Fog Era Chapter 1124

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Another day, I received a report: Cannibal Horror House!

Description of the case: This is a horror house where young people like to play, but recently ten people go in and five people come out. The five people who came out were often frightened, collapsed, unconscious, and deranged.

It sounds interesting.


On the same day, Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian came to this central shopping mall and found the seemingly ordinary horror house.

"This is the one?"

"This is the one." Ling Xingjian made a suggestion: "The first is the strongest?"

Shi Tiexin is in the chest: "Don't worry, play with him. Speaking of which, this is the first time we both play in the horror house. Let's treat it as a date. You have to experience the experience."

Ling Xing see you Angrily: "Who would go on a date in the filthy realm!" But seeing his enthusiastic look, he agreed.

Ling Xing could not help but mumble to himself: Is it really so interesting to scare people?

Twisting, in the sound of Conan opening the door, Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian walked into the horror room side by side. As soon as I looked up, I saw the theme of the House of Horror-Back to School.

Sure enough, it's scary enough, this theme makes people tremble at first glance!

There is a TV in the room full of atmosphere, which plays the previous situation summary of this time. The fuzzy photos of black and white are constantly switched, and they look decent: "Ten years ago, you graduated from the first high school, and the 72 people in the class agreed to be silent about something for life."

" In the past ten years, the original classmates died bizarrely one by one."

"Now only seven people are still alive."

"You know, all this must be because of'that Something'."

"In order to prevent death from falling on yourself, the seven of you decided to go back to this school and find a way to survive."

"The other five have already arrived. ."

"And you two."

"Is the last one to arrive."

The film is over, there is a ka-cha, and there is a small door next to it. A gap was suddenly opened, and behind the gap there was an obscure aura mixed with mist that diffused together.

Shi Tiexin opened the door.

In one step, he has brought Ling Xingjian to a corridor.

This corridor looks very familiar.

"Fengming No. 1 Middle School? Isn't this Fengming No. 1 Middle School."

Yes, this is the corridor of Fengming No. 1 Middle School. It's just that the real Fengming No.1 Middle School is sun shone brightly, bright and clean, and full of vitality, but the Fengming No.1 Middle School here is a decadent, gloomy and dark Yin Sector version.

Most of the classroom doors on both sides of the corridor were nailed to death by wooden boards. The inside of the glass of the special peeping window for the class teacher was covered with dark red, as if countless blood was scratched out by many bloody hands. .

Shi Tiexin looked right and left: "It's okay to watch, Interesting."

Ling Xing saw some eyebrows: "This evil ability looks quite strong, you can Don’t be careless, be careful to fall in the sewer."

"Thank you for your reminder, but don’t worry. If it’s other abilities, it’s fine, but if the abilities are extended with fear as the core, it’s really good. Don't be afraid." Shi Tiexin seems to have a special confidence: "The modeling here seems to be different, but horror games can not be sold by modeling alone. In the final analysis, it depends on the design. "

The two walked forward side by side, and soon came to the door of their classroom. This was the only classroom with a concealed door.

Opening the door of the classroom, a white light suddenly lit up.

Under the light, all the desks are neat and tidy in their original positions, but there are empty desks and no one is seen. Empty desks were placed there, and most of the desks were posted with a photo in the upper left corner, as if those desks were standing there instead of living people to welcome the two.

Crackling, the white light went out all of a sudden.

When the lights turned on again, the desks all moved to new positions.

The outside circle and the inside circle are like believers participating in the ceremony. The six desks in the middle are pieced together to form a platform on which is a human body with all limbs broken and abdomen broken.

The stench of blood kept flowing out, and the man kept his eyes open.

Ling Xing frowned and took a closer look. The one on the table was really her classmate named Shen Xingye. Although he was an annoying guy, he was full of sorrows, but seeing the miserable behavior of his classmates was completely different from seeing passers-by, and Ling Xing couldn't help but feel a twitch.

While she was studying the corpse intently, suddenly, the corpse's eyeballs rolled around, and she twitched and struggled, and screamed at the two people at the door with an extremely stern voice: "Quick! Run! Don't be caught or caught in the shadows!!"

The ordinary person has already run away like crazy at this time.

But Ling Xing had never seen demons and ghosts before, and the Saint of Courage was imprinted on him, completely uncomfortable.

Shi Tiexin looked at the "Shen Xingye" even more plainly, even with a hint of disappointment in the plain.

He went to the side to extend the hand, turned off the light with a snap, and turned it on again. The red light turned white, and the table was slicked.

Turn it off, turn it on again, the red light turns on, and "Shen Xingye" screams: "Don't be—"

Turn off and turn it on again, and the white light turns on.

Off, on, red light, "Catch the shadow--"


"It's so stupid, so stupid, this Yin Sector is rough and simple, and it's very easy to crack. What you know is scaring people, and what you don't know is thought to be funny. Amateur, too amateur! Shi Tiexin crossed his fingers and said to the air: "Let me teach you what is called'terror'."

Speaking, Shi Tiexin smiled and took out the seized The lamp in the fatal corner snapped the light off.

For some reason, all around fell into absolute darkness at once, and the slightest light that should have been there was gone.

In the darkness, a faint blue light suddenly lit up, illuminating a giant shadow.

Then, this giant figure twisted the skeleton and body. The extremely flexible body quickly turned into an extremely ghostly appearance, making the SAN value crazy. At the sharp air force, the weird giant shadow instantly crawled out along the vertical wall, laughing wildly along the way, rippling endless waves of terror in the darkness.

"I said you don't—forget it." Ling Xing saw that he put down the hand he wanted to persuade, and slightly wondered a little bit: "Or, I will try it too? It seems to be very fun. Look like."

Ling Xing saw his eyes roll, and the holy light all over his body suddenly turned into a scarlet. The holy light disguised as a huge tentacles and stretched out from behind Ling Xingjian. She raised her hand on her face and suddenly became ferocious-looking.

She hung her voice high and low, then let out a strange laughter, and rushed out quickly.

After a while.

In the horror house in the shopping mall, a large scream of panic, despair and madness came out.

Waiting outside, Cheng Long squeezed out the cigarette butt in his hand and calmly said: "Ready to receive the goods."

All around the special case team members responded in unison: "Yes! "

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