FMC Chapter 2585

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2585, please help, floating astronomy
“This is also true.”

Li Yao, like the ants on the hot pot, walked back and forth for a long time, “Oh, I believe that Lei Chenghu is still a reasonable person who knows the truth. If he is a sincere patriot, it is the biggest for Human Race Civilization. For the sake of interest, he must have enough reason and patience to sit down calmly and listen to me slowly.

“I can’t do it. I just tried to sneak into his flagship, take him away, go to a secret room, tie the flowers, beat him with a leather whip, take Chainsaw Sword on his neck, and then push him with his heart. Is it open and honest, can he still resist?”

“What do you say, I didn’t get it wrong, say it again?”

Blood heart’s demon sneered at the nose. “You think that Lei Chenghu is a second-rate thing like Yun Xuefeng. Thunderclap Fleet is a Diamond Fleet. It’s just a half-lift with awesome winds. Tell you, Thunderclap Fleet is a true top-tier, bloody killing for hundreds of years. Iron and blood masters, even the battle experience of Four Great Families Sovereign Token Fleet, may not be as rich as Thunderclap Fleet, even if every ordinary soldier of Thunderclap Fleet is in the cold and harsh front, in the blood of the corpse, and Saint League It’s terrible for people to fight hundreds of games. I can’t imagine how terrible this fleet is. I still want to break through the heavy line of Thunderclap Fleet. I don’t know how to invade the flagship and take away the coaches of the people. Let me!”

“I am not alone, not you and Boss Bai to help!”

Li Yao slammed his fist and gritted his teeth. “In any case, this is our only chance. If you can’t convince Lei Chenghu, everything is over, and no power can stop the second rise of Dark Star Great Emperor, the future of Empire. Of True Humanity will become even more terrifying, even terrible to the extent that the current Immortal Cultivator can’t stand it.

“In the face of such a dark future, we have no choice but to do everything and bet on it!”

Li Yao took a deep breath and controlled the expansion of the pores of the head, allowing the brain cells to discharge excess heat, forcibly reducing the temperature of the Brain. In an extremely calm state, the previous analysis was combed before and after, and it was determined that there was no flaw. This will reconnect with Boss Bai.

The contact with Boss Bai was not very smooth.

Arsonist United Fleet seems to have fallen into a fierce battle zone where the magnetic interference is extremely strong. It took a long time to connect intermittently, and in the light curtains covered with snowflakes and ripples, Boss Bai’s image was extremely distorted and clawed.

“Boss Bai -“

Li Yao is always watching the synchronization of real-time conditions, but the latest battle data of Warship is difficult to send back to Seven Seas’ Great Market. He can only ask directly, “What is the environment in the sky now, you have been in contact with Thunderclap Fleet? What?”

“What environment? It’s crazy, it’s crazy, it’s completely out of control!”

Boss Bai’s eyes are red, his hair is scattered, and the white smoke is flowing around him. It is like a steaming boiler. “Yun Xuefeng is completely crazy. He is leading his own main fleet and rushing toward Thunderclap Fleet. Lei Chenghu’s frontal collision, a high score!”


Li Yao stunned, “how can it like this, Yun Xuefeng is too self-sufficient!”

“Hey, these nobles on the top of the head have always been so self-sufficient. They thought they were the pride of the sky. The whole universe was born for them. Everyone must rotate around them like a star. .”

Boss Bai is very coldly snorted, said, “Before Lei Chenghu did not appear, Yun Xuefeng had gathered five or six Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ships plus tens of thousands of main Warships. The situation on the battlefield was great, countless warlords and The local snake, and even the other three families of the expert, once again expressed their loyalty to him. Seeing that the victory is in front, he simply swelled to nothing, really thought that he was a world-famous, the legendary ‘famous’!

“But the appearance of Lei Chenghu, but smashed all his dreams, just fell to his victory here, and was pulled back by Lei Chenghu in an instant, the cooked duck eyes to fly away, how can you let Yun Xuefeng is not angry, angry, angry?

“Plus him and Lei Chenghu claim to be the ‘Expedition Army’, there is a deep gap, and Lei Chenghu may not take him seriously, but his enthusiasm for Lei Chenghu goes deep into the marrow, and he wants to On the battlefield, he defeated Lei Chenghu and defended his so-called dignity. Now, a great opportunity is in front of him. How can he miss it?

“Not to mention, he did not take the initiative to attack. Thunderclap Fleet just jumped over and cleaned up the fleet of the Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ship after cleanly smashing the fleet of Yun Xuefeng. If Yun Xuefeng If you don’t want to collide with Lei Chenghu and want to avoid it, you have to withdraw at least a million kilometers in one breath.

“Now the situation of the starry sky battlefield, you also know that both sides are on the edge of the cliff of confidence and the will of the fighting. The forces of all parties are watching, and no one can easily retreat to Half-Step. Whoever wants to avoid this edge? ‘, it is equivalent to the retreat of the handsome flag on the ancient battlefield, a little careless, that is, the defeat of the mountains, an avalanche of the big defeat!”

