FMC Chapter 2642

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Chapter 2642 leads to the door of Imperial Capital, open! Floating astronomy
Li Yao became more and more arrogant, and Wuying Ji became more and more silent. After a long silence, he gnashed his teeth: “But you don’t have Star Gate, even if Lei Chenghu can gather more Starship, there is no way to build a jump!”

“Tell me about Star Gate, thank you!”

Li Yao smiled. “Originally, this is the most dangerous point in the whole plan, because I am not sure of the elite assault squad that I have rushed to gather. Is it possible to successfully capture one or two Star Gates under your control? I believe At this moment, all Star Gates near Empyrean Terminus, including their ground control center, must be heavily defended by you, not so easy to overcome.

“But you have to use what kind of ‘large-scale enlightenment technology’, so that all the defenders have entered the state of brainwashing, and even got mentally broken, unable to extricate themselves, completely lost their fighting power, and what to resist my elite team’s raid “Be yourself, don’t live, say you!”


Wuying Ji sneer, “Oh, the defending army is in a state of insanity, on the verge of collapse. Can your elite team escape the storm of solar storms and brainwashing?”

“Congratulations, you got it!”

Li Yao grinned and smiled. “Even if your brainwashing wave is increased ten times by solar energy, it will be completely ineffective for my elite team. At this moment, they should have captured Star Gate and will lead to Imperial Capital. Seven Seas Star Field is fully open!”


At the same time, Empyrean Terminus’s ground, a heavy-duty, defensive military base – is the ground control center of a large type Star Gate in low Earth orbit.

Surrounded by layers of steel warfare and densely populated Battle Puppet, revealing the taste of murderous aura, there are countless soldiers armed to the teeth, filled with every space that can be invaded, the flaws of the tip size are not left .


When the solar storm smashed the atmosphere and swept across the surface of the entire Empyrean Terminus, the soldiers in the military base, like the Immortal Cultivator in the city, were first immersed in the sacredness, glory and greatness of Wuying Ji, and then The unspeakable action movie played by Li Yao stabbed his eyes, and finally Li Yao and Wuying Ji performed the spirit of the Great Dao Dispute. They completely messed up their positions and fell into the brink of collapse. One or both of them were full of heads. Rolling the ground, or simply fainting in the past, where is there a little fighting power?

Only Puppet War Beast and Battle Puppet, which are controlled by Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus, are still faithfully performing the established tactics and patrolling and alerting around the military base.

On the high ground not far from the military base, two small figures of ancient spirits appeared.

Their faces are childish, and the depths of the eyes are blooming with the indifference and wisdom of non-Human Race. They are covered with silver-colored radiation protection suits, which are like small dolls drilled directly from Crystal Computer.

Not a new generation of Information Lifeform, Xiaoming and Wenwen, who else?

“This high-energy radiation is really interesting.”

Xiaoming said, “I feel that this kind of special frequency radiation contains a lot of weird malicious information. Just like Crystal Computer Virus, I am trying to get into my Brain and tamper with me by engraving the Brain cortex. Brain data!”,

“Indeed, it’s a genius idea to use a star as an amplifier to directly implant things like Crystal Computer Virus into the human brain!”

Wenwen also widened his eyes. “It’s so good. I can’t find a way to resist this ‘Brain virus’ between the moments. It seems that I can only let it tamper with my Brain data. It really wants What? What, ah, it wants to insert a ‘super privileged user’ in my Brain. Once success, there is a guy who can remotely control my Brain and insert his commands at random, so I have to be the first Time will unconditionally execute his will!”

“Yes, and there is a logic trap hidden here.”

Xiaoming said, “This ‘super privilege’ is trying to hide itself, let us mistake it for it is a part of our Brain’s original, and all the commands it receives from the outside world are our Brain’s own ideas.

“Similar logic traps are common in Crystal Computer Virus, but in Spiritual Attack, it’s very rare, it’s fun, it’s worth studying!”

“When we have time to study it again, we have to complete the mission that Dad explained!”

Wenwen narrowed his eyes and looked at the poisonous sun in the sky. He said, “Our body and Brain are too young, and now it is not enough to directly compete with this ‘Brain virus’, so let the flesh and blood immediately The body enters sleep mode, and the ‘Brain Virus’ is also sealed by the way, and then scanned and analyzed later!”

“it is good!”

Xiaoming nodded.

The voice did not fall, the flesh and blood of the two little guys closed their eyes and fell back.

Before they fell to the ground, they were supported by two Spiritual Energy Puppets engraved with the Revolution Faction emblem. Then, more and more Spiritual Energy Puppet appeared behind them.

A total of 100 Spiritual Energy Puppets, 50 carrying the will of Xiaoming, 50 carrying the will of Wenwen.

“All the soldiers in the military base seem to have been affected by the Brain virus and are caught in some sort of…wonderful chaos.”

Xiaoming manipulated fifty Spiritual Energy Puppets and made a sound. “All the people, including the soldiers who are responsible for manipulating the automated defense system, are crazy.”

“Now, the only loyalty in this military base is the Spiritual Energy Puppet and Puppet War Beast.”

Wenwen smiled and said, “Let us talk to them, let’s communicate!”

