FMC Chapter 2640

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2640 chapter of Li Yao’s all cards, announced! Floating astronomy
Wuying Ji said no.

He is still immersed in the “Virtual Spirit Plan” thrown by Li Yao.

Although I don’t want to admit it, the more he thinks, the more he feels that the plan is grand, brilliant, very feasible, and very suitable for his appetite. At first glance, he is the “final solution” that he will come up with!

Moreover, Li Yao not only throws a vain thought, he even sent a lot of detailed data about โ€œVirtual Spirit Planโ€ to Wuying Ji through the agitation of telepathic thoughts, and initially discussed this plan from technology. Realistic steps and possibilities.

At least, at first glance, there is a nose and an eye, not a mad dream.

But how is it possible!

Isn’t he – the dark Star Great Emperor, the “Bright Sun Plan” that has been built for thousands of years of stagnation and centuries of effort, is really not as good as this wretched, “Virtual Spirit Plan” that was suddenly thought out with eager wisdom? Then, what qualifications does he have, licking his face and calling himself the Commander of Human Race, the future of Civilization!

Wuying Ji’s divine soul was distorted to the extreme, and self-confidence was severely hit and fell to the brink of collapse.

“If you want to vomit blood, you can vomit, not shame. In this universe, not many people can resist my great Dao without vomiting blood.”

Li Yao’s hands were carried, leaving the red star’s red flames arrogant, gradually condensing into the wings of two torn spiritual battlefields. Lightly said, “No matter ‘Bright Sun Plan’ or ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’, it is worthless. I don’t think we are God. No one can pre-design a Civilization trend for the next ten years. No one is qualified to influence the ideas of hundreds of millions of individuals in Civilization. If there is such a person, he claims that he has mastered it. The truth can foresee the appearance of perfect Civilization after 10,000 years, and ask others to give up their minds to absolutely believe in him, obey him, and sacrifice for him – such a person is not a liar, Madman, or both.

“The future has never been designed by a wise man, Commander and gods, but by the efforts of all the individuals in Civilization, step by step!

“I have realized this. I have never thought of forcing the design of the future after thousands of years, and throwing out plans that seem to be magnificent and full of loopholes. I just try my best to start small things.

“I will defend the happiness of every insignificant individual. I hope to share more knowledge and wisdom to everyone. I will do everything to build a system that everyone can seriously think about and free to speak.” Trying to reconcile sharp contradictions, I hope that my existence can make this second world better than the last second, and the next second is better than this second. In the end, such a beautiful world will be birth. Smarter, stronger, better and more ethical new humanity than they are, they will explore the crazy plans we throw out in a more comprehensive and wise way, including analysis of ‘Bright Sun Plan’ and ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’, the advantages and disadvantages of countless plans, and come up with the least costly way to achieve them.

“This is destined to be a very long process. I will not be able to see my efforts blossoming in my life, and I will not see the bright future of Human Race Civilization, but I believe that the new generation of Human Race, they will do, This is enough!”

“No…not enough!”

Wuying Ji’s darkness of the body shimmered like a screaming scream. “You are doing this, still escaping. It is leaving the problem to the next generation. We have no time, we must race against time, we must In my own hands, it is our responsibility to completely solve the dysentery of Human Race Civilization!”

“You are wrong again.”

Li Yao smashed the railroad. “Your biggest mistake is to be too conceited. Don’t trust others. You keep saying that you love Human Race Civilization. You don’t really love it. You never loved it. You never believed in Human Race Civilization. Any individual other than yourself, you do not believe that they have the ability to think and solve problems independently, you despise them!

โ€œYes, our time is indeed very urgent, but the urgency is not a few hundred years apart. For the evolution of the universe and the evolution of Civilization, hundreds of years and even thousands of years are just a snap, since the flood Since the war, Human Race Civilization has been independently developed for at least 100,000 years. Can it not wait for hundreds of years?

“You should be very clear that the development of Civilization has its objective laws, such as ‘Bright Sun Plan’ or ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’, the grand plan for the overall transformation of the entire Civilization major surgery, should not be and should not be in a few short Realized within ten hundred years, it is too quick and quick, the side effects are too big, the aftereffects are too much, and the possibility of failure is too high.

“If you really want to think about the entire Civilization, you should plant seeds first, loosen the soil, lay the foundation, throw out ideas, and wait for the latecomers to slowly turn them into reality.

“But you have embarked on a path of eagerness to seek success, because from the beginning to the end, you have never loved Human Race Civilization. What you love is nothing more than ‘Commander as Human Race Civilization, leading Civilization to glory’ This feeling.

“Admit it, for you, the rise of Civilization is just a game. Every individual in Civilization is never a flesh and blood, but a piece of chess. A string of data is for you to satisfy your ambition and win. A toy of desire and accomplishment, and you are the only player in this game!

