FMC Chapter 2693

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Chapter 2693, Chapterful Valley in Bewildering Mist, Astronomy
When Gao Huan woke up again, he found himself huddled in a light assault vehicle. The narrow cabin was filled with a smug-stricken squad, like a big summer was put for ten days and a half. Canned bacon for the month.

Every inch of stinging skin reminds him of what happened just now – Rampage’s Company Commander hit him with a high-pressure water gun for half an hour before he barely washed away his pickled oysters and Drunk.

At this moment, Gao Huan finally eased, and the face blindness was slightly relieved. From the ambiguous faces around him, he could barely recognize the companions crowded around him, “Bug”, “Qing Ban”, “Water Margin” “Black Panther”, “One-eyed Tiger”… are all good brothers who wear a pair of trousers in a trench.

Everyone is dressed loosely and even ruined. It is not like the elite of the fourth fast anti-travel. It is like a group of lazy singers, only the tattoos of the open chest, they silently tell their formidable – that It is a burning fiercely sword, passing through a black heart, and the sword is engraved with a four-character trench, “Never forgiveness.”

This is the emblem of the Blade Edge Company.

Gao Huan’s own chest has the same unforgettable heart and soul.

Of course, they also have their dear boss, the man who is called “Orangutan King” by the big guy in private, the Company Commander of the Blade Edge Company, and the stinky and hard Song Jingang.

“All the mothers put their ears on Laozi, you bastards, don’t put a kidney loss on each one, and cheer up!”

Gao Huan heard the company Commander roaring – in fact, the “Orangutan King” never snarled, “Peaceful Valley was once the first big city on the Black Nest Star, but that was a few hundred years ago. In the last Saint League invasion of Empire’s war, it was completely razed to the ground. When we conquered the Deep Earth Sector, it was destroyed by the Saint League people and completely turned into a scorched earth!

β€œThe Saint League people not only ruined everything in the Peaceful Valley, but also buried countless mines and fully automatic Arrays. Even in the depths of the ground, there is probably a Saint League remnant. No way, Empire’s The speed of entering is too fast, our strength is so weak, there is no way to sweep every inch of every planet of the Great Thousand Worlds to clean it up. Ghost knows that the Madman of Saint League will still hide in Which corner is inside!

β€œIn short, the Peaceful Valley is the most dangerous place on the Black Nest Star. The Military Unit originally ignored this devilish place, but from a week ago, there was a fog.

“The fog is very embarrassing, covering a few hundred miles of the area, disturbing all the black light scanning and detecting Magical Artifact, and even can not be dispelled by meteorological weapons. The Military Unit suspects that this is not a natural meteorological change, but some kind of Man-made changes.

“In view of the serious interference in the fog, the strength of the Deep Earth Defense Army is seriously insufficient, and in the case of serious shortage of troops, the Mixed Unit’s gangsters must also fight and clean, so there is no large Type Starship can land in the fog to scout, can only send a team of hapless, a group of all the dead light does not matter the big soldiers into the search to find out the origin of the fog!

“Yes, congratulations, you guys, you guessed it. The hapless ones selected by the Military Unit are us, and we are, we are always us. I believe you have been used to such treatment, so you don’t have to talk nonsense.” Let me shut up!

“Right, there is still good news, oh, maybe bad news. In short, the drunk cat is back, you are awake, drunk cat?”

“Report boss.”

Gao Huan said, “I am awake, you, your nose is okay, haven’t you been jealous of me?”

“Oh oh oh oh!”

The Blades of the Blade Edge Company sneered a little, some people rushed to Gao Huan with a thumbs up, someone whistled at him, and others rushed to the company Commander. “Welcome home, drunk cat, I hit Orangutan King when I came back. !”

Even Song Jingang couldn’t help but laugh: “You fucking… forget it, the details, see the mission briefing. In short, still, don’t be a hero, don’t be stupid, your own life. Most importantly, no matter what family, Empire or shit Great Dao, regardless of our big-headed soldiers, it is not worth our death, understand?”


The Blade Edge Company’s soldiers are screaming.

Gao Huan quietly immersed in the long-lost smelly smoke, and felt that every cell in the whole body gradually awakened. For a moment, I really forgot the wife’s face. He slammed the drug in his mouth and his face appeared. Smile.

“Drunk cat, what do you drink…fuck, isn’t this a medical alcohol?”

Someone rushed over him. It was his most desperate brother “flea”. The flea smelled the taste of the drugs in his hand and widened his eyes. “Do you still drink this?”

“Nothing, the military doctors specially approved, Orangutan King also knows.”