Boss Bai told Li Yao that Lei Chenghu, after destroying a Diamond Fleet in a devastating and absolutely crushing situation, announced his own words through all the Starships scattered around Seven Seas Star Field and all the enemy and the enemy. The existence of the book, also published a “full of Empire officers and soldiers.”

In this “Emperor Empire” book, Lei Chenghu did not specifically distinguish the difference between “Revolution Faction” and “Emperor Selecting Marquis Faction”, and did not pursue the responsibility of who provoked this civil war, but from ” From the perspective of an ordinary Empire’s Army, 99% of the officers and men on both sides of the war are included.

“The enemy is currently, the Saint League main fleet has not been eliminated, and it is possible to strike the hinterland of Empire at any time. On this occasion, the Empire of True Humanity cannot withstand a full-scale civil war!

“Under the nest, there are eggs, regardless of each other’s position, if the Empire is over, everyone’s interests and even life will be finished!

“Either loyalty to Revolution Faction, loyalty to Star Coins or allegiance to Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis, even no one wants to be loyal, only willing to fight for their hometown father, everyone who is killing on the battlefield at the moment, has a common Identity, that is the Empire’s Army people!

“Empire’s Army does not play Empire’s Army. As the purest Soldier, we should not be challenged and exploited by any forces. Our glorious and noble blood should flow in more valuable places and should be smashed in the fight with Saint League. On the battlefield!

“Now, in the Seven Seas Star Field where blood flows into the river, countless people have fought side by side with me in the cold trenches of Star Ocean’s front line. I have saved my life many times or been saved by me. Our blood has long been blended. Together, we are all brothers who live and die together. I really can’t bear to meet any of you!

“If you still want to believe me once, believe me once the ordinary veteran of the Ordinary Pass, then gather to my knees, and all the Starships here, all the Empires people who are willing to fight for the country, are condensed into one real Army!

“This army will have unparalleled power to achieve all the goals, to defend the great Empire, and to receive the supreme glory, to get everything you want!”

This is the general content of Lei Chenghu’s “Emperor Empire”.

Even if the language is a bit pale, but with Thunderclap Fleet as a wolf-like tiger, it is like a raging offensive, and it has the power of thunder and sorrow.

Under the deterrent of Lei Chenghu, at least half of the Starship in Four Great Families United Fleet swayed again, returning to the ambiguous neutrality, and as time went on, more and more neutral Starships remained, and the situation became more and more serious for Yun Xuefeng. unfavorable.

Yun Xuefeng’s main fleet is closest to Lei Chenghu’s Thunderclap Fleet. If this coach is in this situation, the coach will “shun back and avoid the edge”, then the latter will not have to fight, and directly surrender.

Therefore, in public and in private, Yun Xuefeng has no choice but to gnash his teeth, murderous aura is desperately desperate, and Lei Chenghu launched a similar “single-handed” battle!

“Yun Xuefeng has one of the biggest cards, and that is our fleet.”

Boss Bai said, “Although I only showed one-third of Starship to scan him, he was already ecstatic. He asked me to go around the back of Thunderclap Fleet. I can only promise on the surface, but now I can Advancing and retreating, I am still waiting for your news here. I wonder if I have to fight with Lei Chenghu?”

“Of course not, Lei Chenghu is the target that can be won, even the biggest turn for us to win. I think I have a chance to convince Lei Chenghu that when Thunderclap Fleet and Arsonist United Fleet are in the same league, isn’t it invincible?”

Li Yao said, “However, I need your help!”

Boss Bai looked at Li Yao’s expression and frowned. “I don’t know why, I foresee that I don’t like to hear what you want to say next, but hey, let me talk about it, how can I help?”

“It’s very simple. First of all, you have to bite Lei Chenghu’s ass, tear open the formation of Thunderclap Fleet, and create opportunities for me to sneak into it. With Boss Bai, you are fascinating, and mysterious and mysterious commanding skills should be No problem?”

Li Yao sighed. “Of course, you may wish to play more intensely on the scene. It is best for the onlookers to see that both you and Lei Chenghu have spelled out True Fire, fighting for your life, fighting for the best, and Starship is playing. The feeling of explosion, so that more people can be fooled into our pits, and then join hands to kill them!

“However, since I am going to join forces afterwards, it is natural that I can’t really fight the two losses. It’s just a little lively, but it can’t cause substantial damage to the fleets on both sides. I know this is a little difficult, but it’s definitely hard. Can’t live your legendary Boss Bai, right?”

Boss Bai sinks into the water and bites the gangster. He says, “Is there?”

“and also……”

Li Yao sighed for a moment and made a snap. “Right, can you use the exquisite Starship micro-manipulation technology to send Lei Chenghu some information that only his level of High-Level commander can comprehend, giving him great The military pressure made him realize that he would not cooperate with us. There is only one way to die. In this way, when I am reasonable with him, it is also easy!”

“Ha ha.”

Boss Bai doesn’t smile, “If you only need this level of ‘assistance’, it’s better…”

He dragged the tone and didn’t talk for a long time. Li Yao couldn’t help but ask: “How is it?”

Boss Bai blows his eyes and blinks: “It’s better for me to give you the fleet, you come to command!”

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