FMC Chapter 2701

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2701 Spirit Diagram Test, Astronomy
They passed through a square that was isolated by a barbed wire, like a transparent labyrinth. There were many patients wearing blue-striped sick suits in the square, and all the patients wore metal rings and heads on their ankles and neck. There are also a number of sensor patches attached to them, which output their brainwave data every moment.

Most of the patients are quite calm, bathed in the warm sunshine, quietly overlooking the almost black ocean.

There are also a small number of patients whose eye sockets are deep, their eyes are red and swollen, they are chattering, and they turn around in circles, and they look at others with good intentions. These patients are mostly isolated by barbed wire and enjoy the treatment of single rooms.

Seeing the passage between Li Yao and Long Yangjun through the middle of the transparent labyrinth, some patients are unmoved and continue to look at the sea quietly. Some patients are confusingly telling them something, even some patients are like wild animals. On the barbed wire, they made strange laughs and low howls.

They are like a zoo that has been in disrepair for a long time. The cages on both sides are hungry for three days and three nights.

“Do these are Saint League people?”

Li Yao whispered Long Yangjun.

“No, it’s all mental patients.”

Long Yangjun finished, and he smiled. “However, the mental patients who will be sent to Dean Zhuge here are not ‘ordinary’. They are mostly murderous murderers, wicked madmen, extinct beasts. The crimes committed are not just murders – at least one murderer who kills dozens of hundreds of people in one breath, and does not change the beasts that killed all of them, or poisoned one without any psychological burden. Madman, the primary school for all children, is eligible to be held here. They are real scum, a complete scum, a demon in the human skin, a deformed child and a humanoid on the human level. In short, you don’t have to have any psychological burden. If you have seen the files that record their sinful crimes, you will certainly treat them with a tenfold more cruel than Dean Zhuge.

“The words are coming back. Sometimes I like these mental patients very much. Normal people are subject to social and moral constraints. They tend to hide or even distort their true side. The cultivator has the ethics of cultivator. Immortal Cultivator has Immortal Cultivator. Morality, everyone wears a mask on the mind, except that the pattern on the mask is slightly different.

“Only these mental patients, these are eroded by the Outer Territory Heavenly Demon, and the liberation of the deepest inner heart can be unreserved and unscrupulous, showing the purest and most original side of Human Race, if you say ‘cultivation ‘It is to find the true self, these guys, perhaps have long found their ‘real’.

“Do you believe that the sun storm that Wuying Ji set off ravaged the entire Paramount Heaven Sector, and most of the places on Empyrean Terminus were affected, but the third institute here, regardless of mental patients or doctors, was minimally affected. Many of the most serious patients, even if they are directly exposed to ‘brainwashing waves’, are not the same.

“If a person dies once, he will not die any more. The collapsed high-rise building can’t collapse again. The patient who has completely collapsed his spirit may not be brainwashed again.

“Putting such mental patients and Saint League people together is the biggest feature of the third institute. We often say that Saint League people are a group of unmanned Madman, but it is difficult to study them directly. Then, look for another group of relatively easy-to-study, inhuman Madman, and the two groups of Madman put together to study their extremely subtle similarities and differences, through the ‘mental patient’ such a ‘reference object’, to Expeditions Saint League people The mystery, this is the method of Dean Zhuge.”

Under the guidance of Long Yangjun, Li Yao finally saw the seclusion of the Spiritual Domain Specialist “Zhuge Jinglun”.

Zhuge Jinglun is very much in line with his image of “Researching Madman”. The full head of the bird’s nest is more uncomfortable than Li Yao. A dirty white coat is covered with suspicious stains and liquids. I knew that I didn’t take care of my face for a few days. Every pleat on my face was covered with black dirt. At least two or four different colored pens were placed behind the two ears. When I smiled, my mouth cracked into the roots of the ears, and those outside. There were no differences in the subjects.

He is the kind of “two ears do not smell the window”, the most typical researcher, no matter how the situation changes outside, the leader of the above is replaced, even the sensation of the entire Empyrean Terminus’s enthronement ceremony yesterday, and he There is no relationship with half a dime.

The name of “King of Black Wind, Vulture Li Yao” is now full of Empire, but Long Yangjun introduced Li Yao to him. He simply said “Black Wind King” and he was bothered with his hands. Say what is good.

He and Long Yangjun are a little more enthusiastic, perhaps because Long Yangjun was in charge of the Fiend Hunter Association for the second time, and then sent him a steady stream of research funding and “samples”, he saw Long Yangjun With both eyes shining, I just leave Li Yao the “Black Wind King” aside: “President Dongfang, you are just right, we have just completed the latest Version ‘Spirit Diagram Test’ improvement, the accuracy is improved 2.5 than the old Version More than %, do you want to look at it?”

