Fog Era Chapter 1128

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In the chat group that crossed the world line, the old big brother said to Shi Tiexin: "I still have to fight Chen Jin. I can't take care of your body indefinitely. You are now back to the world. Line?"

As the time between the world lines keeps synchronizing, the old big brother needs to spend more and more time looking after the body of this Shi.

"Temporarily, I need to take care of it for a while, and the Black Venerable will also help me. I will accompany the famous arrester to do the last thing." Shi Tiexin said, looking towards the Iron Heart Stone.

All people are connected with each other and immediately understood each other's thoughts, and they all looked towards the Iron Heart Stone.

On the high stage of the inaugural speech, the iron core stone, also Shi Tiexin, opened his eyes and looked towards Ling Xing see below the stage.

Yes, there is one most important thing left.

Marriage proposal.

Now the alleys are empty with tens of thousands of people, the sun is brilliant, the sky is clear and the atmosphere is strong.

The ceremony of his inauguration as the mayor is suitable for making a vow of love in front of the whole world.

Isn't this the best time to propose?

For this day, he has secretly prepared gifts and diamond rings. The diamond ring didn't use any other people's resources, it was bought entirely with his own salary.

Although the diamond is not particularly large, it is very pure and transparent.

In the shining of holy light, it will definitely look good.

So Shi Tiexin took a deep breath and said to the microphone: "Although the inauguration is completed, I still have one more important thing to say than the mayor."

Everyone calmed down and looked at him together.

And Shi Tiexin looked at the girl below the stage.

Thousand hammers, hundred refinements body, strong and reliable spirit, broad and profound knowledge, can not suppress the nervous anticipation and the beating heart of peng peng.

The myocardium is too strong, and the beating is too violent, so that the bang-dong-bang-dong sound spreads out like drumming, and is broadcasted to the audience by the PA equipment.

The audience looked at each other in blank dismay.

"Sound effects?"

"Special effects?"

"No, it is the imperial engine!"

The pumping sound of the imperial engine In the middle, Shi Tiexin looked at Ling Xingjian, with so deep eyes and so looking forward. Seeing that Ling Xing suddenly understood something and had a premonition, his eyes widened and he froze in place, feeling helpless.

Shi Tiexin strode over, jumped off the platform, and came to Ling Xingjian.

Ling Xing saw that Shi Tiexin's breath became disturbed.

all around oh la la, a member of the security special case team, stepped aside and stared at the two people in unison, ready to clamor.

They all understand.

In other words, I had expected it a long time ago, but didn't expect it today and on this occasion.

Shi Tiexin's voice is full of magnetism: "Xing Jian."

Ling Xing Jian's eyes drifted a little shyly: "Huh, huh? What, what?"

Shi Tiexin took out a beautifully packaged box with affectionate models: "I have a gift for you."

All around immediately screamed one after another, and the director locked the camera fiercely. Here, on the big screen are Ling Xing’s pretty face and his head full of enthusiasm: "Gifts, gifts, gifts? What kind of gifts?"

"Your favorite Gift." Shi Tiexin delivered the box to Ling Xingjian: "Take it apart and take a look."

"Oh oh oh!"

"Unpack! Unpack! Unpack! !" In the flashing eyes of the sticks of the special case team, Ling Xing saw that he was dizzy and took the box, pulled the ribbon, opened the lid, and took a breathtaking look-lollipop?

It turned out to be a box of ten lollipops placed in a black velvet base?

The magnificent made by the lollipop itself is not the kind that children eat, it looks very beautiful.

But—isn’t it that?

"Ah~~~~~?" Many people shouted unexpectedly and disappointedly.

Such a big battle, give me candy?

Ling Xing saw that he was dizzy and his mind didn’t turn around. He also looked towards Shi Tiexin in a puzzled way: "This is..."

"You like to eat sweets, so I have prepared a box of lollipops for you. But this is not an ordinary lollipop. Take a closer look, the words are solidified in it." Shi Tiexin smiled and took out a lollipop and turned around. Everyone Immediately I found that there was indeed a character solidified in the sugar, a Chinese character-"Ling".

Shi Tiexin said: "On these ten lollipops, each one is solidified with a word. But I accidentally disrupted the order. Can you arrange the order code for me?"


After all, Shi Tiexin put the "ling" lollipop in the first space, indicating that this is the first word at the beginning.

