Fog Era Chapter 1131

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At 8:18, the grandiose pick-up team arrived at the leader’s manor where the main ceremony was. Shi Tiexin got out of the car with his fairy wife and drove away, hiding in the dressing room and preparing to change clothing.

In the next hour or so, Da Peng greeted guests from all walks of life.

The leader’s manor soon became crowded and full of friends.

Performing artists take turns to perform and work hard to help out. The celebrity mouth invited from Nie Zhicheng TV station appeared on the stage wearing a special rooster costume for the emcee, and used his best talk show to mobilize the atmosphere of the scene.

Unconsciously, the time for the official ceremony is up.

The master of ceremonies said: "It is ten ten in the morning. In the Eastern country, it is a perfect moment. It is such a good time, let us welcome today's bride and groom together, shining~~~~ debut! "

It's really shiny.

Swish, the light flickered, and the tall and tall silhouette of Shi Tiexin appeared on the empty wedding ceremony table.

And this ceremony platform extends a long walkway all the way, and at the end of the walkway is a round high platform. On the high platform, Ling Xing saw that she was wearing a pure white wedding dress, and she was pretty there.

The master of ceremonies said: "There should have been a ceremony in which the bridegroom invited the bride to appear on the stage, but the bride said that marriage is a two-way journey. Then, please invite the bride and groom, two-way, go!"

After finishing speaking, the emcee was shocked, because the light in the entire auditorium suddenly dimmed.

No one draws the curtains.

But it seemed as if Divine Immortal had drew away the light here, all around was suddenly dimmed, and finally reached the point where he could not see his fingers.

This is not a good rehearsal!

But in a dark world, only a couple of newcomers have become the source of light.

At the same time, the originally slightly monotonous on-site decoration has suddenly undergone a magnificent transformation. On the sky and in the air, glittering stars lit up everywhere. Everyone seemed to be under the infinite starry sky all of a sudden, returning to the days when they looked at the Milky Way before the mist arrived.

I only know how beautiful this scenery is when I lose it.

In this magnificent scene, all the friends and distinguished guests seem to have become insignificant and insignificant.

The guests all screamed, wondering what special effect this is.

Then they found that even their own screams were too small, as if they couldn't make any waves under the vast Milky Way.

This is not Shi Tiexin's ability.

Ling Xing saw this.

She looked straight at the opposite side of the long corridor bridge, and her holy light power was involuntarily working, and she climbed to an unprecedented peak in a miraculous way. All the light seems to echo her mind, condensing, wandering, flashing, blessing, and waiting to keep quiet.

At the same time, Shi Tiexin looked at the other side.

The originally beaming face slowly turned away from the smile.

At some point, the sundae blew out invisibly. The wind chimes hanging all around were blown by the crash-bang, and finally formed a song without words.

The music is the heart sound, music is not only the vibrating air, but also the resonance of the soul.

Not to mention the music of the Soul Master.

Li Jingjing among the guests suddenly touched the corner of her eyes and muttered to herself: "What kind of music is this and why do I cry?"

It is not just her crying.

Shi Tiexin quietly looked at the bride opposite, at this moment, I was like one, and my heart was surging. I have rehearsed everything that I have done before, and I can't forget it thoroughly at this moment.

As powerful as him, this moment is a little trance.

He saw a seemingly true and seemingly illusory scene.

[Once, now, past, never come again]

[Red, fallen leaves, long buried, in dust]

Tokyo at night, Kabukicho , Next to the pool table, the first encounter is red-clothed.

The girl in the red dress plays a playboy with a butterfly knife, but the big one can only try slowly with a chopstick.

"Hey, the big guy over there, you want to soak me too?"

"Can you call the number?"

"You're not bad." The girl in the red dress leaned down, her profile curve was perfect: "Let's line up."

During the wedding, Shi Tiexin took a step forward and clenched his fists.

My dear, now I can play with butterfly knives very well.

[The beginning and the end are always, there is no change]

[You are floating on the horizon, outside the white clouds]

In the steelmaking plant, above the blast furnace, destroy Unique product, the name was first notified.

The furnace switch was pressed by two people together. It was the first time that they touched the soft little hand.

"Such a lot of destroyed together is actually quite beautiful-like a group of'fireworks'."

The girl in the red dress sighed: "Then this is definitely what I have seen The hardest and most beautiful fireworks. Big guy, what is your name? I mean your real name!"

"Shi Tiexin. What about you?"

" You can call me long."

