FMC Chapter 2576

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2576 Brain Branding, Astronomy
The Wuying Qinxin’s Brain seems to expand hundreds of millions of times in an instant, dragging Li Yao into another world.

The intricate crystal wire and the burning fiercely’s wreckage disappeared, leaving only a dark, faint star, slowly spinning around Li Yao.

However, Li Yao took a closer look, and the stars of the shiny ones turned into the deep and cool eyes of Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, staring at him intently.

The eyes of the ten thousand Wuying Ji, staring at Li Yao together, in the depths of Li Yao’s divine soul, stirred up an uproar.

Ten thousand and eight thousand eyes, like the eternal light of tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature, to impress some kind of information that can’t be disobeyed and can’t be erased, branded in the deepest part of Li Yao’s divine soul.

“Long live the Majesty, Long live the Empire of True Humanity, Long live Human Race Civilization!”

Li Yao seems to hear the depths of his neural field, and there are countless people screaming wildly.

He was involved in the torrent, and he couldn’t help himself. I didn’t know how long it had been with the waves. The gradually, screaming and screaming screams were clear and unified, and all became – his voice!

Li Yao heard her screaming and steadfastly screaming: “Long live the Dark Star Great Emperor! Long live the Dark Star Great Emperor! Long live the Dark Star Great Emperor!”

He coldly shuddered, and the brain hole leading to the earth in the deepest part of the divine soul was opened again, releasing a thousand arcs, and suddenly smashed the horrible and strange illusion.

Thousands of long lived sounds came to an abrupt end. In the stars of the sky, the eyes of the thousand and eight thousand Wuying Ji were closed, and there was a purple wave in the depths of the endless darkness. The wave actually turned out to be thousands of pieces. It consists of the Purple Flame True Dragon.

The dragons of True Dragon swept through and collided with Li Yao’s divine soul, causing a violent, deafening bang.


Li Yao feels that every column in the divine soul palace is shaking, “噗” a bloody spray, falling to the deepest part of the crystal wire maze, instantly fainted, and did not know anything.

He didn’t know how long he had been groping in the dark.

The powerful divine soul of Spirit Transformation Grade, which keeps the last point clear, perceives the information that countless Wuying Ji fills into his neural field.

He seemed to see the destroying fleet that covered the sky, under the direction of Wuying Ji, headed for Star Glory Federation, and completely slashed the Star Glory Federation in just one and a half years.

He seemed to see himself and countless Federation cultivators kneeling at the foot of Wuying Ji, worshipping the ancestor of the Immortal Cultivator, and shouting “Long live the Dark Star Great Emperor”.

He seems to see that under the rule of Wuying Ji, a brand new, fairer and brighter Immortal Cultivator country is really birth, but also defeated Saint League, unified the entire Pangu Universe, and then moved beyond the black wall The endless stars marched into the army.

After hundreds of millions of years, when Human Race Civilization really flourished and spread across every corner of the Multiverse, people at that time wouldn’t mind the little “means” of the Dark Star Great Emperor long and long ago.

“Only Dark Star Great Emperor can save Human Race Civilization. Only Dark Star Great Emperor can lead us out of tens of billions of years. Countless Civilization is surrounded by fate, beyond Pangu and Nüwa Civilization, and thousands of Taikoo Civilization. Becoming the only one in the past, ‘Eternal Life Civilization ‘!”

Li Yao can’t tell whether this sentence is Wuying Ji’s whisper in the depths of his neural field, or is he thinking from the heart.

Li Yao was awakened by this terrible thought, three feet high, slammed into a fragmented ceiling and fell into the sump between the broken walls.

“I, I am…”

Li Yao groped for the whole body, and there was nothing to hurt on her body. It was the brain that hurt so badly, and there was a faint feeling of numbness, as if the head had become two or three times the size.

Well, he reached out and touched it. It wasn’t “like”. He was really swollen and bruised. He was bleeding, his lips and ears were full of dry blood. His head swayed slightly, and he immediately turned around and couldn’t sit still.

This is a symptom of severe craniocerebral injury, at least severe concussion plus intracranial hemorrhage, but only by the strong transformation of the Spirit Transformation Grade, it is not even a vegetative.

Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji’s divine soul impact, and sacrificed Wuying Qinxin, the super Mind-Mending Master’s Brain to increase the amount, only to become this earth-shattering “suicide mental explosion”, powerful, unable to calculate .

Thanks to Li Yao’s divine soul, it was equally fascinating, and it was barely able to withstand the suicide impact of Wuying Ji. It was replaced by another Spirit Transformation cultivator, which would become a idiot with great probability and even more terrible consequences.

Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, it’s really unfathomable, it’s impossible to beat!

Only the peer expert such as Wuying Ji is qualified to lead all cultivators and Immortal Cultivator and Full Human Race, unified Federation, Empire and Saint League, condense all the experts of Pangu Universe, and rush out to help Human Race Civilization find a way out.

