FMC Chapter 2669

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2669 Life is a constant battle! Floating astronomy
Only a unique divine ability can present such a hegemonic form of flame, that is, Dragon Controlling Paramount Heaven, the most expert Emperor of Human Race Civilization 10,000 years ago!

Emperor’s divine ability, Blood God Son naturally mastered it and transferred it to Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji after 10,000 years. Li Yao saw this violent and overbearing when he first met Li Linghai in the Sand Barbarian Sector. Power, and at that time, mistakenly thought that Li Linghai was the successor of Emperor and thus cooperated with her.

Unexpectedly, today, Li Jialing feels the same power.

It seems that Li Jialing has swallowed up the power of Wuying Ji 2.0, and the control of Spiritual Energy can be upgraded to such a subtle level.

Li Yao looks at Li Jialing’s hand and looks at his hand like a chicken paw. He suddenly grabs his wrist and shakes it hard.

Long Yangjun was so easy to suppress the blood waves of the surges in the body, swaying and swaying, just to see Li Yao shaking like an electric shock, could not help but be curious: “What are you doing?”

“I am trying to see if I can shake off such a gorgeous flame, and get some ‘True Dragon’, “Dayan”.

Li Yao shook for a long time, and the palm of his hand raised a tremor, like a diseased gray fog. He was slightly distracted. When he slammed, he disappeared and turned into nothingness. He made him very depressed. “Is there any mistake? Wu Ming Ji was clearly given the inheritance of Wuying Ji, but Wuying Ji left his ninety-nine strength and combat experience to Jialing, leaving me only inexplicable… the opportunity to become a dragon! Too eccentric!”


Li Jialing looked at the palm of the hand of the gods for a long time, and the blade of the Purple Flame condensed suddenly broke into pieces, turned into a Purple Flame, annihilated in the void, and he also seemed to be drained in an instant. All the strength, his face pale, fell to the ground, vomited and vomited, spit out a deep purple blood, and a black silk in the blood clot, like countless black nematodes crouching in the body, spit it out. .

As the blood was spit out, Li Jialing completely recovered his mind, but it became more and more languid.

After all, he was a teenager in his early twenties. He first fought with Wuying Ji, and then inherited a huge amount of power. How can he be controlled in a moment, how can he control it?

Li Yao hurriedly lifted him up and entered a weak Spiritual Energy into his body.

Both of them absorbed the enormous energy of the Emperor Flame Bead, and they also swallowed the inheritance of Wuying Ji. To a certain extent, they are all in one continuous line. The strength of each other is easy to digest and absorb.

Li Jialing whispered, his eyelids trembled and muttered: “I, what happened to me, I seem to have had a long, long dream, so it hurts, my head hurts.”

“Yes, we all had a long nightmare, but now, the dream is awake.”

Li Yao said, “Remember who you are, who am I?”

“I am… Li Jialing.”

The teenager looked at Li Linghai lying not far away, and the confused eyes became firm again. “You are Brother Yao, we are fighting Wuying Ji, we have defeated Wuying Ji!”

He was so happy that he wanted to jump up, and once again involved the wound, he couldn’t help but scream, and couldn’t help but reach out and touch the wound, but he felt his skin as delicate as a newborn baby.

“I, the golden hair on my body is gone?”

The teenager suddenly reacted, and the smile gradually expanded and could not contain the ecstasy. “We not only defeated Wuying Ji, but I also returned to the original! No, the hair grows a lot, and it is mixed with a blonde hair. This is considered ‘Golden Lion.’ ‘The last trace? Hey, Brother Yao is also, there is a lot of gray in your hair!”


Li Yao grabbed her own hair and said, “This year’s pop highlights.”

“I’m still a little dizzy, there are a lot of things in my mind, a lot of everything in disorder, grotesque, incredible things.”

Li Jialing held her own head and curled up into the shape of a baby, muttering. “I remember, I remember myself and Brother Yao and Elder Sister Long are cheating Wuying Ji, then I was fainted by him, then it seems There have been so many things, I saw a violent black sun, and I saw a rising red star, followed by…

โ€œAfter that, the black sun shattered, and countless pieces gathered into a black magma river, poured into the depths of my neural field, burning my divine soul!

“I broke into a place like Nine Underworld Yellow Spring. I saw the past Wuying Ji in the black flame-flowing Abyss and saw him step by step from the cultivator to the Immortal Cultivator. During this period, there was another The tempting voice chattered in my ear, trying to convince me that Immortal Cultivation Great Dao was right.

“I almost got stuck. I really have to get stuck in it, but at the most critical juncture, I vaguely heard someone screaming like a pig, where there is a sneaky ghost. Calling, I have never heard such a ugly voice, the kind of tearing divine soul, the taste of death, even the torture in the past ‘Sky City, Red Spider Lily’, not so difficult.”

Li Yao: “…well, the details don’t need to be said, let’s talk about how you feel now?”

