FMC Chapter 2685

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2685, Heavenly Mingjun! Floating astronomy
Cheng Wu The news of the emperor was sent to Imperial Capital three days ago.

Along with the news, there was a grand video of the throne and military parade.

Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families, under the horror of the demise of annihilation, took out the cost of the final pressure box and formed a new “Orthodox Empire of True Humanity”, although the sound of Sovereign Token Fleet and Diamond Fleet was no longer true. However, at first glance, it is also strong and strong.

The “Cheng Wu Emperor” is the blood of the Divine Military Sovereign Emperor. The bloodline is not noble, but it is also a hundred percent straw bag, just the flaw of Four Great Families.

The so-called “Cheng Wu”, naturally, Four Great Families hope that he can inherit the Divine Military Sovereign Emperor’s martial arts, once again unified Empire.

Four Great Families spread the news of the new emperor to the throne and the grand scene of the military parade through the Spiritual Nexus throughout the Empire as a very effective psychological offensive.

The Millennium Empire is deeply rooted, and the idea of ​​”there is no day, no country can be without a king” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even if it is known that Cheng Wu is only a shackle, even the grand ceremony is not held at Imperial Capital. The so-called “Supreme Throne” It is also temporarily refining, but once it sits on the throne, it naturally has a sacred inviolable brilliance, which makes the heart of the middle and lower Immortal Cultivator have a different wave.

Especially in today’s situation where Empire is so chaotic, Sovereign Emperor’s righteousness is even more powerful than a United Fleet.

“I naturally know this.”

Li Yao nodded. “What is Cheng Wu Emperor, but it is a new one.”

“Oh, it’s awkward, but in many cases, the power of habit is extremely powerful. For a thousand years, the Empire has always been influenced by the thought of ‘loyalty and patriotism’. Many concepts are deeply rooted in the bone marrow, and it can be changed overnight.”

Li Jialing paused, saying, “It’s been a year since the emperor’s death. Now the pseudo-Imperial Capital on the Four Great Families has been crowned with a monkey, and the road has been ‘thumbed’. The Revolution Faction was originally used to call the heroes. On the battle flag, there are eight words, the last four are ‘Ge New Empire’, the first four are ‘Venerable Sovereign Rebels’, and now there is no ‘Imperial’, the name is not correct, the words are not smooth, how to crusade Rebellious, unified Empire?”

“Yeah, this is indeed a big problem that makes head pain. General Lei Chenghu has not been examining the new emperor recently. He has also dragged me over and examined it many times. The result is really unsatisfactory.”

Li Yao is now a realist in Empire. He is not mentioning the support of Star Glory Federation. He is a serious “King of Black Wind” and has Arsonist United Fleet, or the number one hero who saved Imperial Capital. The extremely powerful contender of “Empire’s strongest fighter”, even if the combat power is not the first, at least the top three and the top five can still fight together, and will not fall out of the top ten.

This comprehensive strength, looking at the entire Empire, in addition to “War God” Lei Chenghu can also compete with him, the other small and medium warlords, there is no opponent.

So, now Li Yao, not Emperor Selecting Marquis, is better than Emperor Selecting Marquis. Whether it is the old Revolution Faction leader Li Linghai or the new Revolution Faction leader Lei Chenghu, to pick a new Sovereign Emperor, he has to respect him. opinion.

However, the royal family has been for thousands of years. After a period of deliberate laissez-faire and distortion, it has become a ridiculous wasteland. The new generation of royal families that grow here, not only “good and bad”, is simply a bunch of squash, no half. “Good”.

“I didn’t have much opinion about the Sovereign Emperor’s selection. I have said it to General Lei Chenghu several times. This is the internal affairs of Empire’s. My position is not unreasonable, and I am rashly interfering. It is easy to leave a mouthful.”

Li Yao sighed and frowned slightly. “But those candidates are too unfamiliar. They don’t even have a half-faced look. They are not eagle-eyed, but they are stalking, their strength and ambition are not in line, and their minds are not. Clearly, in a word, it is the ‘insufficient things, more than a good thing’!