It’s easy to be defeated by the squatting, and it’s easy to be the little fisherman catches both. Wuying Ji is worse than the self-profit fake Immortal Cultivator of Four Great Families, and the unloving of Saint League. Robots are much better?

In fact, Wuying Ji and Boss Bai, who is worse, is hard to say. Since you can cooperate with Boss Bai, why can’t you cooperate with your Majesty?

and many more–

Li Yao suddenly opened her eyes and fanned herself a slap in the face.

“pā! ”

The crisp slap in the face sounds from the depths of the darkness.

“What the hell is I thinking about, how can I really give birth to the idea of ​​surrendering to Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji?”

Li Yao felt incredible. He was very certain. Before the coma, more accurately, before the impact of Wuying Ji’s suicide divine soul explosion, he absolutely, absolutely, never thought about compromising and cooperating with Wuying Ji, let alone Completely surrendered to the other side.

He even thought about working temporarily with the “real Immortal Cultivator” like Lei Chenghu, but Wuying Ji is never on the list.

Because Li Yao feels that Wuying Ji is too dangerous, it is beyond the danger of the “true Immortal Cultivator” that cannot be described.

But now, his divine soul is really shaken, and he can’t contain the idea of ​​compromising Wuying Ji, bowing his head and even surrendering.

This is not his intention, but he can’t eliminate it at once. The idea is like a thousand-degree high-temperature soldering iron, branded on his Brain skin, even through the Brain cortex. Go to his divine soul!

“what the hell, why do I suddenly give birth to the idea of ​​bowing to Wuying Ji? Is his personality so strong, I was convinced by him, unconsciously?”

Li Yao stunned and squinted her hair. “Are you kidding me, it’s impossible, it must be that his ‘divine soul self-destruct’ is weird, and I have implanted such a terrible idea in my mind!”

Li Yao took a deep, deep breath and forced herself to calm down and face up to the idea of ​​being deeply imprinted in the depths of the divine soul.

With his powerful divine soul of Spirit Transformation Grade and his determined Dao Heart, he can analyze the whole thing rationally and calmly, and objectively conclude that he will never bow to Wuying Ji.

Still can’t stop the idea of ​​some instinct, and deeply fear the Dark Star Great Emperor.

It seems that little spiders and non-poisonous cauliflower snakes don’t hurt Human Race, but many people still have no reason to fear spiders and cauliflower snakes.

Li Yao suffocated for about a dozen minutes before she calmed down and removed the awe of Wuying Ji from the depths of the divine soul.

But he still perceives that the ugly “brand” still remains in his own divine soul, not completely removed overnight.

As a result, Dao Heart has a flaw. If you don’t completely eliminate the brand, you have to face Wuying Ji, and it will inevitably be hindered.

“Is this purely Purple Flame True Dragon, the legendary ‘Nine-Five-Dragon’s Domineering’, or another more dominant and weird divine ability?”

Li Yao can’t help but think that even his absolute expert above Spirit Transformation is almost in the middle. If it is the weaker Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, it must be completely branded, can’t extricate itself?

“Wuying Ji and I grind for a long time, I was still preparing for such a ‘trick’. Fortunately, Brother Yao, I have practiced it, and if I change it to an ordinary expert, will it be controlled by this thought, crying and surging At the foot of Wuying Ji?

“So secretive ‘implantation thoughts’ is the most terrible brainwashing method. Wuying Ji is a series of illogical movements. Is it related to this?”

Li Yao wiped the blood from the lips and the inside and outside of the ear canal. After thinking hard for a long time in the dark, I still couldn’t guess what Wuying Ji wanted to do.

When I wanted to contact Li Jialing and Jin Yuyan, I found that my wrists, Crystal Computer and Crystal Armor, were both disturbed. It was surrounded by a sea of ​​Spiritual Energy, which was extremely chaotic. No information could be transmitted. I want to come, Wuying Ji is also ignoring Wuying Qinxin. The consequences of self-destruct Brain.

Fortunately, his body did not cause serious problems. His hands and feet were used together. He resisted the headache and climbed up and down. When he climbed to the asteroid’s surface, he finally heard Li Jialing’s anxious shouting.

“Brother Yao, Brother Yao, where are you!”

Li Yao drove the Crystal Armor and jumped up and fell to the ground and gasped: “Here!”

鈥淏rother Yao 鈥斺€斺€

Li Jialing hurriedly rushed up, full of anxiety and concern. “Where have you been, you will not be able to contact you for most of the day, and why your divine soul ripples are so scattered, like you have just been hit hard, what happened? what’s up!”

“Is it all for a long time?”

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse, but she did not expect that the self-perception was just an instant coma, but at least it took several hours.

Listening to the ear, but hearing the sounds around the wrong, explosions and gunshots everywhere, loud riots and fires, frowning, “What’s the situation outside, why is the inner area of ​​the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance, it sounds like a mess?”

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