FMC Chapter 2573

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the most violent burning of Chapter 2573! Floating astronomy
Although Hong Niangzi is also one of the murderers of Jin Yuyan, she was bought by Four Great Families and is in a different camp from Qi Yuanbao and Wuying Qinxin.

Moreover, Qi Yuanbao and Wuying Qinxin have already seen her plan, but deliberately indulging her to assassinate is equivalent to throwing her out as a bait – she certainly hates Qi Yuanbao and Wuying Qinxin.

Including the remnant of Qi Yuanbao, it was so quick to get rid of it, and Hong Niangzi was killed at high altitude.

Therefore, Li Yao suggested Jin Yuyan, deliberately detaining Hong Niangzi not far from Qi Yuanbao and Wuying Qinxin, so that the two assassins belonging to different forces are mutually restrained and fighting each other, which is more conducive to their control.

Unexpectedly, Hong Niangzi fought against Spirit Transformation, and it was silent and undead.

Li Yao looked around and found several deep footprints on the walls and even the ceiling of the corridor, as if someone had stepped on it with great strength.

The footprints are slender, and at first glance it is the woman’s feet.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Li Yao’s mind turned and calculated, and instantly calculated and outlined the scene at the time.

At that time, an explosion occurred in the depths of the building, destroying the security measures and the restrictive seal on all floors, and Wuying Qinxin and Hong Niangzi escaped together.

Hong Niangzi and Li Yao and Jin Yuyan have already reached an agreement, quite a bit of abandoning the dark, the meaning of the battlefield uprising. The reason why she is under house arrest is to do it. She wants to watch Wuying Qinxin and Qi Yuanbao.

Hong Niangzi failed to assassinate and could not escape to the Four Great Families camp. Naturally, she was only loyal to Li Yao and Jin Yuyan. She immediately escaped when she found Wuying Qinxin and immediately stopped.

Perhaps in her opinion, Wuying Qinxin is just a weak Mind-Mending Master, can she be captured without any difficulty?

Who knows, Wuying Qinxin made an irregular small-scale maneuvering on the walls and ceilings on both sides of the corridor at an extremely fast speed, and the speed was so fast that even the eyes of Hong Niangzi, the Top-Grade sniper, could not be captured. To her trail.

Estimating the acceleration obtained by Wuying Qinxin from the depth of the footprint, she should have crossed the distance of hundreds of meters within 0.1 seconds, appeared in front of Hong Niangzi, and then destroyed Hong Niangzi’s internal organs by heavy methods. The root fingers were deeply poked into Hong Niangzi’s eyebrows, and the flames spurted from the fingers, burning Hong Niangzi’s Spirit Root and even Brain.

The whole process will not last more than a second, and the Empire Top-Grade sniper will not even have time to make a half-reaction.

“What exactly is she going to do?”

Li Yao changed her mind and put herself into the role of Wuying Qinxin. It was repeated over and over again, or 10,000 could not figure it out.

Although Hong Niangzi is a sniper and is not good at short-handed fights, it is Combat Type Immortal Cultivator, which is in any case more powerful than Combat Type Nascent Origin.

Of course, she was the murderer of Jin Yuyan, and neither Li Yao nor Jin Yuyan could keep her in full power, so Jin Yuyan forced Hong Niangzi to take the drug for the divine soul, Li Yao is also in Hong Niangzi. Her wrists and ankles smashed the seal of Spiritual Energy, allowing her to spur the Nascent Origin Stage Initial Rank.

But even if the sniper of Nascent Origin Stage Initial Rank is good, it is not a Mind-Mending Master like Wuying Qinxin. It can be Instant Kill!

Wuying Qinxin’s body is no different from other non-Combat Type Immortal Cultivators. It is relatively soft and fragile. This is carefully checked by Li Yao and Jin Yuyan. It is not wrong.

Even if she masters the secret skill that broke out in an instant, she exerts a strong psychological suggestion on herself, making the divine soul overloaded, instantly tweeting ten times the combat power, and her weak body can’t afford it.

Such a high-intensity Spiritual Energy burst and burned for a few hours, burning her into a pile of ashes.

Is she crazy, what do she want to do?

Li Yao thought this way, and suddenly she felt something wrong. She carefully looked at Hong Niangzi’s forehead and picked up a somewhat weird broken bone.

This broken bone, which is smaller than the teeth, is not like a fragment of the skull, but like a human phalanx.

And Hong Niangzi’s hands are intact, and there is no damage to the flesh, let alone broken bones.

Looking at this broken bone, Li Yao’s mind suddenly appeared in such a picture –

In a frenzied explosion, Wuying Qinxin rushed out of the cell like a madman, and there was an unusual flame in his body, rushing to the guards of several cows, horses, bears, and the wearing of the Crystal Armor.

I don’t know where she got the power far beyond her carrying capacity, and she killed all the guards alive, but her weak body could not withstand the flooding of the flames, and the destructive power of the heavy rebound. Ten fingers are like a firecracker “噼pī pā 啪” bursting open, even the phalanx roots break, broken bone splash.