“You know, even if you are just awkward, you should have a self-cultivation. I really don’t care about who is Sovereign Emperor. I just hope that it is a clear-headed mind, a little longer in the eyes, knowing that there is no eternal friend, only eternal. The benefit of the simple reason, you can temporarily put down the differences between cultivation and Immortal Cultivation, hold your nose and communicate and cooperate – but such a simple request can’t be found!”

Li Jialing 绗戜简锛气€湅涓婂幓锛孊湅涓婂幓锛孊rother Yao 鐪熺殑瀵归偅浜涘€欓€変汉閮借緢涓嶆緢涓嶆


Li Yao 阆掳纴鈥沧垜宁甃ei Chenghu 灏嗗啖璁 donate to identify 簺瀹d簺瀹 镄勯 镄勯When 蹇冮兘璇曞嚭鏉ヤ 锛岄偅浜涘浼椤 cultivator 瀹炲湪鎶 瀹炲湪鎶 湁澶 湁澶 绉掗挓灏 绉掗挓灏 绉掗挓灏 妸 妸 Ar Ar Ar Ar United Fleet 鍜孲tar Glory Federation 钖冩帀锛

S达纴 Empire Sovereign Emperor 笉鑳 笉鑳  Star Glory Federation 浜х敓鏁屾剰浜嗭纴鍙﹄笉杩囦綘濂 mustard Great 镄勫疄锷涳纴鍒嗘竻妤氭晫浜 镄勫疄锷涳纴鍒嗘竻妤氭晫浜 镄勫疄锷涳纴鍒嗘竻妤氭晫浜 濂 Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great int int int int int int int int int伀鐕庤鍦ㄧ 鍩 箣钖庡ぇ 箣钖庡ぇ 箣钖庡ぇ 纴娓呮礂鎺夋墍 夌殑 夌殑 夌殑 夌殑 夌殑 夌殑 son son Arsonist United Fleet 钖炴帀锛岄 渚垮啀锷 渚垮啀锷 笀杩滃緛Star Ocean 杈归櫜镄 ederation 锛焥eeking death 锛屼篃涓嶆槸杩欎箞 殑鍢涳紒 殑鍢涳紒 殑鍢涳紒

鈥滃鏋滆鈥滃鏋滆浜涘浼欑殑镐浜涘浼欑殑镐瓙鑳瓙鑳◢绋嶉殣蹇崭竴浜涳纴鍝曡兘绛夎曡兘绛夎曡兘绛夎曡兘绛夎曡兘绛夎曡兘绛夎曡兘绛夎 Great Great Great Families 鍜孲aint League 涔嫔悗锛屽啀瀵筩ultivator 锷ㄥ垁瀛愬憿锛屾垜瀵 粬浠殑璇勪 閮 閮 閮 閮 缮绋岖◢楂樼偣锛岀幇鍦ㄨ 缮绋岖◢楂樼偣锛岀幇鍦ㄨ 缮绋岖◢楂樼偣锛岀幇鍦ㄨ 缮绋岖◢楂樼偣锛岀幇鍦ㄨ 缮绋岖◢楂樼偣锛岀幇鍦ㄨ 缮绋岖◢楂樼偣锛岀幇鍦ㄨ Ei Chenghu 灏嗗啖閮芥瀬涓嶆瀬涓嶆瀬涓嶆€傗€

鈥沧槸鍟婏纴鎴戣 浜涙棩瀛愬湪鍖 浜涙棩瀛愬湪鍖 浜涙棩瀛愬湪鍖 浜涙棩瀛愬湪鍖 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎 鍒癎夌殑浜嬫儏锛屼篃镞跺父钖粬鎶钖粬鎶€ㄣ€傗€

