FMC Chapter 2686

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2686 changes the universe! Floating astronomy

Li Yao’s brain is in a mess, and then the powerful computing ability is blocked. I can’t say a word at a time.

He never dreamed or expected, Li Jialing will throw such a rock-shattering topic!

โ€œBrother Yao wants to say that the Four Great Families will tear my bottom, and the royal family must have all kinds of the most advanced testing methods to identify my blood?โ€

Li Jialing smiled a little, “When Li Lingfeng took me to Li Family, it was originally a speculation. My personal data has been tampered with, and with the death of Li Lingfeng, how does Four Great Families know my true identity? ?

“Even if you know, how is it that each other is an enemy, and it is not normal to swear the other person’s chosen son?” I know that on the Imperial Capital side, the propaganda machine controlled by Revolution Faction has been ‘rumbling’. To get the ‘Cheng Wu Emperor’ to the dog’s bloody, unspeakable, Four Great Families attacked me, but each other, no one would believe.

“As for the identification of bloodlines, it is even more of a problem. Now Yu Wei, the Queen’s Highness, is still there. After a few days, she is the Empress Dowager of the genuine. Of course, she and General Lei are holding hands. What results they want can be Fabricated, who dares to oppose?

“In the weak are prey to the strong Empire of True Humanity, who is the Sovereign Emperor, in the final analysis depends on the strength! Now on the Revolution Faction side, General Lei strongly supports me, the Queen’s Highness does not have to say, Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance Jin Yuyan is not unfamiliar. They have long known each other in the War of Seven Seas. Together with the support of Brother Yao, the four forces are supporting me. What other unscrupulous dare to jump out and nitpick, nonsense?”

Looking at Li Jialing’s heroic, confident face, Li Yao tried to calm herself down and said: “Tell me, who is this idea, who first came up with Lei Chenghu? Why? โ€

โ€œYes, itโ€™s indeed General Leiโ€™s proposal.โ€

Li Jialing calmly said, “Brother Yao, don’t you understand now, what kind of person is General Lei? He is a thoroughly dead, immortal Immortal Cultivator, one of the most stubborn militarists and the most fanatical The Wuying Ji admirer, his adoration of Wuying Ji has long gone deep into the marrow, dreaming of reviving the glory of the old Dark Star Great Emperor Era!”

“But Wuying Ji is dead!”

Li Yao coldly said, “And, he only worships Wuying Ji in the delusion, the real Wuying Ji, not what he thinks!”

โ€œYes, General Lei later realized it, so I will work with you and destroy the ‘Bright Sun Plan’.โ€

Li Jialing said, “But it is not with him that you will give up your faith. He still believes in ‘Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji’, but it is not a dead one, but a new one. Perfect, 100% represents Immortal Cultivation Great Dao’s Sovereign Emperor!

โ€œUnderstand what I mean, General Lei believes that he can recreate a ‘Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji’, one of his most perfect human race Supreme rulers! Of course, the premise is that this ruler must get the Wuying in the past The inheritance of Ji, only in this way, can be recognized by most Immortal Cultivators, including General Lei’s own recognition!”

“I, I understand a little.”

Li Yao murmured, โ€œLei Chenghu always regards Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji as a god, but in the end he finds that the god he believes is a pseudo-god, a demon…changed into an ordinary person, surely Dao Heart is broken, repaired as Falling away, completely abandoned the faith, but Lei Chenghu, Madman, wanted to create a True God, the perfect True God of the ideal, to reshape all the Immortal Cultivator beliefs!”

“Yes, no way, Brother Yao, you are too mean to face the whole Paramount Heaven Sector to play Wuying Ji video. Countless Immortal Cultivator has Dao Heart crash, divine soul chaos, dying, they are all about Immortal Cultivation Great Dao There has been a great shake, and there are even signs of a change to the cultivation Great Dao.”

Li Jialing is quite helpless. “Do you think that General Lei, the unyielding Immortal Cultivator, will watch the large Immortal Cultivator conversion camp?

“In terms of propaganda, he certainly would not admit that the demon who launched the ‘Bright Sun Plan’ is Wuying Ji, but the light denial is not enough. It is necessary to launch a new Sovereign Emperor with bright image and charm, and the most Wuying Ji. Orthodox and direct inheritors, reviving the ‘Dark Star Great Emperor’ sign, is enough to save all Immortal Cultivator’s Dao Heart on the verge of collapse.”

“Understood, now look at the entire Empire, Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji only two of the most orthodox and direct inheritors, 2.0 you and 3.0 me!”

