FMC Chapter 2661

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Chapter 2661 is born for conquest! Floating astronomy

Li Yao finally understood, “Blood God Son is lost like this, and it has become ‘Mad Armageddon’!”

“No, it’s not lost, but his nature. The setting he was ‘made’ is like this.”

Wuying Ji 3.0 said, “You should be aware that Blood God Son is not a natural race of natural birth. He is very likely to be Emperor’s artificially bred technology that was passed down from the wild, using 100%’ own genes to make copies. Subsequently, in the neural field of this replica, Emperor poured into the part of his personality that favored Expeditions, conquest, killing, and destruction.

“Blood God Son started from the fall and was born for war. War is his fate. He is Commander, a general, a rank-ranking officer, and the best soldier. He is destined to fight, fight, and fight. Victory and defeat, regardless of life and death, all the way to the end of the day!

“But at the time, Star Ocean Empire had been established, a type of Human Race regained control of Star Ocean, and the second type of Human Race – Fiend Clan was defeated, and it was defeated. It was completely in front of you, and nothing could stop it. When the victory came, Blood God Son had to face a cruel problem.

“If all the enemies are destroyed, the entire universe will be discovered and conquered. The entire Human Race will usher in a permanent, at least a million years of peace, then what is the meaning of his existence, why is he alive?

“For a Soldier who is fascinated by war and who is best at war, except for war, where there is nothing in life, peace is so unbearable, at that moment, before he discovers the secret of Nüwa Clan, Before Heavenly Demon began to whisper to his ears, he even prepared for the battlefield. In the last war, he was killed by the last bullet. This is his best destination.

“But the door opened, and the road leading to the endless universe beyond the black wall shone brightly outside the door, and at the end of the road, between the distant mountains, the infinite treasure was calling him. For war madmen like Blood God Son, is there anything else that you can’t step on?”

Li Yao took a long sigh of relief: “Then, Blood God Son betrayed Emperor.”

“No, not yet, not at the time.”

Wuying Ji 3.0 said, “Emperor dared to create twenty clones and appointed one of the strongest clones to Expedition Army Commander. Of course, there is some way to control these clones, to ensure that clone is absolutely loyal to him, at least to that. At the time, Blood God Son’s ambitions did not completely erode his loyalty. He reported all his findings to the Emperor with no omission and in detail, and pleaded with Emperor. After the end of the annihilation of Fiend Clan remnants, please do not Abandon the footsteps of the expedition and continue to Expeditions to the Outfield.

“Civilization is derived from war. Human Race Civilization is inseparable from war. Perpetual peace will only lead to permanent degeneration. Only by continuous Expeditions and conquest can we bring a positive courage and will to Civilization to inject fresh blood and make Civilization permanent.葆 Youth, long-lasting existence!

“Blood God Son is so pleading to Emperor. He asks Emperor. After the Fiend Clan remnants is completely annihilated, he leads the Expedition Army to continue to rush. If the Star Ocean Empire is not financially sufficient to support the Expeditions of the Expedition Army, then Half of him, as long as half of the fleet can do; if even half of the Expedition Army does not work, then one tenth of the scale, as long as one in ten Starship with him Expeditions outside the field; if even one tenth The fleet can’t be satisfied, then give him a Starship. No matter what Starship is, he will personally control a leaf-like lonely boat, cross the endless black wall and rush to the brilliant Great Universe, looking for Human Race Civilization. A way out!”

Even if the story is notorious Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, and the character he told is even more fierce Mad Armageddon Blood God Son, Li Yao is deeply shocked by these words.

a leaf-like lonely boat, breaking through the black wall, for Human Race Civilization, killing a bloody road!

Even if the front is the end, it is necessary to fight blood in the end until the last battlefield, the last bullet killed!

“Emperor… did not meet the requirements of Blood God Son?”

Li Yao asked a nonsense with a slight trembling voice.

This is of course, as early as the “Arsonist Alliance” at the “Pangu Universe High-Level Unhealthy Summit”, he discussed this issue with Boss Bai, Long Yangjun and others.

If there is a horror Hong Chao that devours countless Civilizations outside the black wall, as long as a Starship goes out, it is possible that Hong Chao will devour all the information of Pangu Universe, and then bring all the souls of Pangu Universe to the top. disaster.

In the past, Pangu Clan, in order to eliminate this possibility, ruined his super-advanced Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus technology, obliterating the emotions, desires and curiosity of all the tribes!

How could Emperor act rashly and let the blind God Son’s reckless move?

“Of course not, the requirements of Blood God Son are impossible to satisfy, because you have to figure out what the Emperor was in at the time.”

