Fog Era Chapter 1120

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Just as the two people protested in anger, Nian Mai once again produced new changes.

I saw three light and shadows suddenly radiated from the rhetorical thought pulse in the lotus root, clang clang clang three times, and the empty seat of the rhetorical thought pulse was filled up again.

The powerful mind pulse blessing has returned, and the scattered heart technique skills return to their respective positions.

The cultivation base is restored.

Shi Tiexin blew a few clean sky bubbles, and the formidable power was not compromised at all.

"This is..." This Shi suddenly had an amazing speculation: "Wait, don't you say, this lotus root can help us shift our thoughts!"

"We can store the existing thought pulses in the lotus root at will, and then transfer them to other vacancies."

"In other words, I can transfer my thought pulses to you through the lotus root. Let you be spirituality, since then every thought pulse has a way to recharge."

"Furthermore, we can change the skill tree at will!"

"Go back to mathematics, physics and chemistry Let’s make a few of them. In the future, we want to be pure, and we will edit if we want to mix. Myriad Transformations are endless!"

Shi Tiexin cheered.

Iron Heart Stone reminded: "More than that, look at it, even after the thought pulse returns, there is still light in the path of the lotus root, and the petals in that position are still flashing. It seems that the lotus root is not only a transit role."

"There are seven holes in the lotus root, and the middle one is all around six, which is in line with the concept of the Qiqiao Wenxin. If we each category All are connected to a hole, the whole lotus will light up. When the time comes, the seventh hole in the middle may have a magical change."

"In other words, it can be more. It’s awesome."

"Fuck, this hanging is too bad for the balance. If you continue to do so, we won’t be banned!"

Shi Tiexin and Tiexinshi are together Cheers, happy for their bright future. People are refreshed when they are happy, and while cheering, the Rui Qi Cultivation Base in meridian has also broken through the threshold and reached a new height.

The texture is slightly higher.

The total amount is slightly larger.

Meridian is slightly stronger.

The control is super refined.

Has completely reached the Third Layer.

In just a few months of work, the three great cultivators have gone hand in hand, and they are also very impressive in the Second Heavenly Layer. It can be described as a rapid progress. If you eliminate the time spent in the previous period of rebuilding, it will take less time and the progress will be more rapid.

Don't even say that this Shi has opened the time hanger, just won't open it. This kind of speed of progress allows anyone to see it and say a genius sincerely, with the golden triangle.

However, it can be even faster.

Shi Tiexin looks forward to the future: "When I go back, I will find the old big brother, and use the heart technique and three levels of vigor to bring Chen into Oula again, and the old big brother’s dilemma will be solved immediately."

"When the old big brother frees his hands, he can swallow Chen Jin and get his high level feature'immortality'."

"When the time comes, we just I have an Immortal Body!"

"Then I will go to the Black Lord, breakthrough Nianqi Second Heavenly Layer, and unify the four islands at your fingertips, and the fourth mission of the destiny is completed."

"Old big brother Black Venerable plus you and me, the four Immortal Body, can also use the high level channel with clear missions to move and damage each other. Think about it, what will it be like?"

" Slot, awesome, awesome, we, awesome!"

Shi Tiexin and Tiexinshi cheered, like lottery fans who have won the lottery. They are enthusiastic and happy.

At this moment, a shadow covered Shi Tiexin's face: "What's so happy? My mouth is grinning to the root of my ears."

"You describe it as terrifying. , It sounds like a cracked girl. But happiness is real." Shi Tiexin lay flat and opened his eyes, a girl in his field of vision showed the direction of the top of his head.

rays of light projected from above, showing the silhouette of the girl.

"What are you looking at?" The girl touched her face: "The first time I put on make-up, isn't it ugly?"

Ling Xing sees the person who came here .

Shi Tiexin eyes flashed, he couldn’t help showing a smile from CJSP: “Nothing, you look best at all times! Besides, I can’t see my face at all from this angle, and I’m covered by a certain part. Blocked a Yanshi-my wife is really good~~"

One foot slammed on his face immediately.

Hey, I'm stepped on.

Stepping on the sole of the foot, but the person who stepped on the person was shocked: "Didn’t you act fast, why didn’t you avoid it?"

As I said, he quickly moved away. foot.

But after moving his feet away, Shi Tiexin's exposed face was not angry, but the CJSP as always, still intoxicated.

He gave a thumbs up, grinned, and his white teeth flashed: "My wife's fragrant feet are tender and soft, Top Grade in the world, fools hide."

"Become Tai, you!" Ling Xing couldn't stand it anymore, and his face turned red: "How do I feel that you are exceptionally shameless today? One minute has been played twice in the yellow tone."

"Because I'm happy." Shi Tiexin whipped up and stood up, solemn appearance: "Finally I can date the benefactress, the little monk Yuan has been long-cherished for many years, and has lost his mind and lost his mind. I also ask the benefactress to forgive me."

Ling Xing saw that he rolled his coquettish big eyes: "Okay, but don't go crazy later, or I will leave."

Shi Tiexin immediately promised: "This poor monk will never be behind. Going crazy-uh, why are you going crazy?"

"Because..." Seeing a playful smile, Ling Xing stretched out his bare hand, pulled out the button on his chest, and unbuttoned it unexpectedly.

This Shi stared at him, this, this is!

Broad daylight lifts the seal, Ling Xing sees that he should not be possessed by the arrogant golden palace—suck, hehehehe......

I was thinking about it, oh la la, take a coat Take off.

Infinite spring! ——Ahem, Chunguang doesn't have it, because she has already put on her swimsuit.

Black's swimsuits are also conservative in style, not as exciting as imagined.

But this Shi is still full of surprise, her changes are really great.

Seeing Shi Tiexin's stupid look, Ling Xing saw that he was shy and happy again, and suddenly took out something and threw it away.

At a subconsciously in a trance, Shi Tiexin looked down and realized that it turned out to be a bottle of sunscreen.

Wait, sunscreen?

Shi Tiexin was suddenly shivered. Sunscreen, coupled with this environment, is it the kind of unfolding in the legend?

Looking up again, Ling Xing saw that he was already lying down on the beach. The slender hands lifted the back hair, revealing the snow-white neck: "Come and apply sunscreen for me, I said before that I must not go crazy, so don't have any crooked thoughts."

Such a beauty is really hard to find in the world.

Shi Tiexin sat down beside her, dug out the sunscreen with his big hands, quickly dissolved it in the palm of his hand with a sharp aura, and then began to apply it carefully on her back. The string of the swimsuit is at hand. According to the unfolding in some works, the rope should be untied quietly at this time.

But Shi Tiexin did not do this.

Because he suddenly remembered when Yoyo went to the underwater base with him and boarded the terrorist cruise ship. It's also dressed like this, it's also this kind of demeanor, it's also youthful, peerless grace and elegance, eagerness, affection, and infinite charm.

Shi Tiexin stopped talking.

Ling Xing Jian, who was lying on his stomach, suddenly said: "Did you think of the other one?"

Shi Tiexin nodded.

"Can you tell me the story of'them'?" Ling Xingjian turned his head, his eyes gleamed: "I want to know about the three lives of the demon monk."

"It's rare that you are actually interested, okay." Shi Tiexin smiled slightly, feeling inexplicably, and looking far away: "Let's start from the first time we met. It's a long, long story."

Ling Xing sees his cheeks supported: "It doesn't matter, speak slowly, we have time."

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