Fog Era Chapter 1126

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It’s late at night and I’m talking about sex.

Ling Xing was listening to her, interjecting words from time to time to supplement her own opinions. Holy Light is also the Master of the Mind System, and courage and fear are both positive and negative. In terms of fear, Ling Xing’s views are also very valuable.

Shi Tiexin discussed with her while thinking about her own ideas, and her ideas became clearer and more stable step by step.

At the same time, spirituality is like a trickle, flowing out of the florets of [Psychology of Fear], infiltrating all three thought pulses.

After days of handling cases, Shi Tiexin's spirituality has approached 1500%, and it will soon be full.

Mind veins are like three branches, the rays of light of spirituality flow up and down, and a heart technique is like leaves growing on the branches. This knowledge undoubtedly also has various realms, and also has many levels from unqualified to perfect, with a second layer and three different levels.

Refer to the golden light consumption of Second Heavenly Layer martial arts. If the knowledge of myriad is rushed to perfection, the consumption of golden light may be difficult to measure.

Of course, if they are all rushed to perfection, the intensity and effect of the heart technique will reach new heights, even reaching an inestimable point. It's just that most cultivators don't have the golden light that can rush all heart techniques to perfection.

Shi Tiexin is not short of money now.

But this time, he did not recharge.

Because he really does not need to recharge now, but he is truly talented!

The spirituality of almost full value flows in the mind pulse, and every heart technique is nourished by it. Shi Tiexin is now the top genius of the heart technique in the 2nd Heavenly Layer. There is no need to bother, all the heart techniques related to rhetoric are not less than profound, and many heart techniques naturally reach the depth of 99.

Shi Tiexin is very convinced that as long as he continues to study and research, he can really use his talents to break the limits naturally, it is nothing more than a matter of length of time.

Now, Shi Tiexin has entered a special state. In the forgetful thinking and creation, several psychology-related heart techniques in rhetoric were stimulated and lit up.

bringing forth the new through the old, it was necessary to have a perfect and without blemish understanding of the basics.


A heart technique suddenly golden light flashed, suddenly curled up and changed from the appearance of a leaf, scrolling and sublimating, becoming a heart hanging on the veins of thought Star.


This heart technique is perfect!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!.

One after another has a heart technique perfect, which turns into stars and hangs on the thought pulse. The attributes of Perfect level are stimulated to provide stronger formidable power to the heart technique of rhetoric, and at the same time, it also brings stronger confidence to the new theory in creation.

next moment, the small flowers on the branches grow bigger, with shining fluorescence, and bloom more gorgeously.

It has reached the Second Layer envisioned by Shi Tiexin.

As Shi Tiexin continues to research and develop fear psychology, this flower will continue to grow and grow. Until a certain day the flowers fall and the fruit is born, condensing a wisdom fruit.

With the quality and potential of fear psychology, Shi Tiexin can use this wisdom fruit as a basis to open up a jurisdiction and promote it to Tiancheng.

At that time, he will always master the Fear Domain which is far stronger than the previous fake Yin Sector.

However, Shi Tiexin has no such plans.

For him, although the domain of fear is strong, it is not strong enough. Fear psychology is just one point of the Department of Rhetoric → Psychology → Emotional Branch.

Only the psychology branch has different branches such as emotion, cognition, memory, personality, etc., and psychology is just one of the many branches of the Department of Rhetoric.

Heaven and Earth of other mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and natural history are so vast. Shi Tiexin is impossible to give up the vast world for a fearful domain.

Furthermore, even if you only look at the branch of the Department of Rhetoric → Psychology → Emotional Branch, it is not just this flower.

In addition to the psychology of fear, there is another small flower in bud.

This small flower bud comes from another near-purified real Yin Sector that Shi Tiexin has in-depth contact with-the Golden Palace. At the beginning, Shi Tiexin had embedded the fear field into the core of the Golden Palace to crack each other, and obtained more than just a chance to break the enemy.

The small flower bud that circulates in rays of light contains the essence of the golden palace.

Maybe this small flower bud will never grow up, or maybe it will bloom overnight and evolve into something like "Gender Psychology" or "Pleasure Psychology". Produce some wonderful abilities.

Who knows.

Shi Tiexin now truly feels the infinite breadth of the knowledge world.

He sighed from the bottom of his heart that he was just walking on the beach where he knew the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and occasionally picked up a pearl.

And this infinitely broad Sea of ​​Consciousness, six major systems of knowledge, and countless interdisciplinary subjects, what kind of knowledge can encompass everything, and what direction can govern everything, What kind of wisdom fruit can make all kinds of knowledge sublimate?

What kind of terrifying natural law can evolve?

Shi Tiexin fell into deep thinking and reverie.

Perhaps, you can only see the profound mystery of each faculty by putting all the six university departments in the mind pulse, and the spirituality of each mind pulse to the limit before you can see it. Clear the way.


As long as the final hand-tail is handled properly, the form of this world line can be completely stabilized, and the city of Nie can be built into a stable base camp. Besides, now that I have my biggest wish, then I can Feel relieved to leave.

In the next few days, Shi Tiexin had a busy and fulfilling life.

His spirituality is quickly full, and the new spirituality has nowhere to go.

Fortunately, after trying, Shi Tiexin found that he could take the unbreakable Qiqiao Wenxin from the other world line and place it in the Zen lotus.

A few days later, a major event took place in Nie Zhicheng.

The new municipal management team has finally settled.

After a few days of "listening to the government", Shi Tiexin, who has resigned from the position of Chief of the Serious Cases Department, finally obtained a new official official status-City Mayor Nie Zhi.

At the inauguration ceremony of the mayor, there was a vast crowd, and the crowds were empty, and the public's support for him was unprecedented.

Shi Tiexin stepped onto the high platform, and he was already familiar with speeches.

He swayed freely and his charm was infinite. He made the inauguration oath of "justice and fairness" to all the citizens of Nie Zhicheng, which caused tsunami-like applause and thunderous cheers.

Amid the cheers of everyone, Shi Tiexin lifts the head, as seen by the eyes of the sky, the evil spirit shrouded in the city of Nie quickly faded and quickly became thinner. In the end, it even formed a big hole like an ozone hole, just like the god who has been in a coma, and finally opened his eyes.

The real sunlight shines through the evil cavity, which is colorful and vivid.

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