FMC Chapter 2567

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2567 is Commander Xue’s order! Floating astronomy
Everyone on the battlefield saw an incredible scene.

Crystal clear, natural, like a piece of crystal carved Giant Divine Weapon “Heavenly Crystal”, jump beautiful dance of death, the other three Giant Divine Weapon are involved in their own rhythm.

These three Giant Divine Weapons are like the marionettes manipulated by it. With the rhythm of “Heavenly Crystal”, the hands and feet are twitching and jumping.

In addition, there are countless large iron balls in all directions, which are attached to the three Giant Divine Weapons. In addition to locking the Giant Divine Weapon with a magnetic field, a large amount of highly viscous glue is sprayed from the inside. Sticking yourself to the Giant Divine Weapon, as if on the Giant Divine Weapon, there are countless cumbersome weights.

These cumbersome continually sprayed the flames in all directions, causing the Giant Divine Weapon to completely lose control and let the iron balls be at the mercy.

Until the end, they were opened by “Heavenly Crystal” and they were ruthlessly smashed into the mud!

A battlefield that was still in full swing a moment ago, instantly fell into a desperate silence.

Of course, Hushan Marquis Song Changlie is desperate.

“you you you you you……”

Song Changlie stepped back two steps, sitting on his own command chair, his lips screaming and whispering, and he couldn’t say a few words.

“Boss Bai, what do you want to do?”

His voice is full of doubts and despair, and he said, “I am the Empire’s Hushan Marquis. You dare to do this, you… you can’t kill me, you kill me, you can’t escape, you are in Four Great Families. There is absolutely no way to explain it!”

“Idiot, you still don’t understand it until now?”

Boss Bai’s holographic projection, with a scornful and sardonic smile, “everything is from ‘Commander Xue’, you think that it takes a lot of manpower and resources to condense the fleet of hundreds of Greater Thousand Worlds, and jump to Is this small Seven Seas Star Field really just to annihilate a bunch of insignificant revolutionary rebels?

“Hey, reforming the rebels is nothing but awkwardness. It is not worth mentioning. You want to annihilate, just sneeze gently, and you can call them scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!

“The real purpose of Commander Xue is to take advantage of this great opportunity to completely control the ‘Million Starship Coalition’ in the hands, to unite into a powerful force that is loyal, indestructible and resolutely obeying orders, only obeying his own orders, only Obey the order of Yun Family!”


Hushan Marquis Song Changlie looks round and blurted out, “Yun Xuefeng dare to do this, Yun Family dare to do this!”

“Don’t take it, take it wrong, so great opportunity is in front of you, why is Commander Xue not afraid?”

Boss Bai smirked. “After this battle, the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance has vanished, but the 16 Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ships and the few millions of Starships will be owned by Commander Xue and Yun Family. At the time, look at the entire Star Ocean, who else can compete with Commander Xue and compete with Yun Family?

“Oh, the commander is Commander Xue, and he has made such great contributions to the Yun Family. The Houhou worship is qualified, what else can’t be confessed?”

“You are crazy!”

Hushan Marquis Song Changlie pointed at the light curtain, full head long hair roots, I don’t know if it is angry or shocked. “You and Yun Xuefeng, and Yun Family are crazy, you guys, you are so disregarding the big picture!”

“The big picture? Hey, if your Song Family really wants to take care of the big picture, why bother with Yun Family for the new emperor? If your Song Family really cares about the big picture, why your fleet always wanders around Star Field, basically Didn’t you plan to attack Seven Seas’ Great Market? You are not waiting for Commander Xue’s fleet to rush to the top, and your Song Family will come out to clean up the mess? Even if Commander Xue doesn’t break his head, Blood flow, you may still have a knife in the back!”

Boss Bai took a sip and smiled. “Oh, don’t worry about him. It’s a waste of time. The commander knows that you are secretly preparing for the escape cabin. It’s useless. You know too much. Let’s die now. !”

Hundreds of Starships belonging to the “Arsonist United Fleet” fire at the same time, tens of thousands of devastating lights once again illuminate the dark stars, and the powerful Spiritual Energy undulates in the vacuum to smash out the way, if it encounters the stormy sea, turbid Waves!

Under the fire attack of tens of thousands of beams, the “Tiger Roar Ship” Spiritual Energy Protective Shield only changed for half a minute, from green to orange, from orange to deep red, and finally cracked. The glass is broken like a glass.

Losing the protection of the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, relying solely on the armor of the super-strong alloy embedded reflective ceramics, it can not withstand the burning of nearly a thousand degrees of high temperature concentrated on one point.

What’s more, at this time, high-energy metal ion currents of various physical weapons, high-explosive bombs and cosmic torpedoes emitted from crystal orbits have also hit targets.

Fireballs, such as supernovae, were originally a tiny spot that was insignificant, but blinked into giants hundreds of meters or even kilometers in diameter, wrapped in layers of the entire “Tiger Roar Ship”, several meters thick armor. It was easily torn, and a large number of cabin materials, fuels and even crew members were sucked out and gathered into a mighty torrent of water, spurting into the depths of the Star Ocean, making the “Tiger Roar Ship” look like a serious injury, blood loss. Too many tigers.