The look of ecstasy is quite like a big kid who invented a new game.

“The new generation of ‘Spirit Diagram Test’, of course, have to look.”

Long Yangjun coughed and swept Li Yao, and some shouted. “But Dean Zhuge, I told you last time, ‘Dongfang Mingyue’ is the fake name I entered inside the thief. My real name is Long. Yangjun, you still call me ‘President Long’.

“Okay, President Dongfang, Long Yangjun, let me remember President Dongfang.”

Zhuge Jinglun is excited and shouts, “Please, President Dongfang, and Black Wind King!”

Li Yao and Long Yangjun looked at each other and followed Zhuge Jinglun into the underground Third Level, the “Spirit Diagram Test Zone”.

The Saint League people are bound by the “Way of Ultimate Prosperity”. They don’t have the same feelings, but for the infiltration Empire, they lurk and move in the normal society, but they can simulate the vivid emotions.

The “Spirit Diagram Test” is a means of identifying “real emotions” and “virtual emotions” in the field of spiritual research. It can also be said that Empire is the last line of defense against Saint League spy infiltration.

For centuries, Saint League people have repeatedly improved their technology to simulate emotions, and success has deceived generations of Spirit Diagram Test.

The Empire also constantly upgrades the way and content of the Spirit Diagram Test, striving to be sharper, more complex, more precise, and able to bring out the Saint League people hidden in normal people through extremely subtle differences.

This is “the height of the magic is one foot, and the road is one foot high.”

Zhuge Jinglun brought Li Yao and Long Yangjun to a one-way transparent floor-to-ceiling mirror in the middle of a narrow test room with large metal tables on either side, sitting with researchers and testers.

The researcher is a gentle, smiling young man who gives birth to a good impression.

The tester is a middle-aged man with a rosacea and a beer belly. He is fierce and does not look good at first glance.

The researcher slammed the Mini Crystal Processor intently, and from time to time he looked up at the tester and smiled, showing both training and humanity.

The tester was firmly tied to the seat by a flexible metal strip. His expression was anxious, fidgeting, and deep-sinking eye sockets. From time to time, the beast-like brilliance appeared, and the sound of “hū lū hū lū” was also pronounced in the throat.

The metal table between the two is actually a huge flat light curtain, flowing with a brightly-coloured abstract pattern like vortex, which changes every moment, showing a very gorgeous and ever-changing posture.

Speckled light and shadow cast onto the researchers and the tester, as well as the icy walls and white ceilings, reflecting the small test room into the ventricles of the mental patient.

This brightly-coloured light and shadow is the so-called “spirit map”.

“Sorry, I can’t cancel these…everything in disorder.”

The researcher finally knocked the last Glyph Rune on the Mini Crystal Processor, and he smashed his neck, and the tester smiled apologetically. “I don’t have your eyes, tell me, what do you think they look like?” What does it look like?”

“What does this fuck mean?”

The tester is like a beast trapped in a trap, shrinking his neck and saying with vigilance, “Is the test started? This is part of the test. I don’t mean it, eh?”

“No, no, don’t be nervous, relax, relax, it’s just-“

The researcher is a handkerchief. “Rarely, you know that this is the best sanatorium in the whole Empire. It is impossible for you to be transferred to the crimes you committed. It is good luck, but we must make sure that you will not Inflicting harm on others, so…

“You see, I don’t know what these spots and patterns are. They are all from the above people. Those who are self-righteous and smart people get it. The only purpose is to prove that they are very smart, and my job is to sit here every day. Face the various people, open the switch, ask you some questions, then you go to enjoy the sun and the sea, I go home from work, just like this, routine, so let’s solve it quickly, go all the way, okay? Relax, Take a deep breath, relax, and start a formal answer, okay?”

The tester muttered again and reluctantly nodded.

The researcher smiled and opened a miniature Magical Artifact on the table, which looked like a mixture of a magnifying glass and a scope. Through it, the eyeball of the tester fluttering and the reflection of the bloodshot and pupil in the eyeball were clearly visible. .

“What is this, what the hell is this!”

The tester was nervous again.

“Relax, relax, a… insignificant gadget. I have been sitting in this room for three years. I have never cared about what it is. Leave it alone, let’s start, okay?”

The researcher cleared his throat and said, “The first question, imagine, you inadvertently raise your arm and find a green wasp on the back of your hand. What do you do?”

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