Li Jialing 寰井涓€绗戏纴阆掳纴鈥滃叾瀹烇纴General Lei 瀵规柊钖涚殑浜洪夛纴姣擝夛纴姣擝rother Yao 撮 撮 嗙栌 嗙栌 嗙栌 嗙栌笇 涗粎浠呴 夊嚭涓 夊嚭涓 涓柊镄勫 涓柊镄勫 鍎 傗 傗 傗


Li Yao 寰井涓€镐旓纴蹇崭笉浣忕瑧阆掳纴鈥滀笉瑕佸个鍎★纴Lei Chenghu 杩樻兂寮勪釜鈥樻槑钖涒€椤嚭鏉ヤ箞锛熲€

鈥淕eneral Lei 镄勭’鏄伞涔堟兂銆傗

Li Jialing ご阆掳纴鈥淕珍ご阆掳纴鈥淕eneral Lei 浠ヤ 锛孍 mpire 杩囧幓鏁 栌骞 璐ョ殑绁镐 璐ョ殑绁镐 璐ョ殑绁镐 璐ョ殑绁镐 璐ョ殑绁镐 璐ョ殑绁镐 涔嬫簮锛屽 涔嬫簮锛屽 涔嬫簮锛屽 涔嬫簮锛屽 涔嬫簮锛屽 涔嬫簮锛屽 鏄悰涓 鏄悰涓潈镊eお杩囧己锷匡纴鍙屾楠娌¤兘褰(二)垚链夋晥镄勫埗琛°€

鈥滃 樿嫢鐜 樿嫢鐜 湪锛孯 evolution Faction 涔熼 夊嚭涓 涓柊镄勫 涓柊镄勫 纴鍜孎 纴鍜孎 纴鍜孎 Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great璋撯 橀潻鏂 橀潻鏂 栾 栾 栾 樻柊鈥椤湪鍝︷噷 樻柊鈥椤湪鍝︷噷 樻柊鈥椤湪鍝︷噷 樻柊鈥椤湪鍝︷噷 樻柊鈥椤湪鍝︷噷

鈥沧槸锛孡ei Chenghu 灏嗗啖鍜岀殗钖庢涓嫔湪镞讹纴鍙 灏嗗啖鍜岀殗钖庢涓嫔湪镞讹纴鍙 熶粬浠殑 熶粬浠殑 threshold 佽厱 gallium 嬫鍜屽磭楂樼殑濞佹湜锛岄晣铡嫔悇鏂薇啖阒啖阒锛岀锛岀濋潻鏂濋潻鏂濋潻鏂濋潻鏂悊蹇悊蹇General Lei 缁堢┒骞翠簨宸查珮锛岀栌骞村唴鎴栬灏Fallen 锛岃 岀殗钖庢涓嬬幇鍦ㄥ姛锷涘敖澶憋纴鏄惁鑳 岀殗钖庢涓嬬幇鍦ㄥ姛锷涘敖澶憋纴鏄惁鑳 岀殗钖庢涓嬬幇鍦ㄥ姛锷涘敖澶憋纴鏄惁鑳 鍖栨垚 Ghost Cultivator 涔熸槸 chain ︻煡涔嬫暟锛屼粬浠笉鍙兘姘歌翻淇濅綇闾d鍌鍌鍌鍎鍎

鈥滃 樿嫢 樿嫢 変竴镞ワ纴 General Lei al al allen 锛屾柊涓 浠 浠 浠 殑鍐涢榾鍙堢窘缈 殑鍐涢榾鍙堢窘缈 婊 纴闾 纴闾 纴闾 纴闾 纴闾 纴闾 纴闾 鍌 鍌 鍌 鍌鍎overeign Emperor 綍镊 綍镊 纻绾 纻绾 纻绾 椂 椂 欙纴 欙纴 欙纴 欙纴 欙纴 欙纴 Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great涓€浠g殑Four Great Families 钖楋纻鈥