“Since you are a gamer, you naturally have no time to wait for tens of thousands of years to wait until the game wins, but you have to reduce the game time regardless of the cost, no matter what the price, it is not what you are paying anyway!

“I have no doubt that you really want to lead Human Race Civilization to glory, but that doesn’t mean you love our Civilization. You just want to win, and you want to have a good time.”

“If unfortunately, you fail, I also believe that you will accept the fate of defeat. As hundreds of millions of people are buried for you, I believe that you will not care, never considered. After all, as a gamer, you are dead, There is no need for the entire Human Race Civilization, right?

“This is the biggest difference between you and me – I am fighting for Civilization, you want Civilization to fight for you!

“And this is also doomed to use all the shameless tricks you have today, and you won’t get the support of the vast majority of people. Even if Immortal Cultivator will not stand on your side, you are enemies with the entire Civilization. Your end is destined to be defeated, destined to die without a place to die!”

With Li Yao’s screaming screams, the red star’s light has already reflected the entire spiritual battlefield, making the dark universe burn fiercely.

Even the black sun, symbolized by the Wuying Ji divine soul, has a huge erythema, and the violent magma is sprayed from the deepest.

“No matter what you say, it’s nothing but nothing!”

Wuying Ji made a twisted roar. “You can’t solve the chaos of Imperial Capital, you can’t solve the chaos of Imperial Capital. Only you can only use the ‘Bright Sun Plan’!

โ€œAt this moment, the Four Great Families’ Sovereign Token Fleet is still in extreme chaos and will soon become a loyal warrior against ๆœ• and Empire, but if Gold Crystal Tower stops firing at this time, they will be confused for up to three or five days. May slowly recover, once again attacked Empyrean Terminus!

“But it’s been ruined by you, the Imperial Troops and the Deep Sea Fleet are also lost. The morale and solidarity are gone. You may not be able to recover within three or five days, and how to resist the re-enactment of the Four Great Families Sovereign Token Fleet ?

“Without any power, I can rush to Imperial Capital in just three or five days, stopping the Four Great Families Sovereign Token Fleet, let alone the Saint League main fleet that is still in the dark!

“How can you solve this mess? Isn’t your morality a plan to ruin your ambiguity, and then watch the Four Great Families Sovereign Token Fleet raging on Empyrean Terminus, and even the entire Empire is swallowed up by Saint League?”

“Oh, Wuying Ji, your stupidity is beyond imagination. Until now, you still haven’t found anything unusual?”

On the face of Li Yao, a mysterious smile, a strong spiritual tentacle, penetrated deeply into the depths of Wuying Ji’s divine soul, injecting a turbulent flow of information into his distorted mind. “Since you want to stop your evil Plan, of course, we have a more secure plan, let me uncover all the mysteries, and smash your self-righteous Dao Heart!”

“shuฤ shuฤ shuฤ shuฤ !”

Numerous pictures and sounds are instantly injected into Wuying Ji’s divine soul, almost exploding his divine soul!

What appeared in the first picture was a person Wuying Ji could never think of – “War God” Lei Chenghu!

The time was seven days before the hangar of Thunderclap Fleet’s flagship “Iron Stream Ship”, and Li Yao and Lei Chenghu were negotiating.

“In any case, without any conclusive evidence, I would not doubt his loyalty to Empire and the entire Civilization.”

In the picture, Lei Chenghu coldly said, “Unless, let me see the whole truth, otherwise, it is difficult for me to cooperate with a cultivator like you.”

“no problem.”

Li Yao refreshingly said in the picture, “I can let you see the truth, even a live broadcast is no problem, but I believe that Imperial Capital must be tightly sealed at the moment, any information is difficult to penetrate Spiritual Nexus interference, Transmitted.

“The Spiritual Nexus blockade of the Four Great Families, we naturally have the traits that come over there to solve – oh, the Yongchun Marquis Li Wuji has a very high authority, but the Dark Star Great Emperor must have Empyrean Terminus Turned into a wall of iron and steel, especially related to his most secret card.

“The only way is to hack into the core network of Dark Star Great Emperor and hijack the Crystal Eye and communication devices on his side, but this requires an interface, a very critical and secret interface, and it takes time, you have to help me at least. Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus Specialist, fight for half an hour!”

“This is acceptable.”

I saw Lei Chenghu hesitating, biting his teeth. “Between me and my Majesty, there is a dedicated communication channel with the highest level of confidentiality. If I have the means to open this communication channel, I will go down for 40 minutes to an hour. Conversation, enough for your Crystal Computer Specialist, follow this channel, sneak into the core network of your Majesty, and do small tricks?”

“Exclusive secret communication channel, 40 minutes to an hour?”

Li Yao in the picture, with a treacherous and wretched smile on his face, “Enough, enough!”

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