Gao Huan said, “You know my situation. Now, this level of stimulation will not have any effect on my brain. Instead, I can maintain a certain degree of sobriety, and let me play the talent of the ‘super-sensitive’. .”

The flea secretly groaned, silent for a while, and cautiously asked: “Drunk cat, you haven’t forgotten… Little Xue?”

Gao Huan grinned: “How could she forget that she would have been killed if she died in the battlefield, but she was captured by the Saint League, she must be alive, I must save her, I will save her!”


The flea couldn’t help but say, “You know very well that the Saint League is captured. Even if she is still alive, she must have been washed away and turned into a humanistic Madman!”

“It doesn’t matter, I will help her remember it again.”

Gao Huan sipped the medical alcohol and leaned on the cold bulkhead, muttering. “I will save her, then accompany her and think of everything.”

The flea sighed and smiled bitterly: “You shouldn’t call ‘drunk cat’, it should be called ‘Love Saint’. I know why there were so many people in Blade Edge Company that year. Little Xue can’t see anyone, even I can’t see it. On, you have to like your drunken cat who is squinting all day.”

Gao Huan smiled and didn’t want to continue this topic. “Where is the situation outside, I have lived in the military hospital for half a year. It seems that it is not right outside. The morale of the brothers is very low?”

“Yeah, there have been too many things happening in the past six months.”

Fleas, “The Revolution Faction and the Four Great Families in the rear fight you, and the situation changes three times a day. It affects our frontline troops and is not stable. Today, the Four Great Families have the upper hand and they are holding the supply channels. Starving the miscellaneous army, tomorrow’s Revolution Faction prevailed, and immediately cleaned up. It was necessary to kill all the officers of the Four Great Families. A week ago, we Brigade Commander Yun fainted to participate in a Four Great Families defect. Organization, wanting to escape to the home with the confidant and Deep Earth Sector military secrets, the result was destroyed by the Revolution Faction, killing hundreds of High-Level officers on the spot, making people feel heart-wrenching, everyone is at risk, we are Blade Edge Company Many people have been involved and have been quarantined for review.

“In short, Orangutan King is right, Sovereign Emperor is a big bastard, and immediately Empire will welcome two Sovereign Emperors, that is double the bastard, this ghost year, even who should be loyal to all, do not know, Still morale!

“The situation of Deep Earth Sector is not too good. I heard that in other frontline worlds, even the fleet of Revolution Faction and Four Great Families tore the face, the big bonfire, and the morale are gone. The Expedition Army has become like a sheet of loose sand.

“Fortunately, Saint League has long been repulsed by us. At most, there are only a few remaining soldiers who will still resist in the ground. Otherwise, if Saint League has a big army, this nearly one hundred Greater Thousand Worlds, how can Empire eat? How to spit it out, but also to lose the entire Expedition Army, hehe!

“Forget it, what is the use of these things? This is the thing that people have to worry about. Let’s take care of these big-headed soldiers. It can’t be done for a day. There is really no way to kill one. Kill two and earn two!”

The flea smiled heartily.

Gao Huan laughed too.

He doesn’t care about morale, innovation, Emperor Selecting Marquis, Sovereign Emperor, but nothing to do with fleas.

He is not too afraid of death – he has been in the Expedition Army for so many years, and the people who are afraid of death are numb.

He only cares about one thing, that is his wife Jiang Xue.

Little Xue must be alive, no matter what identity or method.

Therefore, he can’t die, he must rescue Little Xue, or die with Little Xue.

“Wait for me, Little Xue, I am already awake, I will come to save you soon.”

Gao Huan rubbed the miniature Jade Chip hanging around her neck. The Jade Chip stored videos and photos of him and his wife. If possible, he wanted to implant the jade slip into his flesh and blood.


There was a dull airflow disturbance outside.

Gao Huan realized that their light assault vehicles were loaded into the airdrop cabin of a Transport Ship.

“Quick and fast, you guys with no eggs, just inject buffer gel under your ass!”

Company Commander growled. “We have arrived at the scheduled location. After ten seconds, we will launch an airborne mission and perform reconnaissance operations!”

β€œkā kā kā kā !”

Transport Ship’s airdrop deck slowly opened, and a total of fifteen light assault vehicles fell like dumplings, spraying a dazzling flame in midair, tearing the strong Bewildering Mist, and reducing it again and again. His own speed, until the end, “bang”, fell into the Peaceful Valley enveloped by Bewildering Mist.

Without the Commander Command, the sluts that had just been lazy were instantly turned into the most vigilant hungry wolves and tigers. The dozens of fighters wore the Crystal Armor when they jumped out of the chariot, fanning out and forming. The perfect battle and coordination pattern protects the assault vehicle and searches the past for Bewildering Mist.

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