The two little guys manipulated a hundred Spiritual Energy Puppets and held hands and walked toward the military base.

The Battle Puppet and the fully automatic defense turret, which were responsible for guarding the military base, discovered the hundreds of weird “invaders” in the first time. The black hole’s muzzle and muzzle quickly moved toward the two little guys.

However, before they were ready to execute the “free shooting” command, there were already two lightning-like streams of information that invaded the military base’s Mainframe Crystal Processor and issued new instructions.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Countless fierce Battle Puppet, the scarlet Crystal Eye on the chest turned green, and without a word, joined the ranks of Xiaoming and Wenwen as part of the body of the two little guys.


The military base weighed hundreds of tons of alloy gates, and sprayed dozens of white air streams to both sides, slowly opening to the two little guys.


The starry sky battlefield, the ground orbit of Empyrean Terminus, a Starry Sky Gate belonging to the Revolution Faction, dormant.

When the tall and stalwart, like the overlord steel giant, the Imperial Troops stationed near the Star Gate fell into chaos, collapse and coma.

Similarly, only a large number of Battle Puppets, Puppet War Beasts, and unmanned bee colony-style Universe Battle Shuttle can barely support the crumbling defense line under the ravages of the sun storm.

The steel giant stood out in the void, coldly staring at the scene, and on the hammer-like fist, ten Universe Rings were illuminated by the sun storm.

“shuā! shuā! shuā! shuā! ”

On top of the Iron Fist, there is another space that lingers, such as vortex, which can’t spread out. A Battle Puppet is extracted by him, it is also suspended silently behind it, and it is assembled into a steel. The army, the army named “Fist King.”

Fist King and its one hundred clones swaggered and stepped on the vacuum and walked toward the Star Gate.

Every step of the way, the invisible ripples spread a point around, invading a large number of Battle Puppet and Drone’s Crystal Computer, turning them into their own hands.

When Fist King finally set foot on the Star Gate, the number of Battle Puppets and drones controlled by them was already broken.

Most of the defenders are still immersed in the insane vortex, unable to stop the Fist King’s raid.

Even if a very small number of people can still keep a clear head, they can only watch Fist King’s steel chiefs drive straight in, unable to resist the most powerful Battle Puppet in this Star Ocean!

“Xiaoming, Wenwen.”

Five minutes later, Fist King sent a secret communication signal to the surface of Empyrean Terminus. “I have already occupied Star Gate 2 in low-earth orbit. How is your situation?”

“Uncle Fist King -“

Xiaoming and Wenwen’s sweet voice came. “We have also occupied the Star Gate Ground Control Center on the outskirts of Blackpool and invaded the Mainframe Crystal Processor and got permission to open the Star Gate!”


Fist King stared at the deep Star Ocean, as if he could see the chaos of Four Great Families Sovereign Token Fleet, millions of miles away. “Get started, it’s the turn of ‘Arsonist United Fleet’!” ”


At the same time, Empire Bentham, Seven Seas Star Field.

The two fleets, Thunderclap Fleet and Arsonist United Fleet, were supplemented by five Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ships and countless main Warships. In just a few days, the strength suddenly increased several times. At first glance, a Fiend Blade, a kind of Warhammer, murderous aura, the power is arrogant!

Although the expansion is too fast, there are still problems of indigestion and internal coordination, but the next mission is to go to Imperial Capital to clean up the mess, and the combat power is still second. The key is that there must be enough people to completely mess up the Four Great Families Sovereign. Token Fleet, as well as Imperial Troops and Deep Sea Fleet, are all controlled.

Lei Chenghu was on the bridge and received a “live broadcast” from Imperial Capital through the ultra-long-range communication channel. He also saw countless giant ships surrounding his own.

His face was blue, and his hands, including the robotic arm, shivered a little, not knowing if he should be excited or angry.

“Li Yao…”

Lei Chenghu repeatedly chewed the name of the donkey. I didn’t expect him to play so much. It was true that Wuying Ji was exposed, but it also deeply cherished the glory of Immortal Cultivator, Empire’s brilliance and Dark Star. The image of Great Emperor!

So, the ancestor of Immortal Cultivator played over the entire Imperial Capital over and over again, telling them how these Immortal Cultivators can see people in the future, really what a love!

He had long known that Li Yao was not a good thing. Such a sinister and insidious tactic not only hit Wuying Ji’s Dao Heart, but also deeply attacked the belief of Immortal Cultivation Great Dao. After this battle, I don’t know. How many Immortal Cultivators will be disheartened, willing to shake, and even switch to cultivation Great Dao!

I was really bombarded by all the Primary Artillery of Super Arsenal Ship, and I was confused with the scum of Li Yao!

For a moment, Lei Chenghu was really gnashing his teeth, and he wanted to kill Li Yao and Wuying Ji.

However, when his afterglow swept over the light curtain and the combat power was no less than that of Thunderclap Fleet’s Arsonist United Fleet, the only remaining reason came to mind.

Lei Chenghu sighed, rubbed a face with a cold iron hand, re-formed the five senses to be cold, determined and calm, opened the public communication channel for the entire fleet, and released the last of all officers and men before entering Imperial Capital. mobilization.

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