FMC Chapter 2690

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2690 Medal! Floating astronomy

In the underground delegation, Bingbing and other boys and girls who had contacted Li Jialing were amazed. “That is our majesty, how is it completely different from what it used to be?”

The faces of these new generations of underground people are filled with fascinating expressions, completely conquered by the charm of Li Jialing, Wu Ying Ling.

Xu Zhicheng heard the bitter smile, what should I say? These little guys really lacked a little resistance to the will, and clearly taught them so long independence, stubbornness and unyielding, so soon we “kicked down”.

However, it is no wonder that the little guys, even Xu Zhicheng himself, are not in such a frenzied atmosphere, the heart is swaying, can’t you be yourself?

In the eyes of the public, Xinjun finally stepped on the high platform.

On the top of the platform, there were several priests and princes in the guise-dressed coat waiting for them. They held the plaques and crowns in their hands, and they also said that they had been passed down from the Star Ocean Empire, and they did not know the true and false “Guanguo Yuxi”. Standing.

Xu Zhicheng They have been teaching the process of the ceremony repeatedly by the ceremonial officials in the past few days. After knowing that Xinjun came to power, the clerk still had to do a piece of flowers, a four-six-six article, and a set of red tape ancestral rituals. In the end, the priest will wear the crown representing the imperial power to the new prince, and the prince will hand over the jade on behalf of the country to the new prince.

But at this time, Xinjun did something unexpected.

The clerk gently coughed and did not officially start. Xu Zhicheng They were ready to sleep and listen to an hour long argument. Xinjun actually took two steps and took the crown from the hands of the ceremonial officer. Wear it on your head!

In order to echo the rumors of “Dark Star Golden Lion reincarnation”, this new refining crown is like a male lion opening a big mouth, with gold dragons hovering to the forehead on both sides, and two golden dragons holding a shiny The Orb, the center of the bead is a looming Dark Star, which also sets off the domineering power of the new king!

In an instant, the entire imperial city was silent, and everyone was shocked by the unexpected move of Xinjun, and could not speak for a long time.

When Xinjun did not do it, and he kept stunned, and when he was stunned by the clerk and the ancestral hall, he took the passing of the country from the hands of the prince, and overlaid the first will of his forthcoming, skipping directly. All the red tape, sent out his voice to the entire Empire!

Along with the vibrating and screaming, the thundering sound, a series of shiny gold characters, appeared above the sky, under the Starship, so that all the people in the world can see clearly, even more shocked to add!

“This, this, this -“

Xu Zhicheng listened to the voice of Xinjun, and saw a row of scrolling gold characters, can’t believe his eyes and ears.

The impact that Xinjun brought to him was almost the first time he climbed out of the ground. He saw the real sun and was even more shocking!

“What do you mean?”

Bingbing and other teenagers from the bottom, do not know what Xinjunโ€™s aggressive attitude on the throne ceremony is what they mean. They only curious about what Xinjun said. โ€œXu Dashu, what do we mean by your knees, we canโ€™t understand you, you Help us translate translations? Why do you listen, it seems to be very excited? Itโ€™s not a good thing to squat in the world, and Iโ€™ve heard that all the new kings are going to be in a big position, this time, Is it different from the past?”

“Of course it is different.”

Xu Zhicheng resisted dizziness and patiently explained to the young people from the underground. “Yes, all the new kings in the past have to be in the world, but the pardons are often criminals, at most the guys who failed in the struggle.” Does not touch the roots.

“But this time, the new king is in the throne, and the world is mainly forgiving three kinds of people.

“The first is the cultivator in Empire. Xinjun said that these cultivators are ‘nothing to be guilty and excusable’. Many people are under the cruel exploitation and crush of the Four Great Families, and they have no choice but to turn to the cultivator. The camp, and in the War of Seven Seas and War of the Imperial Capital, these cultivators have proved their loyalty to Empire’s – cultivator can also be patriotic! So, for such a cultivator, you can open the side and give them expression of patriotism Dedicated power.

“Second, it is Star Pirate headed by Boss Bai. Similarly, these Star Pirates are also forced by Four Great Families. They have to drift and fall, and they have to gather and fall, and now Xinjun succeeds. In order to bring order out of chaos, Imperial Capital is already a day in the sky, and it is a great place in the mountains and rivers. It can be completely ruthless and become the most loyal warrior of Empire. What can’t be forgiven?

โ€œThird, the Four Great Families Sovereign Token Fleet officers who had just surrendered to the War of the Imperial Capital, said Xinjun, these officers and men were tempted by four ‘pseudo-hou’s, deceived and forced to attack Imperial Capital. However, with the help of Black Wind King Li Yao and Liaoning Marquis Lei Chenghu and other loyal ministers, he finally smashed the ambitions of Four Great Families and did not cause too much damage to Imperial Capital. Then give these Sovereign Token Fleet The officers and men have a chance to let them take sins and fight against the Four Great Families!”


