FMC Chapter 2570

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2570 Victory is justice! Floating astronomy
Looking at Boss Bai’s face with grievances and flattering mixes, and mixed with a look of indignation, Yun Xuefeng was a bit overwhelmed.

He walked back and forth for a long time, and when he spoke, he asked a nonsense: “What you said is true?”

“That’s true, Commander Xue!”

Boss Bai had no choice but to scream, “I have eaten a bear and a leopard, and dare to deceive Commander Xue. If it is not Hushan Marquis, it is too much, and it is the first to attack the subordinate ship. How dare to kill a singular Empire Third Rank Marquis, what good is this for the subordinates, is it not afraid of the revenge of the Song Family after the incident?

“If the subordinates dare to deceive Commander Xue in this matter, it is equivalent to offending both Song Family and Yun Family. Is it that the Star Ocean is vast and has a half-inch footprint? Commander Xue Mingjian , Ming Jian!”


Yun Xuefeng is unmoved and looks sullen. “But Song Yushi doesn’t say that. There is a handful of Song Changlie’s men who have escaped. Their arguments are contrary to yours. They say that you are the first to start, you want to fire and Song. Changlie’s fleet!”

“Of course they say that, isn’t it true that they have to smash a large number of Starships and escape from them?”

Boss Bai really wants to cut open the chest and throw out all the internal organs to Yun Xuefeng. “Commander Xue, now everyone has no hard evidence, but please use the common sense, the person who belongs to Song Changlie, whoever compares Is it reasonable? Is it true that I have lost my heart and madness, and I have no fire and an Empire Third Rank Marquis. By the way, I have finished my life? This is totally unreasonable!”

Yun Xuefeng has been indulging for a long time, but he still has a clear mind. He is very upset: “This Commander also knows that these Song Family Immortal Cultivators have always been used to arrogance, especially this Hushan Marquis Song Changlie, the name of the unruly, I have no one to know, no one knows, and I donโ€™t believe that you dare to provoke him.

“But it’s a big thing. After all, it’s an Empire Third Rank Marquis. It’s still in the hands of the ‘Friends’. Song Yushi has to give him a confession, otherwise it is very likely to shake the heart and make Million Starships Grand Alliance, falling apart in an instant, so…”

“Commander Xue, the subordinate is a rough person who doesn’t know the rules. If you think about it, if you say it, you can’t be surprised by Commander Xue.”

Boss Bai swallowed like a determined look, with a hard-pitched tone, bluntly saying, “In fact, the Four Great Families coalition attacked Seven Seas Star Field. On the surface, they are sincere cooperation, but they are actually ghosts. The people of Song Family, especially from the beginning, didn’t think about making Commander Xue comfortable and win.

“If Commander Xue is in the doldrums and wins the battle, Commander Xue and Yun Family’s voices are skyrocketing ten times. How can Song Family compete with Yun Family in the battle for the throne?

“So, Song Family will definitely find ways to talk to Commander Xue, find various excuses to attack Commander Xue, and create a variety of troubles for Commander Xue.

“The conflict between the subordinates and Song Changlie is an excellent excuse, but even without this, they can still find other excuses!

โ€œMillion Starships are mixed up in abundance. Is it not easy to have some friction? It is even suspected that Song Changlie was ordered by Song Yushi to deliberately create friction, but the last thing was out of control and he set himself on fire.

“In short, Song Family is now blaming for nothing. It is not to move closer to Commander Xue. It does not obey the command of Commander Xue. Right? If there is no guessing, there should be no Warship from Song Family. Well, all the Song Family Starships have escaped far and are self-contained?”

The more excited Boss Bai said, the less she noticed that Yun Xuefeng was getting gloomy’s face.


Yun Xuefeng The dark clouds on his face finally burst and screamed.

Boss Bai was awkward across the light curtain. It seemed that he realized that he was too arrogant and pleaded guilty: “Itโ€™s rude, Commander Xue is forgiven, and his loyalty to Commander Xue is loyal. Ah! The meaning of the subordinate is that the Song Family gang is unreliable anyway. Only Yun Familyโ€™s own shackles, the fleet of Yongchun Marquis and the subordinate Loyal Nation Army are the absolute trust of Commander Xue. Power, Commander Xue See, this is the power that the subordinate and Yongchun Marquis gathered in the past day.”

Boss Bai sent most of the Starship data that had recently gathered under his command, and the dense number and name of the ship covered the entire light curtain, which continued to increase.

Of course, most of the Warship of “Arsonist United Fleet” is hidden inside.

“so much!”

Yun Xuefeng was taken aback and turned to be happy.

“There wasn’t that much, but after we sank the ‘Tiger Roar Ship’, Hushan Marquis left those Starships and naturally turned to us.”

