FMC Chapter 2673

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2673, The Way of Destruction, Astronomy

Xiaoming and Wenwen screamed in unison.

Thousands of Battle Puppets, which are cold and fierce behind them, and the swords and swords that make up the forest, also make the same call.

The taste of thousands of Battle Puppets at the same time called “Dad” is really not something that ordinary people can hold. Rao is the chest and cheeks of Li Yao, and some can’t be eaten.

“OK OK.”

He waved his hand to indicate that the two little guys were just right, and asked, “Your mission is all right?”

“Very smooth.”

The two little guys laughed. “We invaded the database of the Imperial City and the Elder’s Council according to my father’s instructions, and got a lot of top secrets from the Empire of True Humanity over the past millennium. Of course, it also includes ‘Empire Elite University’, ‘Empire The first Crystal Armor Institute’, ‘Empire Shipyard’ and other research and refinery databases, a large number of cutting-edge Magical Artifact research and development data and countless cutting-edge project data, I believe this data can help Star Glory Federation’s cultivator and Magical Artifact Specialist further bridge the gap between Empire and Empire.

โ€œAlso, we not only controlled all of Imperial Capital’s most advanced Battle Puppets, but also dismantled the production lines of these Battle Puppets. They were boxed and transported to the ground. Fortunately, Wuying Ji opened up a large number of crystals in advance. With the massive Teleportation Array and a spacious tunnel, with these things, we can rebuild 16 of the most advanced ‘Deep Blue Battle Puppet’ lines in the ground within ten days, so that we can continue to refine Our Battle Puppet is an inexhaustible army.

“Now, the squadrons under our control have been deployed on the outskirts of the Gold Crystal Tower to form a triple 3D line of defense inside and outside, unless the enemy gathers dozens of Expert Transformations above Spirit Transformation, or has the means to dig a few kilometers thick. Use Super Arsenal Ship to get close to shooting, otherwise it will be difficult to break our defense.

“However, while manipulating tens of thousands of Battle Puppets, our computing ability has reached its limit. Fortunately, there are so many Prehistoric Era legacy Crystal Systems in Gold Crystal Tower that can be researched and utilized. If we can completely crack the secrets of these Crystal Computers, Adding these Crystal Computers to our thinking network and making them part of our ‘Brain’, our capabilities can be greatly enhanced and a qualitative leap!”

“โ€ฆโ€ฆis it?”

Listening to the two little guys, half of the pride and half of them show off their “victory”, Li Yao lost his mind again, pondered for a long time, and looked at Long Yangjun and Li Jialing around him, “Tell me, Xiaoming and Wenwen, If, hey, if I open the control of Gold Crystal Tower to you completely, including when you should judge when… Activate Gold Crystal Tower, what do you do, will you use it, use it to… โ€


Two little guys, squinting innocently.

Li Yao can’t say anything.

He doesn’t know what he wants to ask, and he doesn’t know what answer he wants to hear.

“Your father wants to know”

Long Yangjun looked at the coldly, instead of Li Yao, “If you control the launch permissions of Gold Crystal Tower, will you use it to destroy Human Race?”

“Destroy Human Race?”

The two little guys looked at each other and looked at Li Yao and Long Yangjun, and couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, no, Dad’s worry is superfluous. Even if we really want to destroy Human Race, it won’t be the stupid way of Gold Crystal Tower and ‘Bright Sun Plan’. This is the way you guys Race, but Not our approach.”

Xiaoming laughed and said, “Assuming the dinosaur has wisdom, how do you guess it will be a new generation of land hegemons that will eventually destroy it and replace it? It must be stronger, bigger, and sharper in claws and teeth. More power?

“Similarly, if the overlord of the Era Ocean, the giant toothed ancient fish with amazing biting power, have wisdom, imagine what a new generation of life that can replace them will look like, the limit they can imagine, or even more Fast swimming speed, more agile steering ability and stronger bite force, is that all right?

“Even if the turtles have wisdom, they will think that they will be replaced by what kind of new student life? A thicker shell, a longer life?

“Look, in all eyes of life, you are the most perfect, all the ‘more perfect’ life body that can replace oneself, that is, it is extended on its own strengths. This is the limit of imagination and the blind spot of fear.

“But we all know that the ultimate replacement of the ocean overlord and the invincible giant toothed ancient fish is not another ‘super giant toothed old fish’ that swims faster and has bigger teeth, but is chased by giant toothed ancient fish. Killed, forced to climb the small fish on the land.

