Fog Era Chapter 1125

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Ling Xing saw the residence that night.

"hahahaha, it’s fun, you didn’t see it, that filthy face is scared green!"

In the warm light, two people were cooking and talking Today’s interesting facts.

Shi Tiexin is very curious: "didn't expect your Paladin with strong features will also make fun of people. If you say that your holy light is not white and shining, how can it be blue, red, purple and green? Yeah?"

Ling Xing walked forward when seeing mysterious, revealing the industry secrets: "Tell you in a low voice, don’t tell me—holy light is never white. In an ordinary person Within the visible range, holy light is full-color, so it is displayed as white. In fact, its true color is not within the scope of ordinary person's visual recognition at all. As long as I want, any color can be sent out."

"Huh?!" Shi Tiexin happily said: "Doesn’t that mean--you don’t need to go to the disco in the future?" I really used my holy light as a light bulb!"

After a while.

"Move and hit again, hit and hit again, Ivy, let's go! Hey!"

"Yo! yo! yo! yo!"

w (゚Д゚)w: "The reform spring breeze blows~full~the ground~!"

"The spring breeze blows all over the ground."♪(^∇^*)

┗ |`O′|┛: "I'm addicted to beauty~I want~I want~~"

"I do and I do." (*ω\*)

Shi Tiexin Playing music and dancing, while cooking and playing dishes. When Ling Xing saw the colorful light in his hand, he was so excited. The two sang a harmony, a lead singer and a backing singer, and they worked very well together.

"Boom, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang~~" When he was happy, Ling Xing turned his head and found that this Shi’s hip height was right, so he used this Shi's hips slapped Ansai's waist drum.

This section is good at singing and dancing, with a graceful posture and professionalism, a clear and pleasant voice, and a strong sense of rhythm.

Furthermore, he ran without hesitation after playing, showing strong professional quality.

"en?! It turned you back!"

This Shi was a tiger bashing, and the room was immediately filled with cheerful air.

After playing for a long while, and full of food and drink, the two fell together on the soft sofa, leaning against each other crookedly. Seeing that Ling Xing put his head on Shi Tiexin's shoulder, the pupa found a more comfortable posture, and then curiously asked: "speaking of which, what's the matter with your ability to scare people?"

"It's also scaring evil, I almost have no effect, but you are outstanding. Could it be that your fear field has been reshaped? But I haven't seen you open the Yin Sector field."

This Shi is holding a small fragrant shoulder and rubbing his fingers on his smooth and delicate skin: "Just your looks and body. It's not scary for sure. No matter how light and special effects are added, it won't work. As for me, it's totally. There is no idea of ​​reshaping the realm of fear. After all, the evil concept of purification is easy to run wild, and the risk is too great. "

"Although the realm has exploded, the inspiration that brought me will not disappear in vain."

"I am not just a fool who does not learn to control the realm of fear. Over a period of time, it has brought me a lot of inspiration. I summarized these ideas and combined them with my own knowledge and abilities. Bringing forth the new through the old is a special subject."

Shi Tiexin pointed his finger in the air and drew his own thought pulse like a big tree.

The many leaves on Nianmai are his knowledge reserves.

Because he has not learned the real extraordinary knowledge of the main world line, the position of these leaves on the thought veins is not high. And in a position higher than all the existing leaves, a small flower is blooming quietly.

The little flower is half open, and Shi Tiexin uses a luminous thought to mark its name next to the little flower: Psychology of Fear.

"The psychology of fear?" Ling Xing saw it interestingly: "Specializing in how to scare people?"

"More than that. In my imagination, the psychology of fear should be deepened. Understand the essence of fear."

Ling Xingjian: "Sounds very profound, what is the stage of creation now?"

"At this stage, I can easily induce fear. Very simple sounds, actions, lights and shadows can make the target fall into fear."

"And this kind of induction can be precise and effective, and it will not affect the target that I don't want to be affected."

"It has achieved the primary level effect I envisioned."

Ling Xingjian was very surprised: "This is only the primary level? It is already a brilliant ability to be able to perform accurately without affecting others. "

Shi Tiexin shook his head: "Of course it is the primary level, but the primary level is no more."

"I'm not juggling, but learning, and I have to get to the bottom of it. , And even reach the limit."

"I can't just know how to scare people, but also accurately grasp the effects of fear."

"I just collapsed and fell directly to the ground. It’s over, or after the fear reaches its limit, it will bottom out, turn on the gene lock, and turn on the explosion mode?"

"When I can accurately control the positive and negative effects of fear, I can even use fear When it comes to treating other people and helping others to unlock gene locks, my knowledge can be regarded as Second Layer."

Ling Xing sees said curiously: "Is there a Third Layer?"


"Yes. I want to study the suppression of fear emotions and the treatment of fear injuries."

"I want to make people fear, but also make people not fear at all."

"You can even cut off someone’s fear chain directly so that he will never have fear again."

"You can also reconnect the fear chain so that someone who will never fear People once again have the power to fear."

Ling Xing was fascinated by what he heard: "It's really profound knowledge. By the way, is there a Fourth Layer?"

"Yes "Shi Tiexin thought: "One day, I will be able to fully utilize my fear emotions, just like the fear field, turning the fears of others into my own strength. That is the time for the Great Accomplishment of the psychology of fear."

Shi Tiexin whispered, telling his vision of the psychology of fear.

The psychology of fear is Shi Tiexin's own heart technique.

It is his real and first self-created martial arts.

There is no lack of research and viewpoints on fear emotion in psychology, but none of the psychology books Shi Tiexin has read has such an intuitive and in-depth understanding of fear.

The experience of mastering the fear field gave him an understanding of shedding body, exchanging bones, and a high-rise building. He drilled down this path and quickly entered an all new realm.

The realm of extraordinary knowledge.

Rhetoric, psychology, natural history, interrogation, and even vigor and coercion, the majestic and heroic hair of the vast domineering body, all kinds of intimidation and illusion special effects of Infinite Tribulation, and even pretending to force Divine Art [What are you looking at! 】'S magical effect, all of these have become his resources.

He took these resources as material and took a few steps that belonged to him alone.

It is true that the steps he has taken may not be a refreshing result for the endless heart technique experts and heart technique geniuses on the main world line. When he returns to the main world line system to learn super power knowledge, it is easy to come into contact with the heart technique that is the same as his horror psychology, even more esoteric and professional, and completely better than this.

But what I learned from other places and what I created are totally different from each other.

No matter how good you learn from others, no matter how fast you learn, and no matter how many perfect attributes you get, you just learn.

Created by oneself, it is the condensation of one's own wisdom, and it is also the orthodox method for people who are not open to increase spirituality.

The development of fear psychology will permanently, profoundly and fundamentally improve Shi Tiexin’s pressure on fear, emotions, psychology, and even the entire rhetoric category, and imposing manner. The perception.

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