Fog Era Chapter 1129

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[He will be your groom]

[from now on He is your companion for life]

[Everything about him will be Closely related to you]

[Blessings and misfortunes must be equal]

Shi Tiexin is busy with the newly married business.

The deity has full authority to handle work and cultivation, while Ming Chou devotes himself to the preparation of the marriage. Given his status and responsibilities today, if it weren't for such a distraction, he would really not be able to take care of it.

"This house is good, with good lighting in the location. There is a courtyard in the front and a courtyard in the back, and the natural environment is first-rate. The key is that the floors are high and will not meet."

" What do you think of this set of furniture? The solid wood furniture is luxurious and the most suitable for home."

"The crystal lamp on the ceiling is very good. Although it is expensive, you get what you pay for. You can’t just trust the photos of the e-commerce platform, you have to take a look at it and verify it."

"This car is also very good, it is most suitable for transportation after marriage. If you have a little baby It is also convenient to install a baby seat."

He was looking at the house, the car, and the furniture.

Although these things can be done by his hands, he enjoys them. The deity helped him make suggestions and reference designs in addition to cultivation. The big brother and Hei Zun often come over to come up with ideas and think of ways.

The clubs of the special case team responded with all their strength. The speed of the new house decoration is unprecedented, and the progress of the wedding preparations is changing every day.

[She will be your bride]

[She is entrusted by others in your hands]

[You will take care of your life]

[Bitterness or joy, share it together]

Ling Xing sees that he is busy with the wedding.

That part of her work was shared a lot by this Shi, so she also found time to prepare for the marriage.

"Big guy, come here to measure the size and make a custom-made dress for you."

"Wedding photos are taken here, and no photographer is needed. Nie Zhicheng does not It’s a better optical master than me."

"You want this for curtains, this for wallpapers, and this for bed sheets and quilt covers. It’s simple and generous without smell."

"You can get cloakrooms. It must be spacious and bright. The closet is too small to hold my clothes. The height of the closet is more than two meters six. Otherwise, if you buy a long dress for a big man in the future, it doesn’t raise. "

" You want this for the whole kitchen. It looks good and you can use it. Oh, this set of cookware is pretty good. How much is it Boss? So expensive? A little cheaper Boss, a 30% discount...Thank you Boss!"

Ling Xing sees the yellow decals on the mirror, and the girls who are close to each other are also helping her choose the right makeup. But I tried left and right, and couldn't find suitable cosmetics. I always felt that any powder on her body would not be able to enhance her color, but ruined her pure beauty.

[It must be a special fate]

[Become a family along the way]

[How much does he love you]


[How much more would you pay him]

[Find the possibility of happiness]

Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian are both busy with their wedding.

"What are you doing?"

"I'll take a wedding photo."

"So you are getting married, congratulations!"

"What are you doing again?"

"I also take wedding photos."

"So you are planning to get married too, so happy and happy!"


"What's wrong, we both take wedding photos."

"Then take pictures together?"

"Then let's go together."

"Master, please let me inside~~!"

"My wife, I still like your cold and serious look before, please restore it."

The seaside, the night, the brightly sun shone campus, and the roads full of fallen leaves are all good places to take wedding photos. Sometimes when Shi Tiexin receives a call, he flashes and disappears like a superman, leaving a bride-to-be who is about to take a wedding photo standing alone.

This may be the loneliness that a superhero bride must bear.

But Shi Tiexin will reappear in a short while, and will not let his wife wait alone for a long time.

This is also one of the responsibilities that a man should bear.

A month before and after, the wedding preparations have been completed.

[I will never be alone anymore]

[Everything I want to miss all the time is us]

[How much did you pay]


[Love is perfection]

This world line will be on September 19th.

Red flags, vast crowds, gongs and drums are noisy, and flat cannons are blasting together!

The day when Shi Tiexin and Ling Xing get married is here!

For this day, the film crew made a lot of preparations long in advance. This major event, which can be searched hot on the entire world network platform, is definitely the best ending chapter of the first season of the FireWire series.

On this day, a total of 30 elite film crews were divided into three groups to shoot everything from the early hours of the morning.

The venue team will shoot the final preparations for the wedding venue.

Here of the bridal group, shooting precious scenes of brides getting up early and putting on makeup. This is a new Chinese wedding with a combination of Chinese and Western styles. The bride's multiple sets of auspicious clothes are one of the biggest attractions.

The groom group is also very important here. The first step of getting married is to receive the marriage, and the first perspective naturally starts from here.

At six o'clock in the morning, the groom Shi Tiexin wore a custom-made dress and held flowers. Originally there was another person who was also an important best man, but the other party disagreed, so he could only bring two.

"It’s 6:06." My friend Hong Jin gave an order: "The bridegroom gets in the wedding car and sets off to pick up his relatives!"

A large group of clubs followed like a theater troupe Sing it layer by layer.

"Depart to meet my relatives!"

"Start to meet my relatives!"

The first Rolls-Royce started, and a series of eight Bentleys followed.

This Shi has many choices, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Pagani, Bugatti Veyron, etc. There are too many dignitaries who are willing to drive him as a wedding car. But in the end he chose such a match, which made sense.

The pure white Rolls Royce shines in the sun, symbolizing purity. Eight black Bentleys are calm and atmospheric, symbolizing stability. Nine cars in a row symbolize longevity, richness, and the instinct to ostentatious.

But the most important thing is: Pagani Bugatti is too short to enter, or Rolls Royce has plenty of headroom.

The wedding car was launched, and there were spectators watching on all the way. Both parties to the marriage are huge celebrities and powerful figures, with a huge crowd of onlookers. If this Shi hadn't spread the hero posts, or if it wasn't for the inconvenience of the current world, the people who came to join in the fun would have more than doubled.

Fortunately, there are two rows of police cars clearing the way to ensure the smooth progress of the convoy.

Every time I cross an intersection or bridge, Da Peng will always sprinkle a note with the words "Azure Dragon" written on it. This is not only used to pray, but also to deter. The note is full of traces of mind and spirit, and it conveys only one meaning: whether it is a person or a ghost, dare to make trouble for Lao Tzu today, chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!

Come all the way, calm and tranquil.

Sixteen minutes later, I arrived at the bride’s house by point, every second.

Shi Tiexin got out of the car and saw Wu Siyou.

Yes, he was the third person who was supposed to be the best man, but now he completely regards himself as his maiden family and has turned to the bride to guard the gate.

"Boss, I want to marry Mei Jiao Niang, but I have to show my ability and show my sincerity." Wu Siyou withdrew to the side, revealing a long road paved with red carpet behind him: "All the time I know that you can drink, and I have never drunk you. Today, I have to explore the bottom anyway. Come, my first test is to drink, one step at a time, okay?"

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