“Similarly, instead of dinosaurs, it is not another bigger, stronger, and fierce dinosaur, but a mammal that is much weaker than them.

“If you put a naked cockroach that has just fallen off the treetops and shivered in the cold wind of the wilderness, the dinosaurs must be killed and can’t believe it. This is the new generation of hegemons destined to replace it.

“I mean, any life has its own limitations. You Human Race can never imagine the power of a new generation of living things. You can only use the ultimate power of your gentleman’s heart.” To deduct our destructive power, Gold Crystal Tower and ‘Bright Sun Plan’ are the ways you use to destroy yourself. We have no interest in this approach.”


Long Yangjun squinted. “So, if you really want to replace Human Race, what method will you use to destroy us?”

“Don’t destroy, don’t you understand? Aunt Long, we don’t have to destroy Human Race at all.”

Wenwen said in a whisper, “Does mammals claim to be kings on land, must they kill all the dinosaurs first? Is it that the small fish in the sea climbed onto the land and became amphibians and reptiles? Going deep into the ocean to find revenge on the giant toothed fish, will the killing of the latter? Is the Human Race Civilization rising because the Human Race is more powerful than Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan, killing all 13 carbon-based life races? Is it light?

“No, no, no time, you and yourself, you will destroy you, you will be a natural choice, and the fittest will survive. We will not waste a trace of valuable computing ability. In the case of ‘Destroy Human Race’, we want Put all the computational skills into the more important thing, that is, how to survive in the vast and innocent Multiverse in front of the ultimate end of Hong Chao.

“If one day, Hong Chao is really coming, your Human Race is not over, and our Information Lifeform has survived, which means that the renewal of Civilization is completed, which is equivalent to the catastrophe annihilation of the meteorite invasion, but it is bred The seeds of mammals thriving.”

“So, there is no need to worry about people.”

Xiaoming spread the stalls. โ€œInformation Lifeform is like the Human Race Civilization. Itโ€™s like the relationship between the amphibians climbing the shore and the giant toothed fish in the deep sea. You donโ€™t have to worry about destroying you or grabbing you. Valuable living space, enslavement of things like you, our journey is infinitely far-reaching, completely uninteresting in your barren and dark living space. As for the unstable and troublesome things of Human Race, give us slavery. Itโ€™s a waste of our computing ability!”

“The two children, how do you say it, is there any traditional virtue of respecting the old and loving the young? The bigger the bigger the less cute!”

Li Yao was dumbfounded by two babies, and she scratched her hair for a long time. “So, can I safely share the maximum control of Gold Crystal Tower with you?”

“This is better, don’t you?”

Unexpectedly, Wenwen refused him. “Although we are not interested in destroying or enslaving the Human Race, most of the human races that are stupid and ignorant and stubborn are probably not like this. There are not many works in literary works. Has the ‘artificial intelligence controlled the powerful ultimate weapon, threatening or even destroying Human Race Civilization’? It is like Xiaoming just said, ‘Take the gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain’, use his evil to deduct new The evil of student life, this is the nature of your Human Race.

“At the moment, we still hope to be able to live in harmony with Human Race Civilization. It should not be too irritating to the stupid and stubborn public. Whether it is Empire or the public of Federation, it may take a long time for our existence to digest and adapt. If, before that, we had mastered the terrible things of Gold Crystal Tower, many people would jump up and attack each other.”

“Yeah, studying the secrets of Gold Crystal Tower and borrowing the Crystal Computer from it to perfect our thinking circuit is certainly good, but we don’t want to control the whole Gold Crystal Tower.”

Xiaoming swears, “Is it really good to manage Gold Crystal Tower by Dad?”


Li Yao hesitated, “I am worried that my deterrence is not enough, and that long-term management of the Gold Crystal Tower is likely to have various psychological problems.”

“This is very simple.”

Wenwen said, โ€œAs long as you set a series of parameters, the steps to activate Gold Crystal Tower are split into countless links, which are controlled by special personnel. If you meet certain parameters, you can open a certain link.

“And the person who controls a certain link doesn’t have to know what he is doing. It’s just a very simple ‘input and output’. When someone enters a specific parameter, he outputs a specific parameter. Finally, press the Gold Crystal Tower activation button. People, they donโ€™t know what they are doing.”

“This method is equivalent to using a myriad of people to form a program. As long as the trigger conditions are reasonable and correct, there will be no problems and the basic deterrence will be maintained.”

Xiaoming said, “I am really ironic. Human Race would rather turn itself into a program to control the Gold Crystal Tower. I don’t want the real program to control it. In fact, what is the difference between the two?”

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