"The pseudonym is boring."

"It's not a pseudonym, it's a nickname." In the hot wind, the girl in the red dress burst into a beautiful and amazing smile. It was a kind of brilliant brilliance that came out from the bottom of my heart: "I don't want to lie to you, a good person!"

During the wedding, Shi Tiexin took one step forward, clenching his teeth. Honey, you really didn't lie. But the burning piece is not the most beautiful firework.

[Lover, don’t, forever, never come again]

[Silent, sit alone, look around, outside of the world]

Fengming No.1 Middle School, Games Last, I met you unearthly again in another world, and finally knew your real name.

"To ask someone's name, you have to come and announce your name yourself first. Big guy, what is your name?"

"Shi Tiexin." The noon sun shines on Shi Tiexin , Making him look tall and straight with a bright halo: "Where are you?"

"Remember, my name is Ling Xingjian." The girl raised a white tender index finger and shook it here. Shao: "Don't call it wrong again."

My dear, I won't call it wrong, any time, any world, I will not call it wrong.

[Flowers will wither, but they will bloom again]

[The love of my life is faintly outside the white clouds]

Midsummer night, night market play, park On the hill, I confided the sadness in my heart.

"What's the use of a hero? A hero is righteous, great, and glorious, but what about my relatives? My mother and I have no income. How long is a pension of 300 yuan? "

"If a person is dead, does he know how we survived? Does he know what kind of person my mother is now? He knows how painful we are, I have Do you want to hate him more?"

"He doesn't know!"

"He can only burn everything like this cloud of ashes, and then the wind blows," Seeing that Ling Xing reached out and grabbed a handful of burning ash, opened his fingers, he was stunned: "It's gone."

My dear, although you are talking about the father who resents you, but his fire It is indeed rekindled in you.

The result of burning......

[Sea of ​​Bitterness, turn it over~~ Love and hate! 】

【In the world, it is hard to escape fate! 】

Tokyo Pier, the morning light is just beginning, and the Void Spirit army is exhausted, but it also takes away a bright heart.

On the dock, Shi Tiexin panicked.

"I won't believe you... You are a little liar... You have deceived me twice with this set of pretending to be dead... You have performed fake death yourself, and the mad monk said about you. Death, it’s all fake, I won’t believe it this time, I won’t believe it anymore—!"

"You are feigning death, right? Don’t you have that kind of secret technique? You Is it waiting to see my joke, right? As long as I believe it, you will laughed and say'I am teasing you' right!"

"I believe it, I believe it!!!"

"Get up and laugh at me, get up and laugh at me, get up and deceive me!"

"You wake up, you wake up, you wake up to me Ahhh——!!! "

Puff and puff, Shi Tiexin rescued frantically, and has been rescuing, but the lovable body in his hand gradually dissipated the residual heat.

Suddenly, with a sigh, from the fingertips, Ling Xingjian's body began to emit a ray of fire star.

After that, it was just a momentary effort, and everything on her body began to drift away.

crash-bang, the long wind surging, Ling Xing saw that the whole person collapsed into countless sparks.

"No, no no, no no no no!!" Shi Tiexin went crazy, and kept reaching out and holding it, trying to catch the ray of sparks, but he could only watch the sparks fly far away. null.

At the wedding, Shi Tiexin gritted his teeth in pain.

I already know the helpless pain of watching my lover dissipate like fireworks, and I know it unforgettable.

I understand you.

My dear, I really, really, really want to protect you.

[Blind date, it's impossible to get close]

[Or I should, believe, it's fate]

Above the fire star, outside the atmosphere, the monster will not die , The sergeant must burn both jade and stone.

"No——!!!" Ling Xing screamed out: "No! No! No! There must be other ways, right? There must be other ways! Yes, We... we can let the ground use a landing craft to send the warhead up, and then find a way to detonate it remotely!"

Shi Tiezhu looked at Ling Xingjian deeply and shook his head slowly and heavily: Resolute, can’t last that long."

"Liar, liar! You said we want to go home, you said you want to be a Superman couple with me, you said you want to open a restaurant together, Fight with me and take me Up Into the Heavens, Down into the Earth!"

Yesterday, I was still looking forward to a bright future, and today I fell into a farewell to life and death, and Ling Xing’s heart was about to explode. .