The embarrassment of “Tiger Roar Ship” means that this short fire has completely ended.

Ten out of ten Starships have chosen to surrender to Boss Bai. They don’t care who their commanders are. They are strong enough and embarrassing to give them greater hope for survival and more spoils.

Therefore, the commanders of these Starships are cheering to join the camp of Boss Bai.

Of course, Boss Bai is so ruthless that he has killed an Empire’s Third Rank Marquis, which has caused them some concerns.

But the concern is that Boss Bai even Hushan Marquis dare to kill, let alone their insignificant shrimps and crabs, who wants to be buried with Hushan Marquis Song Changlie?

Only a small part of the Starship belonging to Song Family, after witnessing the demise of “Tiger Roar Ship”, did not desperately flee to Seven Seas Star Field.

Most of them are fast attack ships, which are extremely fast and concealed. After the two sides have opened a distance of one million kilometers, it is extremely difficult to catch up with them.

Boss Bai didn’t plan to kill him, letting these Starships escape, but he took the time to rectify the stragglers who had just surrendered.

He didn’t know, Hushan Marquis Song Changlie didn’t have time to escape the “Tiger Roar Ship” wreck vortex, but at the last minute, he sent his own and Boss Bai’s call record to the rest of the Song Family Starship, let these Starship Take it, fleeing the battlefield.

Or maybe he knew it for a long time, but he didn’t care at all.

“Okay, the number of our fleet has reached the limit, and then it will expand beyond the level we can control and command.”

Boss Bai smiled and talked to his chief of staff, Xiao Lishui. “God down, let all the Starships that have just returned to us clean up the battlefield and let them smash the wreckage of ‘Tiger Roar Ship’ into pieces. Be sure to let everyone’s hands, They are all stained with blood.

“Whoever wants to grind and do not dare to do it, let the rest of the people kill his Starship.

“In three hours, I have to complete the most thorough reorganization, then we will set out to find Dear ‘Commander Xue’!”


“Million Starship United Fleet” on Supreme Flagship, “Avalanche Ship”.

Yun Xuefeng Along the diagonal of the bridge, he trembled uneasily and stepped out of the tenth and thirty-seventh steps in twenty-four hours.

In the middle of the bridge, the holographic projection of Seven Seas Star Field is still shrouded in confusing fog, and the direction of winning and losing is not clear.

The real war is very different from the game.

In the game, Commander can understand everything on the battlefield like the omnipresent demon. Even if you can’t see the number and movement of the enemy, you can at least clearly see your strength, and every command can be transmitted to the forefront in an instant. The combat units, and these combat units will absolutely be loyal, complete the order without compromise, 100% to “go to the fire, not to leave.”

The real war is far from it.

The Star Ocean is too vast, the diameter of the battlefield has even reached billions of kilometers, and there are too many combat units scattered in it. In the case of uninterrupted coverage by the enemy, the connection between the two combat units Very difficult, the public opinion of Yun Xuefeng’s Supreme Flagship, and the cross-link between many combat units.

In fact, Yun Xuefeng spent a full 30 hours and still couldn’t contact all of his Starship.

On the status icon representing each Starship access tactical chain, approximately 70% of Starship is still in a dark state, which means they are not connected to the, and do not know at any point in the Dark Star Ocean. It has even been sunk by the defenders.

Yun Xuefeng feels like sitting alone in a black mist, waiting for a little bit of Star Glow to shine around. Every Star Glow is a Warship under his arm, and he still doesn’t know how long it will take. In order to gather enough power to attack the Seven Seas’ Great Market.

The good news is that his Supreme Flagship β€œAvalanche Ship” finally found a calm gathering point that has not yet been discovered by the defenders and can continue to summon more Starship assemblies here.

Moreover, only two Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ships were found by the defenders, and they were in a tough battle. The remaining fourteen Diamond Grades have been connected to ten ships, all intact, and are summoning nearby Aegis Ship, Arsenal Ship and Comprehensive Supply Ship, condensed into a powerful Diamond Fleet.

Yun Xuefeng estimates that as long as there are three or four Diamond Fleet condensed, you can advance to Seven Seas’ Great Market and suppress the power of the defensive side.

The bad news is that although the ten Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ships have been contacted, the commanders of these ultimate Warships will have a lower will than they think, and almost everyone will complain, saying that there are a lot of Ten Thousand Sectors around them. The fleet of the Merchant Alliance is about to face a hard battle, and is trying to figure out how to get rid of it. It is temporarily unable to cooperate with Commander’s next combat.

At the beginning, Yun Xuefeng thought that these Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ships were really unexpected.

But in contact with ten Super Arsenal Ships, nine of the ten commanders said that it was so fast that his nose was so fast that Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance had so many Starships that he could besiege ten Super Arsenal Ships at the same time. of? 19

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