Li Yao patted the thigh. “Damn it, then he may not be looking for you. You are so young, not suitable for being involved in such a complicated power vortex. Why didn’t he come to me? I am also the inheritor of Wuying Ji. I can, too, um, that, what, I seem, probably, seems to be not suitable for Empire Sovereign Emperor?”


Li Jialing nodded slowly. “Not only does General Lei need a healthy, energetic, new Wujun Ji heritage and unlimited potential, even the youngest officer of the Revolution’s Army, the main force of the Revolution Faction, also needs such a Sovereign Emperor. A ‘speaker’ who can resonate with them, a person who can make a whole new look of Empire, look at the entire Imperial Capital, I am the best candidate, does Brother Yao not think so?”


Li Yao is a slogan.

Although Li Jialing throws this proposal, it does make his Brain blank, but he calmly thinks about it. The more he thinks, the more he feels that this candidate is not suitable.

Although the victory of War of Seven Seas and War of the Imperial Capital has been achieved in succession, it seems that the situation is very good, but the Revolution Faction has swayed Wuying Ji, which has caused serious internal friction.

The current Revolution Faction is in the delicate phase of transition from ‘Li Linghai Era’ to ‘Lei Chenghu Era’. The emergence of the cultivator led by Li Yao enhances the strength of the Revolution Faction, but on the other hand it is not. Avoid messing up the situation.

At this time, it is really difficult to find a new gentleman who can satisfy all parties’ forces. If you are not careful, the Revolution Faction will fall apart.

However, jumping out of the royal circle and ignoring the problem of bloodlines, Li Jialing is a very rare candidate for the new king who can satisfy all parties!

For Lei Chenghu, the “Dark Star Great Emperor”, it is a lifelong wish to cultivate a new generation of the more perfect Dark Star Great Emperor.

The Imperial Troops, including the loyalty to Wuying Ji, will certainly not oppose the domination of the “Wuying Ji inheritor.”

Li Linghai, especially Li Linghai, who is afraid of being washed away, Li Linghai’s pro-soul became Sovereign Emperor, Li Linghai changed from Empress to Empress Dowager, and it was an excellent one. Reassuring, ensuring that the Revolution Faction is new and old, harmonious and orderly!

Li Yao These cultivators, not to mention, there is no better result than Li Jialing as Sovereign Emperor!


“how is it?”

Li Jialing stared at Li Yao. “Do Brother Yao support me?”

“On the standpoint of interest alone, I certainly support it. If you have to have someone to sit on this throne, you are a hundred times better than those who are smashed!”

Li Yao endured and tolerated, still couldn’t hold back, “But, from the perspective of my eldest brother, I must remind you – the height is not cold, sitting on the Supreme throne, it is not good! I never I feel that you are a person who is passionate about power. In the past, you were not the most advocating freedom, wanting to live freely and freely. Do not care about the attitude of General Lei and His Royal Highness, say yourself, what do you think, you Really want to be this Sovereign Emperor?”

Li Jialing’s eyelashes trembled slightly and the eyelids hang down.

The next moment, his mouth evoked a charming arc, but it was a smile from the heart.

“Thank you, Brother Yao.”

Li Jialing’s eyes sparkled with clear light, and I really said, “I know that you care about me from the heart, it is good for me, I don’t want me to pick up such a heavy, perhaps no one can pick up.”

“But ah, I didn’t just tell you about it, I have changed from a boy to a man, and on the shoulder of a man, there is always a responsibility that he must pick up!”

“Yes, I used to admire freedom in the past. I want to know why? Because at that time, I have nothing, a person who has nothing, in addition to pursuing freedom, what else can I pursue?”

“But now it’s different, now I have a lot of things, I have friends, I have a loved one, I have a family, I have you, there is Elder Sister Long, and the Queen’s Highness, there are so many… I don’t want to Lost, something worth fighting for, how can I watch you fight in front, bleed and sacrifice, and I leave everything to pursue the vain freedom?

“This proposal was indeed thrown by General Lei, but before that, I was already thinking about what I could do to protect my loved ones, friends and homes and fight like you. !

“I am willing, but it is taught by you. Remember the words you said to me in the depths of the Great Iron Factory. ‘The stronger the ability, the greater the responsibility’. In just one year, the strength has advanced by leaps and bounds. I have been reborn and changed earth-shakingly. Until today, with such power, I am so proud of it and I dare not attribute it to myself.

“This kind of power is not entirely my own cultivation. It is a kind of coincidence that gives it to me. I don’t want to live up to it, and I can’t squander it. I want to use it to find and implement it. Use your own Great Dao to change the universe!”

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