Then she stopped crying suddenly, and fiercely rushed to Shi Tiezhu and hugged him tightly: "I have another way, I come, let me come! You don't already have it Has the power of the apocalypse gone? Hurry, infect me, let me evolve, I will use the warp point to show the way for the gravity gun! Trust me, I will not change this idea, I will be able to conquer instinct, trust me!"

Shi Tiezhu’s right hand hugged her and whispered: "I believe you. But, I'm sorry."

"No——! I don’t want you to die! You bastard, Give me such a beautiful longing, such a beautiful hope, such a beautiful relationship, and then just die like this? No, I will never allow it!" Ling Xing screamed hoarsely, "I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of reminiscence. I'm really afraid of losing. I don't want to miss you alone, I don't want to miss you in despair, I really can't afford this kind of thing!"

Shi Tiezhu did not speak, he was also heartbroken and unable to breathe. Can only shake his head.

"How about this." Ling Xingjian suddenly calmed down: "Like we said before, let's go on the road together."

Shi Tiezhu still shook his head.

Ling Xing saw tears like rain, and mourned: "Let me die with you, don't you be so cruel, okay, dear?"

At the wedding, Shi Tiexin I almost shed tears.

My dear, I really, really don’t want to make you sad, sad, and heartbroken again.

[Sea of ​​Bitterness, turn ~~ love and hate! ! 】

【In the world, it is hard to escape fate. ]

[Blind date is not approachable]

[Or I should, believe, it is fate]

On the long bridge of the wedding, Shi Tiexin step By step walked towards her, he walked through memories, through the past, through scenes after scenes of the foreign world, gradually becoming stronger, gradually solemn and firm.

On the other side of him, Ling Xingjian also came to him step by step.

Shi Tiexin is excited, and Ling Xingjian seems to be excited too.

Her wedding dresses continue to be extended and then extended. It is not that her clothes have the magical effect of self-extending, but that her holy light has been infiltrated into the wedding dress, constantly intertwining and constructing new wedding dresses.

She is holding flowers, her breathing is getting faster and faster. She looked at Shi Tiexin walking by, and she felt a trance in her eyes for some reason.

Suddenly, a tear filled her left eye. Tick, tears fell, light waves rippling, Shi Tiexin seemed to be wearing a black leather jacket.

Suddenly, there was a tear in her right eye. Tick, tears fell, the phantom was hazy, and Shi Tiexin was wearing alien armor again in the hazy tears.

Step by step, all kinds of phantoms floated back and forth.

What is that?

Ling Xing can't figure it out.

The only complex, special, turbulent, and long-lasting feeling in the heart is turbulent, more and more intense, and more and more unstoppable. Seeing Shi Tiexin striding over from the other side, she was even a little dizzy, forgetting what to do.

The procedures, the guests, and the ceremony were all forgotten.

The short wedding path seems to have gone through the Three Lives III, and the long journey seems to never end.

But in the two-way rush, the long road of Sansheng III quickly shortened, and finally, at a certain moment, breakthrough all the distance.

Slap, Shi Tiexin extended the hand, and held Ling Xingjian's shoulder.

Ling Xing saw him, breathing so fast that his heart almost jumped out, his eyes were so beautiful and so expectant.

Thousands of words rise in the mind, but such a strong rhetoric cannot make Shi Tiexin say half a word. He could only grit his teeth, then suddenly embraced his wife and kissed Tianhuang.

In this kiss, there are countless bitterness and reminiscences of the past, and finally it turns into sweetness, and it turns into endless beautiful hopes for the future.

For a long time, with lips split, Shi Tiexin made a soul vow to Ling Xing Jian, to Yoyo, and to his wife.

"In this life, this life, we will never be separated again."

"I, love you——!!!"


It rang sporadically.

There was a lively sound.

It sounded crazy.

Shi Tiexin's heartfelt thoughts made many people cry with emotion.

But no matter how much onlookers feel, how can there be more people involved?

All worlds are the only one, ten thousand me as one.

The old big brother missed his wife, and then looked towards Black Venerable: "Azun, no matter what, it is a perfection result."

Black Venerable eyes pass through Shi Daming's eyes watched what happened there, and then they closed tightly.

In front of him, the yellow sand was rolling and the wind was raging.

He has come to Tianzhu.

In a gust of wind, the Black Lord slowly said:

"Is the Supreme treasure or the warrior who kissed the girl?"

"The kissed girl again Is it Fairy Zixia?"

"Who can tell about this kind of thing."

"I just think..." Black Lord looked up at the sky, calmly There is a lingering sadness in the expression: "I look like a dog."

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