Bingbing and other underground teenagers are unclear, so in short, it seems to be very powerful.

“More than that, this pardon is enough to shock, but even more amazing is the ‘Abolish Slavery Command’!”

Xu Zhicheng lowered his voice. “You should know that many of the Greater Thousand Worlds in Empire still have slavery. Those who are unfortunately slaves are as miserable as the past, and Xinjun now declares that Four Great Families All the slaves controlled by the vassal family have all obtained his permission to become free people! Even if these people rise up against their former masters, they can get some of the property of the master and become Empire’s citizens!”


Bingbing and other young people like to win the game, and they danced and said, “This is really good. So, the slaves controlled by Four Great Families will definitely go back to us and help us to fight with them.” Master!”

Xu Zhicheng nodded and couldn’t help but smile.

Slavery has been in the Empire’s part of the world for thousands of years. Is it a piece of paper, Abolish Slavery Command, that can be abolished?

The subtlety of this is that not only the Four Great Families have a large number of slaves, but even the self-progressive Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator, there may not be a few slaves at home.

Especially in the late phase of the Revolution Faction’s Bentham warlord, Seco Sempeign Emperor far away, which family did not have thousands of slaves?

If all the slaves controlled by Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families are able to regain their freedom, what about the slaves controlled by these Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivators?

This matter is no small matter, and a slight disposition will shake the foundation of the Revolution Faction.

Therefore, even Wuying Ji possessed Li Linghai, who took control of the power of Revolution Faction, did not think about using the abolition of slaves to fight the Four Great Families – because this is a tactic of killing one thousand and losing eight hundred.

In the “Abolish Slavery Command” released by Xinjun, the position of slaves outside the Four Great Families is quite awkward. Although it does not force all Immortal Cultivators to liberate slaves, it does suggest that if someone “voluntarily” The liberation of their own slaves, the state will give very generous compensation, and the sooner the liberation, the more compensation.

Basically, the amount of compensation given by the state is slightly higher than the value created by a slave in a decade. The conditions are not generous. There is only one small problem. The compensation cannot be settled on the spot. It can only be issued in the form of bonds. Four Great Families can only be fulfilled.

Obviously, Xinjun means to use the full body of the Great Great Families to enrich the national treasury, and to vigorously promote a series of innovative policies including the abolition of slavery.

So, after the “Amnesty Order” and “Abolish Slavery Command”, it is followed by the “Reversal of Mobilization Order”!

After the throne ceremony, with Thunderclap Fleet and Arsonist fleet as the core, the original Four Great Families Sovereign Token Fleet and Deep Sea Fleet as the backbone, Imperial Troops and Expedition Army for the flesh and blood, this magnificent, invincible King’s Masters, will be thundering The situation, killing the territory of Four Great Families, and smashing the “pseudo-ho” and “pseudo-emperor” to completely restore Empire’s glory!

“Really…can’t think of it!”

Xu Zhicheng looked at the glorious image of Xinjun in midair, and felt a lot of emotions in his heart. How could he not think that the teenager who was still fighting side by side half a year ago would go to this step today.

Whether the “Amnesty Order”, “Abolish Slavery Command” and “Mobilization Order” are the meaning of the youngsters themselves, or the meaning of Li Yao and Lei Chenghu behind the youngsters, at least, the new emperor and the new powers have brought unprecedented New weather!

The only question is, do they really have enough strength to carry out this new weather?

This is not only a problem for Xu Zhicheng alone, but also a common problem for thousands of Immortal Cultivators involved in the throne.

The shock that Xinjun brought to them is stronger than any previous Sovereign Emperor.

The earth-shaking changes brought about by the “Amnesty Order”, “Abolish Slavery Command” and “Mobilization Order” will touch the deepest part of their flesh and blood and even the divine soul, causing them to undergo tremendous changes.

Numerous Immortal Cultivators are hesitant, and they are arguing, and they are thinking about how to settle.

Some people even yell at the bottom of their hearts – this little Sovereign Emperor is crazy, but it is a shackle in the district, really think of yourself as a saying, the power of arbitrariness? Reconciliation with cultivator, but also to abolish slaves, but also to be impatient to attack the territory of Four Great Families? Why?

No wonder many Immortal Cultivators will raise such doubts.

After all, Xinjun was basically a nameless pawn before this. Apart from Li Yao and Long Yangjun’s booklet, which was fabricated by a pen stick, others did not know what the new king had.

But in the next second, they all know!

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