Fog Era Chapter 1127

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ceremony quickly reached the final step: receiving the mayor’s seal.

The seal letter was submitted and placed in front of Shi Tiexin, but Shi Tiexin did not take it.

He looked at the seal and said to the bottom of his heart: "From the moment you pick up this seal, you are no longer an ordinary person. You are impossible, and you can no longer think and go in the same way as an ordinary person. Life."

"The mortal life mode will always be farewell to you."

"You can't even be a demon monk again, because the demon monk is only the leader of the sect, but you You must become the leader of the people."

"In this world, where temples are high and rivers and lakes are far away, evil is rampant everywhere. What you have to do is to fight evil with a clear-cut stand and stand firm to condemn evil. The hard work and pressure in it are not imaginable by those who follow and hide behind."

"What you have to bear will not only be the safety of the residents, but also the safety and stability of the entire city. The whole nation’s hearts and minds, the lives of relatives, comrades, and the people, and the most important thing: the establishment and maintenance of a fair system."

"By the strength of oneself, carrying the world trend, this is an invisible The struggle to the end."

"It can be said that in this Heavenly Dao shifted and evil chaotic world, what you have to do is as sacred as Nüwa mends the heavens and as difficult as Da Yu’s control of the water. , And Hou Yi is generally determined to shoot the sun."

"Are you ready?"

In the Wuxin Zen Lotus, Tie Xin Shi sits silently, closing his eyes and meditating.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, stood up, and raised his back. His figure gradually expanded, gradually becoming able to support both heaven and earth.

He stepped forward, expanding several times and ten times between steps, and broke through from the small Wuxin Zen lotus in the blink of an eye, and merged with his own body.

At this moment, standing in front of the mayor’s letter is no longer Shi Tiexin, nor is it a demon monk, but a real iron core stone.

The pressure of this world will ultimately be borne by the people of this world.

Tiexinshi's gaze swept across the people who were expecting him, swept across the subordinates who trusted him, swept across the gorgeous cavity of evil, and finally focused on Ling Xingjian's body.

Ling Xingjian is at the front of the stage, standing in the crowd like an ordinary person.

She looked up at Shi Tiexin on the stage, not as obsessed and crazy as ordinary little girls.

But she stared at him, as if there were stars shining in her eyes.

That is trust and dependence that cannot be disguised or disguised.

Iron Heart Stone in the heart replied:

"If you can't be an ordinary person, you won't be an ordinary person."

"If you can't be a monk, then don't do it Demon monk."

"I am not a demon monk, but a policeman."

"This is my world, this is my life, this is my dear person "

"I won't stand up, who will mend the sky?"

"In today's world, evil spirits are permeated, humanity is chaotic, and Heavenly Dao deviates."

"Since the sky has no eyes, then I will open my eyes for the sky."

"I will use my way to protect everything I love."

"Thank you until What now does, you are like a guide, let me know how to play this game and how to think about things."

"Now, the guiding phase has passed."

"I don't need to fight on behalf of me anymore."

"No matter where I am, no matter what identity I am, I will always be me-Daming Shi, the evil nemesis."

"I, always ready."

The big hand of the iron core stone steadily landed on the mayor’s seal, held it firmly, and then lifted it up and lifted it high, as if lifting a Cut the Heavenly God sword.

Under the sun, Tiexinshi smiled.

The smile does not have the magical magic of a demon monk, or Shi Tiexin's witty humor, except for the brilliance and clarity of the big brother of Tiexinshi’s neighbor, and the unchanging justice and sincerity.

pa pa pa, Ling Xingjian applauded.

crash-bang, the whole audience applauded.

At the same time, the wind bell of dīng líng líng rang through the soul, and the throbbing of soul fusion permeated the whole body and mind.

[Fourth Destiny Mission: Open your eyes on behalf of the sky and complete it! 】

One bridge flies from north to south, and the moat becomes a thoroughfare.

The link between Shi Tiexin and Shi Daming Cat is strengthened to the strongest. The powerful chain penetrates the interlayer and binds the two world lines firmly.

Time is synchronizing, thinking is synchronizing, memory is sharing, and consciousness is coordinating.

Tiexinshi heard a congratulatory voice that ordinary people can't hear.

That was a congratulatory message from "self" from several other world lines.

Shi Tiexin was the first to applaud: "Welcome to the'Shi Tiexin' family."

"Congratulations." The old big brother's silhouette is clearest, and he also completed the four destiny missions. He can synchronize with this side without any delay: "I will be a comrade-in-arms from today."

Tiexinshi compliments: "I will be the most determined comrade-in-arms."

" Congratulations." Hei Zun's silhouette is relatively vague. He has completed the fourth task in stages, with low delay: "It's Brother today."

I will be The most loyal brother."

"Congratulations." Champion Shi’s signal was the worst. He only completed three missions, and there was still noise in his words: "I have another big brother since today. . Having said that, I was the first to join the group, why did I become the youngest?"

"I'll tell you why." He said, the soul image suddenly made a sound.

dīng líng líng.

Is that... the wind ringtone?

That is the sound of the completion of the mission of destiny!

The same feeling of soul fusion and soul sublimation spread again.

Shi Tiexin's vision system immediately gave a reminder:

[Fourth Destiny Mission: Freedom Soul, complete it! 】

The image of Black Venerable immediately became extremely clear and stable, and the disturbing influence brought by the inter-line layer of the world disappeared completely. The high level channel is opened, and the consciousness has been synchronized without delay.

The powerful chain is centered on the main world line, which firmly binds a total of four world lines into one, like a chain of iron chains.

Only the world line of Fengming No. 1 Middle School is almost meaningless, and there is no close link.

"How come!" Champion Shi was shocked: "Big brother Tie Ke hasn't arrived yet, and the psychological heart technique of Second Heavenly Layer hasn't been synchronized. Brother Zun, how did you finish task four? "

The Black Venerable said flatly: "The mission of destiny is my own wish after all. To fulfill my wish, why bother to fight for it?"

"This Shi's life is not weaker than others. ."

In the Black Venerable World Line, the Black Venerable is holding a letter of surrender in his hand.

The last separatist feudal town was also suppressed, and he has become the actual controller throughout Japan.

Controlling this land, he has completed all the tasks of the "Black Venerable" as the secret person on the third front.

His success will profoundly affect the war situation in the Pacific Sea Territory between the East and the West, and even influence the direction of the world war.

But those are all natural and logical things.

The Black Lord now has only one solid thought in his mind, that is, to kill all the Void Spirits.

"The next step is to march into India." Black Lord looked towards the sky: "Void Spirit and I, irreconcilable."

The old big brother immediately agreed: "Go into battle and kill the enemy, guard home, defend the country, punish evil, revenge, a real man should be so! After I devour Chen Jin and pull out his hand, I will give all the killing skills to me for cultivation."

Shi Tiexin: "With our concentricity, I can get all the skills and magic of the main world line."

Shi Daming: "As long as I am here, spirituality will always be full."


Champion Shi: "Then I will be responsible for earning some golden light flowers for your big brothers."

In the soul chat group, the tall brawny man looked at each other, laughing heartily, I can't wait to line up and step sideways immediately, give a close-up of a string of shoes, and form a star expedition.

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