Li Jialing 杩欑旸璇濓纴 chain 掓槸浠i Yao 瀵筁ei Chenghu 镶 劧璧 暚浜嗭 暚浜嗭 暚浜嗭 鈥滆 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 i i i i i i i i i i 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 阌欙纴 阌欙纴棤璁 垜 垜 缁埚拰浠栨槸鏁屾槸鍙嬶纴閮 缁埚拰浠栨槸鏁屾槸鍙嬶纴閮 缁埚拰浠栨槸鏁屾槸鍙嬶纴閮 缁埚拰浠栨槸鏁屾槸鍙嬶纴閮 笉寰椾笉 笉寰椾笉 笉寰椾笉 笉寰椾笉 鏄竴涓﹄粠涓嶈皨鍙栫鍒╋纴涓 鏄竴涓﹄粠涓嶈皨鍙栫鍒╋纴涓 鏄竴涓﹄粠涓嶈皨鍙栫鍒╋纴涓蹇冧负锲姐侀灎韬敖鐦佺殑锛屾渶绾侀灎韬敖鐦佺殑锛屾渶绾侀灎韬敖鐦佺殑锛屾渶绾oldier 锛

鈥滃彲鏄纴璇濆张璇村洖鏉ヤ简锛屾湁涓€涓ご鑴戞竻妤氱殑鏄庡悰涓ご鑴戞竻妤氱殑鏄庡悰屼笉鏄屼笉鏄屼笉鏄纴闾纴闾綋鐒跺緢濂綋鐒跺緢濂綋鐒跺緢濂浣嗘槑钖涜 Umbrella 鐜╂剰鍎垮 涓嶆槸鍦 涓嶆槸鍦 涓嶆槸鍦 噷镄勯煭 槗 槗 槗 槗 槗 槗 Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng槸鎶奅mpyrean Terminus 涓婄殑瀹楀閮 帢鍦 帢鍦 笁灏 笁灏 笁灏 笁灏 笁灏 笁灏 笁灏鐪熸病浠浠涔堣兘鎹涔堣兘鎹埌鍙埌鍙涓婂幓镄勪涓婂幓镄勪涓婂幓镄勪鐗╋纴杩炲媺寮鐗╋纴杩炲媺寮兘鍑戝悎镄勯兘涓嶅锛屾讳笉讳笉讳笉佸缑鐜湪湪湪嚑涓﹄笁浜斿瞾镄勫皬濞冨▋锛岀敤鍑犲崄骞 嚑涓﹄笁浜斿瞾镄勫皬濞冨▋锛岀敤鍑犲崄骞 嚑涓﹄笁浜斿瞾镄勫皬濞冨▋锛岀敤鍑犲崄骞 椂闂 妸浠栦 妸浠栦 妸浠栦 鍩 鍩 鍩 鍩 鍩 鍩 椤惂锛熶笉锛屾寜镦 Ei Chenghu 灏嗗啖闾d箞涓ヨ嫑镄勬爣鍑嗭纴浼 瑕佷粠濞樿儙 屽紑濮嫔煿鍏 屽紑濮嫔煿鍏 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴鍝埚搱鍝堬紒鈥

Li Yao 骞茬瑧鍑犲0锛孡i Jialing 鍗存病链夊洖搴旓纴姘旀皼chain変簺灏村艾锛屽张链変簺璇”纾銆

鈥滀笉鏄纴浣犳 鎴戣杩欎簺骞蹭粈涔堬纻鈥

Li Yao 瑙夊缑 Li Jialing 镄勮〃鎯呮湁浜涘镐纴浠板ご鐏屼简涓€鍙trengthening Medicine 锛岄死锛屸€滈€塖overe Emperor 镄勪簨鎯咃纴杩樻槸浜ょ粰镄囧悗娈夸笅鍜孡ei Chenghu 灏嗗啖铡诲ご鐤煎ソ浜嗭纴浣犳ソ浜嗭纴浣犳鎴戠┒绔熻璇翠粈涔堥 tons瑕佷簨锛岃缮闱炶 Upset 纻鈥