Ling Xing saw it, and the other sugars read "give", "ba", "me", "see", "love", "star", "you", "me", and "marry".

Ling Xing saw that his head was full of chaotic symbols like chaotic grass.

Is this a sentence of elementary school students?

When I saw the word "married", Ling Xing's eyes had turned into mosquito coil eyes. All around the Chinese yelled immediately, and the atmosphere of the scene was soaring, so that her originally intelligent brain didn't turn around even more, and she didn't even know how to restore the correct sentence for a while.

Ling Xing saw that he had fallen into confusion, and finally had to stuff the sugar into Shi Tiexin's hands: "You, you help me fight it."

"Okay." Shi Tiexin flicked his fingers, and quickly put all the lollipops back into place: "Set it up, you have a look."

Ling Xing glanced at the box, and immediately turned his head shyly.

The warrior standing next to you has sharp eyes and has seen the content, but deliberately said loudly: "Boss, what kind of candy do you give me? It makes my cousin Face is red so sweet, I read it out loud. Come out and open our eyes too!"

"Yeah, yeah!"

"Read! Read! Read!"

Shi Tiexin haha ​​smiled, Picking up the box, dantian angrily, loudly said: "See you Lingxing! I love you! Marry me——!!!" Eyes and minds.

"ao ao ao!!!"


Wu Siyou snatched up and asked: "Then cousin, do you want this box of candy? What? If you don’t speak, you don’t need it, I can take it away."

"Wishful thinking!" Ling Xingjian immediately replied: "This box is mine, no one can grab it!" I took the box of candy, elated, and it was so beautiful that it couldn't be described.

The warrior booed a weird noise: "But I also like to eat candy. If I can’t eat lollipops, can I have wedding candy? Everyone is waiting for the candy too, yes No, everyone?"

A group of clubs immediately started booing.

"Stone, total!"

"Fat, sugar!"

"Stone, total!"

"Fat, sugar !"

Amid the roar of the clubs and mallets, Ling Xing saw that he was willing to go out, and suddenly he became angry: "Fats, hairs, hairs, no sweets, no teeth!"

The crowd cheered and cheered: "OHHHHHHHH~~~~!"

Those who understand Chinese understand the entire process of development, and those who don’t understand Chinese don’t get a little bit of GET, so they can only follow it.

Shi Tiexin took out the other box he had prepared, opened it gently, and took out a diamond ring from the inside. The diamond ring was shining on the screen, this time, even foreigners could understand it.

Shi Tiexin's left hand took Ling Xingjian's tender hand, the right hand took up the diamond ring, stepped back, and saluted solemnly and solemnly: "Xingjian, I solemnly propose to you."

But the ceremony has not yet reached the ground, and has been held by Ling Xingjian.

Ling Xing saw Shi Tiexin, after taking a deep breath, he solemnly said: "Get up."

The Wu Siyou next to him said: "Cousin, the man has gold under his knees, iron heart Kneeling on one knee, there is only one world in a lifetime. After passing this village, there will be no such shop."

Ling Xingjian shook his head firmly: "No need."

"The person I like is a hero of the world."

"The hero of the world is naturally able to support both heaven and earth."

"Besides, marriage is two-way Go on."

"Lang is affectionate and his concubine is also interested, why bother to'propose' marriage?"

The old big brother who watched the live broadcast immediately gave a long laugh: "What a good girl, I My wife is awesome!"

Champion Shi happily said: "Yes, your wife is awesome."

Here, Shi Tiexin stood up, straightened his body, like a plant Towering trees sheltering the wind and rain.

"Okay, then you and I will stand together to top the blue sky." He firmly and warmly grasped Ling Xingjian's hand, and made a vow of love: "This love, this meaning, life and death No change. The heavens and the earth, let me learn from each other."

Ling Xing also took a deep breath and replied with a red pretty face, "I only wish you and me to stay with each other. Short love Long, raise the case with eyebrows."

Shi Tiexin lightly and firmly put the ring on Ling Xingjian's ring finger.

"It's so good-looking." Shi Tiexin smiled: "It's as good-looking as I thought."

Ling Xing saw that he stretched out his fingers, elated and admired, stinky and stinky: "Of course, who makes me so beautiful."

Now, foreigners who don't understand Chinese also understand.

Amidst the cheers of hundreds of thousands of people, Shi Tiexin hugged Ling Xingjian, changed his usual steady aura, cheered forgively, and expressed the joy of the successful marriage proposal.

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