nianmai has moved, as if his arm ran away and moved to another place to settle down. How could it be shocked.

"The Nian Mai moved, what should I do with the heart technique of my painstaking cultivation!"

The three Nian Mai moved away, although all the knowledge of the heart technique of the mind system I have cultivated before It was still in my mind, but suddenly it changed from the superior heart technique inside the vein to the lower heart technique outside the vein, from the power of the system to the scattered soldiers wandering around. And the huge spirituality also followed, the heart technique formidable power suddenly dropped, and the energy level plummeted.

"Cheating, this is!"

"Is this kind of plug-in worthy of us?"

"RNM, refund money!"

"Return my heart technique!"

"Return my pulse!"

"Return my spirituality!"

"Also——Huh??? "

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