鈥淏rother Yao 鈥斺€斺€

Li Jialing 娌夐粯浜嗗緢涔咃纴缁堜簬涓嫔畾鍐 锛岄紦瓒 锛岄紦瓒 媷姘旓纴娣卞惛涓 鍙 鍙 皵锛岄 皵锛岄 皵锛岄 皵锛岄 Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng鍜岀殗钖庢涓嬮兘灞炴剰鎴戞垚涓 柊镄凟 柊镄凟 mpire Sovereign Emperor 锛屼綘鏀笉鏀寔锛熲€


Li Yao 涓€鍙trengthening Medicine 閮 柗鍒 闱 三 (3) 殑澧欎笂锛屾帴镌 澶 澶 澶 澶 鍜 鍜 鍜 鍜 鍜 鍜 鍜 潵锛屽挸寰椾笂姘斾笉鎺ヤ笅姘旓纴杩炵溂娉︷兘鍜 嚭鏉ワ纴鈥滃挸鍜 嚭鏉ワ纴鈥滃挸鍜 挸鍜 挸鍜 挸鍜 挸鍜 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘 挸锛屼綘锛屼綘璇撮敊浜呜缮鏄垜钖敊浜呜缮鏄疞i Linghai 鍜孡ei Chenghu 閮 剳瀛愯繘姘 剳瀛愯繘姘 锛熶綘锛屽綋 Sovereign Emperor 锛熶綘镙 湰涓嶆槸镄囨棌锛屼綘鍙堜笉濮揗artial Hero 锛佲€

鈥滆 Umbrella 鏄皬浜嬨€傗€

Li Jialing 闱(二)棤琛ㄦ儏锛宭ightly said 锛屸€淏rother Yao 璇ヤ笉浼氢涓篖 ei Chenghu 灏嗗啖鏄偅绉嶆剼蹇犱箣杈堬纴闱炶璺€掑湪Martial Hero 涓€镞忕殑鑴hydrogen mpire 锛屾棭宸蹭笉鏄竴瀹多竴濮撶殑Empire 锛孏eneral Lei 鏄繝浜庡睘浜庡叏Human Race 镄凟mpire 锛岃€屼笉鏄繝浜嶹uying Ji 鍜屼粬涓嶆垚鍣ㄧ殑瀛愬瓩銆

鈥滃綋鐒讹纴瀵圭粷澶у鏁癊mpire 姘戜紬Key 岃█锛屾殏镞 偗瀹氭棤娉曟帴鍙椾竴涓纾濮揝overeign Emperor 锛岃 Umbrella 涔熸Chongzhen 槸镞犲悕灏忓崚锛屽苟娌 槸镞犲悕灏忓崚锛屽苟娌 °C 湁澶 皯浜 皯浜 皯浜 皯浜 潵铡嗐 潵铡嗐

鈥沧垜涓崭絾鏄殗钖庢涓嬬殑浜 ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ 榃 榃 榃 榃 榃 榃 榃 榃 Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br Br €楰ing of Black Wind 鈥欎竴璧 綔 綔 濓纴璇佹槑鎴戜箖鏄厛 濓纴璇佹槑鎴戜箖鏄厛 濓纴璇佹槑鎴戜箖鏄厛 濓纴璇佹槑鎴戜箖鏄厛 濓纴璇佹槑鎴戜箖鏄厛 濓纴璇佹槑鎴戜箖鏄厛 濓纴璇佹槑鎴戜箖鏄厛 冮伩瀹 冮伩瀹 鏂椾簤銆丠eavenly Demon 渚佃鍜孲aint League 鏆楁潃鈥[€“濡傛绫荤殑铡熷洜锛屾墠锅峰伔阃佸嚭瀹锛屽湪Li Family 闅愬鍩嫔悕闀垮ぇ锛岀幇鍦ㄥ洖褰捍mperial Capital 锛娈ragon Controlling Paramount Heaven 锛屽 変粈涔堜笉鍙 変粈涔堜笉鍙 変粈涔堜笉鍙 変粈涔堜笉鍙

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