FMC Chapter 2681

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2681 chapter is not dead! Floating astronomy
“Tomb of Gods ?”

Li Yao suck in a breath of cold air.

In the current context of Human Race Civilization, the so-called “God” has only one concept, that is, the thirteen carbon-based life races of Prehistoric Era, and even the experts in these races, can be worthy of the name of the gods!

“Is it Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan, Kuafu Clan, Houyi Clan, Zhurong Clan, Gonggong Clan… among the many wild races, to the bones of expert, a super giant type prehistoric tomb?”

Li Yao can’t believe it.

“Yes, if you think about it, you know that Emperor and Blood God Son are in the midst of the Empiree Terminus. They don’t have a good time to prepare for it. When Emperor is hit hard by Blood God Son, when he falls at any time, is he still there? Is it time to build a mausoleum for yourself?”

Li Linghai said, “The situation was so chaotic, the Star Ocean Empire collapsed, everyone was self-sufficient, who built the mausoleum?”

Li Yao thinks too, Emperor and Blood God Son compete for the Gold Crystal Tower in a narrow road, after the two loses, the two sides of the army are almost the same, so the soldiers are ruined, even if the original mausoleum was created, I am afraid that it will be dismantled by the army, how can it be made? A new one?

As for the Blood God Son rebellion… At that time, Fiend Clan remnants was not annihilated, the Star Ocean Empire was still in the stage of expansion, and all resources were used for development. Li Yao estimated that it was impossible for Emperor to invest a lot of resources. Consider things after your death.

Therefore, “Emperor ancient tomb” is just a rumor that the descendants are rumored to be rumored. If there is a complete facility with the existence of the grave of the infinite Secret Treasures, it is definitely not the Emperor’s mausoleum at first, but more ancient and powerful than Emperor. Exist, those graves that are flooded to expert!

“Don’t you be curious, why is Emperor able to rise?”

Li Linghai continued, “No matter the Star Ocean Republic’s classics or the Empire of True Humanity research, the mystery of Emperor’s rise cannot be fully understood. At that time, the dark rule of 30,000 years of Fiend Clan has come to an end. But the future of Human Race is still buried in the haze, and Emperor is like a smashing dark meteor, which has shortened the time of Human Race by nearly one thousand years with almost one’s own strength.

“Nobody knows how his arrogant strength and superb commanding art came from.

“In many legends, Emperor got three volumes of Sealing God Heavenly Book to become the most powerful cultivator ever since, leading Human Race Civilization to revival, but where did the three volumes of Sealing God Heavenly Book come from? ”

Li Yao was in the heart and said: “Emperor got three volumes of ‘Sealing God Heavenly Book’ from ‘Tomb of Gods’, bringing the inheritance of the Civilization to the modern Human Race Civilization? So everything makes sense. !”


Li Linghai said, “These things are all that Blood God Son told Wuying Ji and Wuying Ji told me again. Although he has turned a few times, Blood God Son is also a certain degree of experience, naturally buried outside. Therefore, the scholars in the pile of papers must be much more confined.

“The original Emperor, supposed to be a Gladiator being held in the bloody arena of Fiend Clan, escaped in an unbearable uprising and inadvertently discovered ‘Tomb of Gods’ on the way to avoiding Fiend Clan. And in God Tomb cultivation a tyrannical, mysterious and unfathomable, fascinating and fascinating, and get three volumes of Sealing God Heavenly Book, in order to open his path of glory.

“At the time, he was still a lonely man, and he could only bring three volumes of Sealing God Heavenly Book from God Tomb, but he lacked the power to develop God Tomb on a large scale.

“When he almost integrated the power of the entire Star Ocean, he mobilized a large number of Starships and engineering corps, all shipped to the first World Fragment that I just mentioned, that is, the ‘High Heaven Sector’ in the world’s population, ready to take High Heaven Sector is a springboard that opens the door to God Tomb.

“Unexpectedly, there was news of the Mad Armageddon Blood God Son rebellion at this time, interrupting Emperor’s plan to develop God Tomb on a large scale, and a large number of Starship and Engineering Corps’ Magical Artifacts were left in the High Heaven Sector – these things Later, it became the cost of our Revolution Faction, and you also got a lot of it.

“When the Blood God Son backlash is used, Emperor himself is seriously injured, life is exhausted, and he has to go out of his way at any time. He has to break into God Tomb and fall into the same situation as the expert of hundreds of thousands of years ago!”

Li Yao’s eyes turned round and round, and I was very keen to find a problem: “Emperor will disappear into the Tomb at any time, and it will be buried in the land of countless floods to expert.” Isn’t there anything weird? Otherwise, Emperor can die anywhere, why should he die in God Tomb?”

“You are very smart and you can see the key at a glance.”