Sure enough, Wuying Ji 3.0 said, “Emperor is of course a great hero, even though we, Immortal Cultivator, admits that he is the pioneer of modern cultivation Civilization, but in his life, Fiend Clan’s cruel rule on Human Race reached pinnacle, in order to Overthrowing Fiend Clan, Emperor also used a lot of cruel, tyrannical or even extreme means.

“Emperor’s intricate personality really hides too many dark gullies and even Abyss. On his way to power, he erodes his Dao Heart, causing him to swing between the Holy Emperor and the tyrant.

“In order not to let himself be swallowed up by the darkness, he used the peerless divine ability to split twenty different personalities. He injected the too extreme and emotional personality into the clone, and the remaining master is Absolutely calm, full of reason, and a leader who fully considers all factors and takes care of the overall situation, almost perfect.

“So, Emperor has poured all of his conquest, expeditions, and killing desires into Blood God Son. Emperor is naturally not easily tempted by Heavenly Demon and convinced by Blood God Son.

“It’s a big deal. Even if Multiverse really exists, it’s not going to be Expeditions in a single day. It takes at least a few hundred years or even a thousand years to prepare. It is necessary to be conservative.

“Emperor didn’t agree with Blood God Son’s request, but it made Emperor realize that he had made a big mistake – he really underestimated himself as a clone that was condensed by the desire to conquer and kill. This clone is in the dark universe. In a battle, it has become too strong, and gradually he is not under his control. In the end, it is very likely that his orders will be forgotten and he will lead a fleet to the outside world.

“Emperor can’t tolerate this happening. He decided to recall Blood God Son from the front line, make a new modulation to Blood God Son, and even swallow up Blood God Son to reintegrate with the strongest clone.”


Li Yao is incredible, “swallowing Blood God Son, reintegrating together? That’s all!”

“Since personality can be split, nature can also be integrated. Why not?”

Wuying Ji 3.0 said, “One day, if you can cultivate to Divided Spirit realm, you can first peep into the mystery of this divine ability, and then realize the infinite excitement of life.

“However, Emperor wants to blend Blood God Son, but Blood God Son doesn’t necessarily think so.

“Perhaps in Emperor’s view, it is natural for the two personalities to reintegrate together, to re-establish each other’s lives, but in the secret of Nüwa and the whisper of Heavenly Demon, the God God Son of Dao Heart has been further strengthened. Think of yourself as a unique, true, complete life, he lives, he exists, he has never been so real, he is no longer the clone and shadow of anyone, he is him, Mad Armageddon Blood God Son, a real People!

“So, after receiving the order from Emperor to return him to Imperial Capital, Blood God Son inherited the legacy of Nüwa, listened to the call of Heavenly Demon, accepted the enthusiasm of Fiend Clan remnants, and used it to cruel Fiend Clan remnants. Expedition Army, adapted as ‘Human Race Expedition Army’, fights back and declares to Emperor!

“Even if I met him a thousand years later, he didn’t think it was a betrayal, nor did he show a little bit of embarrassment about the highest power. For Blood God Son, the three thousand worlds we live in are too Repressed and dark cages, the “highest” rule of power for this cage has no meaning at all, even ridiculous, from beginning to end, he just wants to rush out and look for … new hope!”

Li Yao was really embarrassed to hear it here.

In all fairness, the ideas of Emperor and Blood God Son are not wrong. The idea of ​​Blood God Son Expeditions is certainly right, but Emperor’s prudent approach is taken for granted!

If Blood God Son is not that extreme, and Emperor is not eager to re-enact the clone, but to communicate well, perhaps the pattern of the next million years will be completely different.

Thinking of this, Li Yao laughed and laughed at her childishness.

Yes, communicate well, there are so many things in the world that you should sit down and communicate well.

If Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan can sit down and communicate well, if Emperor and Blood God Son can sit down and communicate well, if cultivator and Immortal Cultivator can sit down and communicate well, if Human Race and Fiend Clan can sit down and communicate well…

Unfortunately, it’s a pity!

“The process of war, naturally, needless to say, there are many books on the market like “The History of the Star Ocean Empire”, I believe you have seen it.”

Wuying Ji 3.0 said, “At the end of the Civil War, Emperor and Blood God Son were so murdered in Empyrean Terminus that they were fighting for the control of the Gold Crystal Tower – the secret book that Blood God Son passed through Nüwa Clan. The existence of Gold Crystal Tower was to overcome Empyrean Terminus at all costs. Emperor didn’t know it at first, but Empyrean Terminus was Imperial Capital, and Blood God Son sneaked on the ground? Emperor found Blood God Son The conspiracy, this is why the two men made a make a move, and eventually lost both.”

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