Fog Era Chapter 1121

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The changes in Nie’s City are happening in every aspect.

Everyday all is fighting evil, everyday all is rectifying and investigating, and everyday all is punishing evil and promoting good.

In order to spread the brilliance of hope in this chaotic world where evil spirits dominate, and to attract foreign populations and strengthen the vitality of the city, Nie Zhicheng’s great rectification activities did not have value one's own old broom and did nothing. Family scandals should not be publicized, but openly and even proactively began to spread the news to the world.

After all, it’s the tone of the country, no matter what scandal, it is impossible to cause a worse impact.

The image of the country has always been bad. In this respect, there is really no idol baggage.

If a good person in ten years has a problem, he will be held on hold, and his image will be shattered. If the bad guys have signs of repent and be saved in ten years, they will be blown up.

This Shi is ready to grasp this psychology and shape a new city image.

An important part of this shaping plan is to use the "most handsome policeman" and "cripton star" Shi Tiexin as the key products to create a cut from bottom to top, and finally change the day and the day. Legendary of the universe.

In the future, I will make a movie. The beginning is "This story is derived from a real event", forcing Grid to go immediately.

There is the county magistrate of Goose City in the east, and the handsome Nie Cheng is in the west. What you want is the effect of calling for the legacy every day.

Specifically, the New Star News has set up a new media department to specialize in the operation of social software and network platforms. Various kinds of coquettish, cute and playful stalks are flying hot. Captain, the filming group, has been in close contact with the front line at time, and produced a series of anti-drug and anti-evil anti-evil series.

This Shi specially instructed that, except for some inconvenient inside information, everything else does not need to be hidden. It is to show the whole world the "evil" of Nie’s city, and stand up after breaking. "nirvana".

From the city of evil to the city of Nirvana-reborn from the ashes.

And this series has live broadcasts and recordings, as well as wonderful editing and mirroring. There are real arrests and shootouts, and there are exciting chases and escapes. The degree of authenticity and professionalism are not Any movie can give it.

More importantly, the cast is invincible and powerful.

The special case team's beauty Divine Art has begun to show results. The men are masculine and handsome, and the women are valiant and formidable looking. The beauty has attracted enough fans.

Every handsome shot, every heroic injury, and the comradeship in the battle, as well as the secret love that breeds in the work, all make the viewer want to stop.

Whether it is a hard record fan, an action fan, a Yangou, or a CP chef, all of them can be fully satisfied and become popular all over the world at once.

On this day, the film crew is still busy.

"Quickly, the camera crew keep up, look, the Divine Doctor Hospital in Wellington is right in front of you! Even at this distance, I still feel a special kind of uncomfortable feeling, the whole clinic exudes a nauseating sink. Yin Qi."

"We are now following in the footsteps of the Department of Serious Crimes, exploring the secrets of this fine Divine Doctor hospital."

"The people of the Department of Serious Crimes have entered 15 Minutes later, there are still fierce fighting inside. There are also peculiar roars, which sound like some kind of large animal, which makes people have one's hair stand on end. I can't imagine what happened inside."

"Look, someone has withdrawn from the gate. This is the first group of people to get out of it! Follow my lens and go for an interview immediately!"

"You can see the Wellington Gate There are a lot of people who are quitting nervously and orderly. There are also many hospital beds that come out together. The beds are all tied up with restraints, and they seem to be patients."

These patients are all crazy and foolish. Stupid, crazy. That kind of madness is not an acting skill deliberately made in the movie, but a real indifference and confusion, which makes people feel cold.

The broadcaster came to a thin man who seemed to be a little sane and interviewed: "Sir, who you are?"

The thin man murmured his eyes straight. "My drape..."

The broadcaster got closer: "What are you talking about? What is yours?"

"My gone..."

"My gone..."

"My gone..."

" gone..."

The thin man suddenly looked towards the interviewer, and suddenly there was hysterical madness in his straight eyes, and he roared fiercely: "Who am I!! Who am I!! Tell me who I am!!"

The broadcaster was startled, and he stumbled under his feet and almost fell.

At this moment, a wide palm supported him.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw a handsome face high in the sky.

Shi Tiexin helped the reporter well, then walked to the thin man, raised his hand and drew a triangle in front of the thin man: "Calm down."

The thin man immediately calmed down.

Then this Shi picked up his fingers again, and there was a strange sound in his mouth, not high or low, but don’t have a peculiar power: "I count three times, and you will be out of the nightmare Get out. Follow my voice, three, two, one."


A snap of your fingers.

The thin man was suddenly shivered, shivered violently, and took a few big breaths, as violently as asthma.

Then, in his confused and confused eyes, he recovered a lot of sanity.

Shi Tiexin’s big hand was placed on his shoulder: "It’s been a long time since it’s been a long time, so it’s a lot less. Remember me?"

The thin man stared at Shi Tiexin, hesitantly after a while. said: "Stone?"

"It's me. What are you doing in Wellington Hospital?"

The thin man is still a little confused: "I...I remember...I seem to be here The doctor..."

"What kind of illness?"

The thin man hesitated: "I... forgetful, I always seem to forget a lot of things, I don't even remember who I am "

"Then man, now, do you remember who you are?"

Skinny's eyes gradually recovered: "I'm...Jim, yes, I It's Jim, I'm the sergeant of the city police station!"

"Look, you're done." Shi Tiexin patted got up from the shoulder of the old partner and walked towards the Wellington Hospital.

Jim continuously blinked, inhaled, and shaken his head violently. Many memories quickly returned from the chaos. He suddenly jumped out of the hospital bed and shouted at Shi Tiexin: "Stone, be careful, that Wellington is not a human being, but a real devil!"

"He is cold blooded and emotionless, ho Inhumanity, experiment with living people! And simply is not a medical experiment, but an evil magic that manipulates the human heart!"

"I was here to cure the disease, but he repeatedly gave me negative suggestions. Forcing me to listen to negative counseling constantly. He tied me to the bed, gave me medication, and forcibly put on headphones, listening to his hypnosis 24 hours a day. The most hateful thing is that he can really control my mind and make me sane. Lost in the nightmare forever!"

"Recently, his power has become stronger and more hypnotized, and my fallen dreams have become more and more bizarre! My God, I am I don’t know how I escaped from the maze of hypnosis. I thought I would never be able to wake up."

"What makes me wake up?"

"It seems like a ray of light in the chaos..."

Jim fell into deep fear.

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