Fog Era Chapter 1122

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The camera crew next to him is also an eye-catching person, and I can hear the clues from the description of Sergeant Jim after closely following the film for so long.

That Wellington, I am afraid it is an evil, and it is a very powerful evil.

The film crew is a little nervous, they still have a concept of what evil is like. Looking at the clinic again, I can see that Yin Qi is really heavy in the clinic, but the daylight is covered with an obscure lead color, as if it naturally comes with a Yin Sector filter.

Furthermore, during the time of observation, a cloud of unfathomable mystery suddenly enveloped the clinic. The fog is getting thicker and thicker, which is obviously abnormal. Listening to the echo from inside, the violent roar has gradually become weird and misty. Just listening to the sound makes my head dizzy, and the sense of direction seems to start to be confused.

The reporter couldn't help swallowing, shivering slightly. It stands to reason that he had to follow the special case team closely, but now he is a little bit shocked, looking at the door of the clinic and dare not enter.

At this moment, I suddenly felt warm behind my back, as if there was direct light.

"Be brave." A voice came into the ears, which was sweet and firm and powerful: "The mission of reporters is to record the truth and spread the world, just like ancient historians. Warriors fight in blood. Facing a powerful enemy, doesn't it mean that the historian doesn't even have the guts to hold a pen?"

The camera crew turned back and caught the next peerless beauty on the command car next to him. She spoke righteously, radiating brilliant righteousness all over her body. Her sharp eyes made all the crew members ashamed and bowed their heads.

Yes, the special case team is already at war with a strong enemy. As reporters, we don’t need to do it ourselves. Could it be that we don’t even dare to record?

Thinking of this, the leading reporter immediately said: "All of you will bring up God, and then follow the steps of the director. Wherever the director is going, we can't hold back one step!"

Everyone on the film crew worked hard: "Choke to death!"

Beside, the camera suddenly discovered that peerless beauty was not coming empty-handed.

Ling Xingjian came to Shi Tiexin with a cup of milk tea and looked at the clinic side by side. The eyes of holy light looked at the sky in front. Obviously, the evil filth inside had opened the real Yin Sector.

"No problem, right?" Ling Xing saw that he was a little worried: "Your fake Yin Sector has been broken, and the battle strength is damaged. Let me go in with you."

Shi Tiexin's fear field has exploded, and it does lack some specific means to face the big evil.

But Shi Tiexin is not afraid at all.

"Reassure. Although my fake realm has exploded, the name of the'guilt buster' has become more and more real. Trifling Wellington is just the top seller, so you can go back if you go."




What is display one's slight skill before an expert? Tactical backwards.

This Shi stepped into the thick fog, and his tall body stirred up the thick fog in chaos.

The camera crew risked their deaths to keep up.

After a while, only the roars in the clinic disappeared, and there were faint voices of sergeants shouting "Wan Sheng".

In a moment, the real Yin Sector that enveloped the clinic was shattered, and collapsed into thousands of absolutely fragments.

Zhancha Kungfu, this Shi has been arrested and returned. He strode to the stars, holding a white man firmly in his hand. This man is in his fifties and is the director of the Wellington Clinic.

In previous public interviews, this Wellington is the kind of person who looks gentle on the surface, but deep in his eyes there is always the insidity and impudent that makes people have one's hair stand on end .

But now, he rolls his eyes and drools, unconscious Ababa has completely become a big fool.

When he threw Wellington onto the escort car, Shi Tiexin looked back and saw that Ling Xing was holding milk tea and drinking through a straw.

"Does it taste good?"

"It's okay. It's a bit cold."

"Milk tea is not good when it is cold." Shi Tiexin's natural hand grasps, take it and hold the milk tea in his hand. The whole body moved vigorously, and the temperature of the milk tea immediately rose.

He indifferently took a sip into the same straw, um, audibly nodded: "The warm milk is just right, it really tastes better." After that, he handed the milk tea back. , Laughed and said: "Come on, while it's hot."

Ling Xing looked at the straw Shi Tiexin had drunk, gave him a strange glance, and took a sip of the milk tea.

It's really delicious.


The corners of the mouth turned up.

The lens of the "historian" faithfully recorded all this, and the sour smell of love drifted to the whole world.

Among all the casts in the FireWire series of videos, Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian are the most talked about.

The so-called pink powder gives the beautiful woman, the beautiful woman matches the hero, and the hero buys the red powder, but also has to buy a garage.

Seeing that Ling Xing no longer hides his own charm, he smiles and looks forward with affection, sexy bearing and charming temperament peerless grace and elegance. The combination of her and Shi Tiexin is undoubtedly popular.

Every time their shots appear, a large group of people brushes the barrage and writes messages.

"No, I am not willing to, I am against this marriage!"

"What do you say? People are born with talents and girls, and it is your turn to demons and ghosts. Objection here?"

"That's it, such Divine Immortal couples are simply destined! It's just..."


"The director seems to be a bit too big, and their physiques are poor, like Tyrant T holding hands with King Ada. Do you think the size of the blade and the scabbard can match?"

"Come here, there is a remnant of the golden palace here, hurry to catch him!-although I also want to know."

A large area of ​​the remnant of the golden palace and the selection of the gods are all concerned about the sword. Regarding the scabbard, Shi Tiexin didn't care about those guys, and started a happy life of punishing evil spirits, and he enjoyed handling cases every day.

On this day, I received a report: Floor that does not exist!

Case description: The old residential building clearly only has the sixth layer, but many people unfathomable mystery saw the stairs leading to the seventh floor. Many people have gone forever. Residents on other floors in the same building also saw blood leaking from the ceiling, frightened.

It sounds interesting.

It's done!

That night, in the dilapidated old building, a terrifying silhouette stepped up in the interlaced light and shadow. It was the sixth floor, he didn't stop, turned around and stepped onto the non-existent seventh floor stairs. Boom, boom, boom, heavy footsteps echoed with shocking pressure, the light bulb zi zi in the corridor flashed out, with a gloom deep into the bones.

The footsteps stopped, and he has reached the non-existent floor. There is an old wooden door with a cat's eye on it.

"It is said that if you observe this cat’s eye, you will see a terrifying blood eye on the opposite side? Then there will be many bloody hands stretch out and pull people in the door? It sounds fun."

The giant shadow leaned down, as if a big mountain was falling down, leaning over to observe the cat's eye.

In the cat's eye, there really is a bloody eye, as if a skinned corpse was stuck on the inside of the door.

Anyone who sees this scene will be frightened out of their bodies.

But the giant shadow outside the door just took out a flashlight from his pocket and placed it on his chin.

The evil inside is also observing the outside. Just as evil looking at the dark aisle outside with wide-eyed eyes, the giant suddenly opened the switch.

The face is bright, but not completely bright.

The dark face showed a "kind" smile to the cat's eyes, and the evil filthy who had planned to open the door immediately froze.

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