Fog Era Chapter 1130

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I saw a long table on the right side of the red carpet. There was a bottle of wine on every meter of the table. The bottles were all big red bottles of Wuliangye.

The Wuliangye road continued to extend, all the way to the gate, and the big friend next to him was speechless.

Seeing this, you have to blow the whole bottle all the way.

In the bride’s room, Ling Xing saw that he was excited and nervous. He sat on the bed and asked: "Here?"

The bridesmaid who inquired about the news leaned over the window and said while watching "It’s here, the boss is going to have the first test."

Another bridesmaid also huddled together, chirp chirp twitter twitter: "The boss is so handsome! But Jimmy is also ruthless. I sold 36 bottles of imported Wuliangye at my own pocket."

"Thirty-six bottles?" Ling Xingjian complained with a puffed face: "Jimmy is really good. Why do you prepare so much wine and drink him badly? What should I do? is it possible that I want to get married drunk?"

Outside, Wu Siyou said: "Thirty-six bottles symbolize the smoothness of six or six. Of course, not all for you Drink, friends and relatives can do it for whatever they want, but you have to drink the last bottle. Several brothers, who wants to share the burden for the boss?"

All the clubs stepped forward, angrily. "I'm coming!"

"No need. Jimmy is right, marrying a wife naturally has to be sincere, not to mention thirty-six bottles of trifling and what difficulty is there?" Shi Tiexin haha ​​smiled, Xunfeng A roll, swish, already sucked the first bottle of wine into his hand.

Not seeing the gesture, the bottle cap flew up into the air with a pop. Shi Tiexin raised his wine bottle and drank his head up. The wine was pressurized by the sharp gas, and the high-pressure water flowed straight down. It fell into the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and disappeared.

The wine bottle was thrown away, and it fell steadily on the ground behind, not shaken or broken.

Go one more step, get another bottle, throw another bottle, and land steadily.

"Not enough fun, come, come, and have a few more bottles!" Shi Tiexin was excited, full of vigor, and the sunda wind rumbling out, and the assembly line crash-banged the bottle in front of it. All rolled up.

You don’t even need to hold it with your hands, bottle after bottle of fine wine poured out, and then xiu xiu fell on the ground outside, gradually arranging a shape.

Shi Tiexin strode past the meteor, and the high-level liquor was completely absorbed when it reached his stomach. As for getting drunk? Those ethanol, not to mention the brain, even the liver is not used, it has long been decomposed by blood cells, burned and consumed, and turned into energy.

Shi Tiexin's pores opened all over, and hu hu exuded white air, like a person in Divine Immortal.

Thirty-six bottles were emptied in the blink of an eye. Thirty-six bottles were steadily thrown in front of the wedding car, forming a huge heart shape.

"It's good, it's genuine. I like it very much. I will drink it next time." Shi Tiexin gave a good comment, and his complexion was not even red.

"Wow!" The clubs all around screamed, always knowing that the boss can drink, but I don't know that the boss can drink so.

"Awesome, let the first test pass." Wu Siyou came to the gate: "The second test is called the gate, and the boss has to show off his unique skills.

Before the Wusi's quiet voice fell, Shi Tiexin had raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.

The thunder power hidden in the wine bottle just now was all aroused, and all the wine bottles shone with dazzling light. The arcs snapped in series, and the love of wine red immediately gleamed.


The clubs have become howling tools.

The powerful maneuvering power formed by the combination of handsome, dull and cool skills and Infinite Tribulation shows the ability of Major Perfection. With this hand, 99% of the spirit cultivator can't do it, let alone Say so lifting the heavy as if it were light, have the words at hand.

After these days of hard work, Shi Tiexin has taken a brilliant position in the spirit stage.

"This is a unique skill! There is no second unique skill in the world!" The best man immediately assisted: "The beauty above quickly responds, do you like it or not?"

The window of the upper bedroom was pushed open, and the bridesmaid poked her head out from inside: "Sister said, I like it!"

"If you like it, please open the door!"

"You don't need to open the door It's so easy!" The bridesmaids shouted: "Come in if you have the ability, we won't open it!"

When the two best men saw this easy to handle, they immediately jumped up and went up to the top of the roof. , Looking for skylights, looking for skylights, each showed divine ability and prepared to sneak in and open the door.

The bridesmaids inside are not easy to provoke.

Ling Xing was funny, but she didn't intend to embarrass the best man too much. She didn't want to make her marriage cold. Just as she was about to greet the bridesmaid to release the water, Shi Tiexin downstairs had already raised her right hand and drew a heart shape in the sky.

He blew it lightly, and the heart-shaped trace immediately swelled and full, turning into a heart-shaped bubble, which flew up to the sky and got into the house.

This is also a clear sky bubble.

But it is not an ordinary pure sky bubble.

The ordinary pure sky bubble puts pure Evil Thought, which is a trap to attract evil spirits.

And in this bubble, what is put is pure, the happiness of love.

If this bubble is broken, it will have a wonderful effect.

The bubble floated in front of Ling Xingjian. When Ling Xing saw beautiful eyes, he already understood this Shi's plan. She smiled slyly and decided to cooperate with this Shi's prank, so she extended the hand and clicked on the bubble.

Hey, the bubble burst, and the wonderful mood swings suddenly burst, sweeping the whole house.

In the blink of an eye, the groomsmen and bridesmaids who had just been with swords drawn and bows bent, the atmosphere became more subtle, and the offensive and defensive movements became ambiguous.

This time, the best man and bridesmaid are not randomly chosen. The spiritual Master Shi Tiexin has his own keen insight and good wishes.

Shi Tiexin opened the door easily, looked at the couples of the best man and bridesmaids in the corridor, and said with a smile: "It seems that it will be a long time before you have to eat your wedding candy."

The bridesmaids were immediately ashamed, and all the weirdness and trials that were prepared were suddenly unable to come out.

Shi Tiexin strode the meteor and came to his wife's bedroom without sending a red envelope.

The moment he opened the door and walked into the bedroom, the beautiful and alluring Ling Xing Jian was greeted.

She wore a red wedding gown, a cloak crown, and she was more delicate than a flower.

She sits on the white bed, bright and charming, with affectionate eyes.

She is my wife.

Shi Tiexin handed out the flowers in his hand: "My dear, I ran all over the city specially selected for you, do you like it?"

The flowers nourished by vigor are indeed bright It looks good again.

"Since you sent it sincerely, I will accept it with reluctance." Ling Xing saw the flowers: "But at the last level, you have to find my shoes--ah!"

Before speaking, Shi Tiexin was already holding his wife in a Princess's arms, and he laughed and left.

"My shoes are not worn yet!" Ling Xingjian tugged at the corners of the skirt to hide the elf-like barefoot, while hammering this Shi twice, and finally put his head around his neck He buried it on his shoulder, forget it, leave it alone, let him go.

At the door, peng peng is popping, and the ribbons are flying.

Shi Tiexin hugged his bride through the rain of rainbow arches like ribbons, stepped over the sparkling love of wine red, and completed the reception amidst the enthusiastic cheers of a group of people.

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