Boss Bai said, “Commander Xue Mingjian, if we don’t do it at the time, at least 90% of Starship will be taken away by Hushan Marquis, enriching the power of Song Family, we have the remaining 10% Starship, what are the faces? See Commander Xue? Under the circumstance, the strength of Song Family in the final battlefield is far greater than the power of Yun Family. Who knows Commander Xue, the ‘master coach’, apart from our loyal generations?”

“This oneโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Yun Xuefeng When she thought of Song Yushi’s arrogance, a nameless anger burned the Heaven Spirit Shell from the bottom of the foot.

The current enemy, but also infighting, Song Family this time is too much!

“Commander Xue, there is still a sentence that I don’t know when I don’t know it – there is a truth. Whether in the world of Star Pirate or Immortal Cultivator, it is an irrefutable truth, ‘victory is justice’.”

Boss Bai observed the words and handed it to Yun Xuefeng’s heart. “In the current situation, the friction between you and Song Yushi has already been put on the bright side. If this battle is lost, or if you are hit with mud and water, the casualties are heavy, no matter how you are. Explain to Song Yushi that even if his head is cut and Song Yushi is kicked, Song Family will not be satisfied and will continue to hold Commander Xue accountable.

“After all, this dirty and smelly head is worth a few dollars. Is it true that Song Yushi and Song Family executives are rare? The real goal of people is not subordinate, but Commander Xue, Yun Family!

“So, how can Commander Xue reconcile and step back and let the Song Yushi and even the entire Song Family be satisfied? Is it necessary to let the Song Family-supported clan as a Sovereign Emperor to resolve the impact of this matter? At this cost, Commander Can Xue have to pay for it, and does Yun Family have to pay for it?

“Conversely, if Commander Xue can be clean and ruined, and who can take advantage of this little thing to attack Commander Xue? Hushan Marquis Song Changlie is retreating, and Commander Xue is selfless, kill[ed] on the spot. Greatly boosted morale, so I won a brilliant victory. If this is the case, then it will become Song Family in the passive situation. It is Song Yushi’s turn to explain why their Song Family Immortal Cultivator is so timid. The coward who flinched back!”


Yun Xuefeng’s eyes became so deep that it seemed to be a swamp of venom, and he made up his mind in an instant, but he waved and interrupted Boss Bai. “How to do this, this Commander has his own claim, you can’t take your fingertips!”

“Yes, yes, the concern is chaos, it is too much.”

Boss Bai went down deeply. “Commander Xue has no idea. He has long been aware of the chaotic battles. He has the confidence to win. His pledge to loyalty, obediently obey Commander Xue’s order, and use his subordinate head. Pig brain, to solve the problem for Commander Xue?”

“This Commander hasn’t found out before. You Bai Xingjian turned out to be such a talent. It seems that in just a few years, the rise of the bloody Star Pirate circle is indeed a real thing, just let you be A commander of the ‘Loyal Nation Army’ is too wronged for you!”

Yun Xuefeng took a deep look at Boss Bai and said, “Where are you, how long can you join the ‘Avalanche Ship’?”

Said, Yun Xuefeng sent his coordinates to the past.

Boss Bai’s eyes sparkled with deep light, saying: “If everything goes well, you can get to Commander Xue in at most 12 hours, but…”

Yun Xuefeng Gao Lei Ji Eyebrows: “But what?”

“However, my subordinates would like to know that if they encounter the Starship of Four Great Families along the way, especially the Starship that is being smashed by Song Family and is escaping to the outside of Star Field, what should be done?”

Boss Bai said, “Do you want to bring them together? If they also fiercely resist Hushan Marquis?”

Yun Xuefeng has been silent for a long time, like being covered by an invisible shadow.

“Crap, of course, they will bring them together. Do they jump to Seven Seas Star Field and come to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight?”

Yun Xuefeng coldly said, “As for fierce resistance, hey, you can do it, in your words, victory is justice!”


“Find the coordinates of Yun Xuefeng!”

Not long after the conversation between Yun Xuefeng and Boss Bai, the inner center of the Seven Seas’ Great Market, the command center of the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance escort fleet broke out.

The Holographic Star Field Map, which covers the entire command center, is already covered with dense red and blue spots, which are already scanned, and the Starship icons of both sides.

A lot of red and blue light spots are entangled in each other, and they are constantly shining with short light, which means that these Starships are smashing in full swing.

Touching these spots with telepathic thoughts, you can also receive a series of astronomical information, which is real-time dynamic data on the battlefield.

Li Yao used to be the first knife in the Star Ocean battlefield as a sharp knife. He only observed the changes in the battle from a very narrow perspective, but he rarely stayed comfortably in the command center. From a global perspective, Condescending to the whole battlefield, I was a little idle at the moment.

But he also knows that this time it is really “decisively better than a thousand miles away”, Boss Bai tears a huge gap in the Four Great Families United Fleet, and transmits the exact coordinates of the enemy Supreme Flagship, which means – This battle is ten!

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