But she was like a beast that lost her pain. She did not care about the damage of her hands. She used this pair of broken hands to continue to kill Hong Niangzi. Then she broke the glass window of dozens of Defense Glyph Array at the end of the corridor. Escaped.

Li Yao went back to check the injuries of the guards, and found more broken bones in the helmets where the two guards were deeply sunken.

Putting together these broken bones, you can almost put together several complete phalanxes.

Li Yao coldly shuddered.

Wuying Qinxin gave him the feeling that he was not a Mind-Mending Master at all, not even a Combat Type Immortal Cultivator, but a beast, completely irrational, and Devil controlled the beast of the divine soul!

Li Yao copied all the broken bones into the palm of his hand and spurred the broken window that Wuying Qinxin escaped at the end of the corridor.

“Fierce Dragon Fighter, attack!”

Blood heart’s demon’s predecessor, “Blood Mark Clan”, is an extraterrestrial strain that relies on blood parasitism and movement. It is most sensitive to the breath and type of blood. From the tiny bloodshot residue left on the debris, the source of blood can be traced.

What’s more, Wuying Qinxin is so madly burning the divine soul, her flames are absolutely abnormal, and they can’t be covered.

Li Yao expanded the telepathic thoughts search to a radius of a few dozen miles, and found the trail of Wuying Qinxin in a densely populated downtown area.

“轰, hōng hōng hōng hōng !”

At this time, a series of violent explosions were ringing in all directions, and the turbulence of the landslide seemed to burst into the whole asteroid. Many high-rise buildings were crumbling, and black fog filled the whole world.

“Damn, Wuying Qinxin, how many of the other parties are lurking outside, how many Crystal Bombs they have buried in the Seven Seas’ Great Market, what is it for?”

Li Yao wanders between the towering buildings and tracks the blood of Wuying Qinxin.

New explosions continued to be heard all around, and the explosion gradually swept through the downtown area, causing many super cities that lived with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people to fall into chaos and completely lose order.

Suddenly, between the blue sky and white clouds at the top of the head, a glaring spark broke out, and then the blue sky and the white clouds were twisted, turned into a messy vortex, and finally disappeared, revealing the cold steel sky.

The artificial scorpion collapsed, the whole asteroid was plunged into darkness, and even all the energy supplies were cut off. There were crying in the dark, screams and the crash of the Flying Shuttle Car, and the Flying Shuttle Car lost its auto-navigation. Like the headless flies, they collided with each other and even hit nearby high-rise buildings, causing countless tragedies.

Only the Glyph Array, an independent energy-providing emergency lighting, ignited a dark red glow, but it only reflected a sullen face, making everyone more panic.

“It’s terrible!”

Li Yao is more and more certain that this is by no means a temporary revival of Wuying Qinxin. It is not the chaos that she created to escape the road. From her unscrupulous consumption of Spiritual Energy, she did not intend to abandon her body. Go out.

In order to completely cut off the energy supply of the inner core of the Seven Seas’ Great Market, it is necessary to control the Mainframe Crystal Processor of the entire asteroid in advance, at least to implant a large number of viruses in the Mainframe Crystal Processor.

Li Yao hates it the most, so that even life can be avoided for the ideal, and the enemies who are both mean and shameless and so smart are entangled!

Just as he was about to hold the other’s tail, the coordinates of Wuying Qinxin suddenly disappeared from the ground.

However, it has penetrated into the underground of the asteroids, which is intricate and complicated, such as the labyrinth of the pipeline world.

Li Yao did not think about it, but also followed the hole that the other side got into, and plunged in.

The ground is filled with smoke, a piece of Primal Chaos, the bottom of the ground is even more than five fingers, can not see the slightest light.

“Huang, hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!”

The explosions continually erupted between the criss-crossing crystal cable and the Spiritual Energy transmission pipeline, giving the dark world a swaying brilliance, but turning the light beyond the darker.

I don’t know where to go deep inside the asteroid, and I can’t see where the exit to the ground is. Wuying Qinxin suddenly stops, like deliberately waiting for Li Yao’s arrival.

The swaying light and shadow reflected her silhouette, like a snake-haired banshee dancing wildly.

Li Yao was alert and carefully stepped into the nest of Wuying Qinxin. Finally, between the flames of burning fiercely, she could see the true face of the woman, not to suck in a breath of cold air.

Sure enough, just a series of attacks and escapes beyond the limit greatly hurt Wuying Qinxin’s own body.

Not only was her hands broken, her palms were completely bald, only two bloody arms were left, and even her legs were twisted strangely, punctuating numerous white spurs to the flesh, and it was painful to look at. Into the bone marrow.

Moreover, she was too thin in a short period of time, and flesh and blood seemed to be sacrificed to the mysterious power, and the whole person became a crumpled activity.

There are hundreds of crystal wires around, and if the worm with life is deeply pierced into her body, it is connected with her nerve clusters and brain cells. She seems to be controlled by countless lines. , swing down with bloody hands and feet, floating in the air, forming a cross, with a strange smile, looking at Li Yao.

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