Li Linghai smiled and said, “Maybe you are right. It is said that this ‘Tomb of Gods’ is the one that is out of the three worlds, not in the five elements. The time is even solidified, and Emperor is seriously injured. It’s not dead outside, but it’s in God Tomb, but it’s in a mysterious and non-dead state.

“Out of three worlds, not in the five elements?”

Li Yao is a bit dumbfounded. “What does this mean, and what does it mean when time solidifies?”

“I don’t know, these words are all written by Blood God Son, Wuying Ji, and Wuying Ji tells me again.”

Li Linghai said, “Blood God Son is the strongest clone of Emperor, but only the part of the Emperor divine soul that is most inclined to fight, Expeditions and conquest. The memory other than combat is very vague, and he has not Wuying Ji conceals what, Wuying Ji has not conceal anything from me, who knows, there must be.

“In short, my understanding is that Tomb of Gods is more mysterious than the High Heaven Sector as a springboard, and is more alienated from our three-dimensional universe, just like… If we imagine our three-dimensional universe as a planet, High Heaven Sector and Tomb of Gods are two satellites that are very far away from us, even being pulled by another planet, with some incredible rules!

“As for ‘non-life and death’, oh, Wuying Ji also recounted a word from Blood God Son, the original words are like this – ‘Before the external observer opens God Tomb, Emperor will be in a non-dead stack State ‘, what does this mean, I don’t know, maybe you have to discover it someday, and tell me.”

Li Yao thought for a long time.

Cultivator World, grotesque, the concentration of Spiritual Energy in the universe is high or low, and the expression of the laws of the universe is very different. This is not surprising.

But the idea of ​​suddenly flashing through the neural field made him couldn’t help but make a nap.

“and many more–“

Li Yao muttered. “Assume that Blood God Son didn’t lie to Wuying Ji, and Wuying Ji didn’t lie to you. The time in Tomb of Gods is really solid, and the life that breaks into it can be some kind…” The superimposed state of life and death, isn’t that, now in God Tomb, it’s not just Emperor that’s not dead, but also includes countless floods to expert?”

“I am afraid, you are right.”

Li Linghai smiled bitterly. “Otherwise, you thought, why did Wuying Ji in the past always stay outside the door of God Tomb and dare not enter it?”

Li Yao “Ah”, originally wanted to say that it was because Wuying Ji lacked the key to entering God Tomb.

But think about it, the key to God Tomb’s gate is divided into two, half in the hands of Li Linghai, half in the hands of his righteous father, and Li Linghai and the righteous father in the High Heaven Sector one or two hundred years ago. Together.

In other words, at that time, Li Linghai, the righteous father and Wuying Ji who were crouching around them, could already piece together a complete key!

Although at that time Wuying Ji’s remnant soul lingered for a thousand years, the strength was weak enough to be added, but it was not Li Linghai and the righteous father can resist it?

If you don’t care about the things in God Tomb, he probably won’t have to grab the keys and enter God Tomb.

“No wonder Wuying Ji 3.0 repeatedly told me before the smoke disappeared. Now I am not qualified to Expeditions God Tomb.”

Li Yao is a little scared. “He said that at least Divided Spirit realm is required to open the door to God Tomb.”

“Yeah, no one knows now, what will happen after the door of God Tomb is opened.”

Li Linghai said, “The most not good situation, after opening God Tomb, will wake up hundreds of ‘non-life and non-death’ floods to expert, then the consequences, who can afford it?”

Li Yao has a creepy, full head sweat.

He also remembered the Pangu Clan who killed [ed] in the Kunlun Secret Territory – but it was the existence of the Giant Divine Weapon!

Moreover, the Pangu Clan should be only an ordinary officer or aristocrat, far from the extent of “explore to expert”.

The ghost knows that when the “external observer” turns on God Tomb and ends the superposition of “non-life and non-death”, it is life or death!

If you hold the mind of the Expeditions Emperor ancient tomb, the result is a few hundred lively explosions to the expert, it is really self-defeating.

“This matter is still a long-term plan!”

Li Yao erased the cold sweat on his forehead. “Well, let’s get the Four Great Families and Saint League first. I can find a way to rush to Divided Spirit realm. Wuying Ji left in the depths of Gold Crystal Tower. A secret room dedicated to impacting the Divided Spirit realm and the peerless divine ability of the cultivation Divided Spirit realm. After dealing with this bunch of everything in disorder, I will go down for a while, hoping to make a breakthrough, or else In a few days, even Li Jialing couldn’t beat it. Isn’t it a big face for me to be a big brother?”

Li Linghai smiled and nodded. “You are not tempted by the mystery of Emperor ancient tomb. You also know that you are wary of danger. This is good! However, the so-called “long-term discussion” cannot be endlessly delayed, as far as I know. The Saint League people have been looking for this ‘Tomb of Gods’, including their upcoming flashes on Empire, and they have nothing to do with God Tomb.”

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