Li Jialing took a deep breath and stretched a move palm again.

The eyes of Li Yao and Long Yangjun are focused on his palm.

This time, no matter how Li Jialing concentrates, it is no longer possible to stir up the True Dragon Purple Flame.

There is a faint purple dragon-shaped Spiritual Energy, which flutters under his palm skin and flows slowly, like the Hidden Dragon crouching under the ice.

Suddenly, the purple mangling flashed.


Li Jialing’s palm seemed to be branded and screamed, instinctively reacting.

When he spread the palm of his hand again, he found that the purple Hidden Dragon of the claws had merged with his palm print, turning his palm print into a new form, and a faint purple awn.


Li Jialing blinked quickly and confused. “I remember that my palm prints are not like this. Itโ€™s so arrogant, so overbearing, I canโ€™t help it… I canโ€™t help but want to grab something, go and grab something. Grab all the stars…”

Looking at the various inconsistencies that Li Jialing had just shown, and then thinking about what Wuying Ji 3.0 had said before he annihilated, Li Yao’s mouth twitched a few times.

The coming, always come, the fate of damn, how to hide can not hide, can only courage, face the challenge!

“Brother Yao, what happened to me?”

Li Jialing clenched his palms and his face was confused.

“Yeah, Li Yao, what happened to you and Li Jialing in a five-minute coma and struggle, Wuying Ji – is it really dead?”

Long Yangjun is also full of confusion.

“This is a very mysterious thing. We have limited time and a long story!”

Li Yao indulged for a moment, said, “When I was in the final fight, Jiing and Wuying Ji, Wuying Ji detonated his divine soul and split two different personalities. The personality of light justice invaded my neural field. The dark and evil personality invades the historical field of Jialing, in an attempt to erode our divine soul and turn us into his inheritor.”

“and many more–“

Long Yangjun raised his hand and said, “What do you say? The light and justice personality invades your neural field, chooses to be a descendant, and the dark and evil personality invades Li Jialing’s neural field, chooses the little lion to inherit those insidious, despicable, shameless, What is dark and fallen? Are you sure you are not mistaken, shouldn’t it be counter-intuitive?”


Li Yao stunned Long Yangjun, and he said, “Of course I am not mistaken, because this so-called ‘light justice’ is simply an illusion, actually more despicable than despicable, more evil than evil!

“In short, now I and Jialing have swallowed up some of Wuying Ji’s personality, divine soul and strength. As for the consequences, we think that we have completely killed him, got his legacy, and don’t have to pay any price, the world is Restore peace once!”

Li Jialing thought for a moment and said, “Well, what do you think about the bad?”

“Thinking about the bad, although we have destroyed his divine soul, but it will still be affected by the personality of others in the subtle, gradually into the dark and not knowing, until finally, become another Wuying Ji, and even another… Blood God Son.”

Li Yao spread the stalls. “Of course, there is a worse possibility. In fact, we have now been completely swallowed up by Wuying Ji or Blood God Son, but they have simulated the way we talk to deceive others. I may It’s not really Li Yao. You may not be the real Li Jialing. Even Li Yao and Li Jialing are the nephews. In fact, the real Wuying Ji or Blood God Son has already ran to Long Yangjun?”


Li Jialing was shocked. “This is too exaggerated. How do you verify it?”

“Don’t be afraid, it’s a little exaggerated. I just said it to open up everyone’s ideas.”

Li Yao also laughed and said, “The question of the ultimate problem of ‘Who am I?’ is impossible to verify, and I can never find an answer.

โ€œNot to mention, Wuying Ji or Blood God Son is not necessary to do bad things. Even if we are not eroded by the power of Wuying Ji or Blood God Son, donโ€™t we get lost and fallen step by step? Many times, Wuying Ji or Blood God Son is just an excuse for our own evil thoughts.”


Li Jialing heard it one by one. “I feel that after the battle between Brother Yao and Wuying Ji, there is a lot of talk, and the temperament and realm have improved a lot!”

“That is required.”

Li Yao crossed the five fingers and combed the gray hair of the combed corner very slyly, grinning. “So, don’t be so entangled, life is a constant battle. At least the battle is in front of us. How will we win in the future? Then the soldiers will stop, the water will cover the land, and see the move.”

During the speech, there was a violent shock in the depths of the Gold Crystal Tower.

โ€œNo, the Gold Crystal Tower is still working!โ€

Long Yangjun exclaimed, “But our Giant Divine Weapon is damaged. It is impossible to destroy its core at a time. What should I do?”

“It doesn’t matter, I can control it.”

Li Yao gently patted Li Jialing’s shoulder, and Huo Ran got up, and the bottom of his eyes glowed with radiance. He walked deep into the depths of the Gold Crystal Tower, and while walking, he used a sound that he could only hear, a word.ๆ–ฉ ๆˆช ๆˆช , “I must, will certainly control it!”

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