FMC Chapter 2703

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2703 is a natural killer, astronomical
“This one……”

Li Yao frowned and looked at the beast-like man in the test room to launch a fierce attack. The researcher couldn’t help but evade, but was hit by a metal chair, and took a look at Zhuge Jinglun’s hand. The dance that sweeps the sweep, “What can you tell?”

“Looking here, the hiding is really deep, but he still shows flaws on the last few issues.”

Zhuge Jinglun pointed to some spotted light spots on Brain’s flat scan, zoomed in and zoomed in, and called up some normal people’s Brain flat scans to compare the two. “Is there any difference?” ”

Looking at his proud style, it is not like facing the Black Wind King, who is like a primary school teacher facing an ignorant child.

“The light spots in normal people’s Brain are dense, and the light spots in this picture have just been scanned out, and there are obvious boundaries in the middle.”

Fortunately, Li Yao is not a person who cares about identity and rules. After careful study for a long time, he honestly replied, “And then, what does this mean?”

“In medicine, we divide Brain into three parts, the brain nucleus, the brain system and the Brain cortex. The brain nucleus is the basic physiological parameter responsible for breathing, heartbeat, awakening, exercise, sleep, balance, etc., maintaining the animal nature of Human Race. Instinct, can be ignored for the time being.

“And the brain system is responsible for the ’emotional thinking’ that I just said, emotions, memories, gland activities, and so on.

“And the Brain Cortex, the outer layer of the drain that people usually see in the gully, is the area responsible for rational thinking, High-Level perception.

“When the normal person’s Brain starts to be active, the connection between his three major areas, especially the brain system and the Brain cortex, is very close. Black Wind King Please see, this is a normal when the person is furious. Scanned the picture, saw it, from the brain system to the Brain cortex, covered with a little bit of light, the brightness of the two is almost the same, and there is no obvious demarcation in the middle, it can be said that his entire Brain, burning fiercely It is.

“Look at the scans we just got. See, the light point of the brain system is relatively bleak, and the qualitative spot of the Brain skin is very dazzling. The two sides are far apart, and there is a very clear boundary between them, just like…”

“It’s like his brain system and the Brain cortex are cut out, each forming an isolated system.”

Li Yao said, “When this person thinks and acts, he uses more of the Brain Cortex, which is rational thinking, but rarely uses the brain system, which is emotional thinking.”

“Yes, that’s it!”

Zhuge Jinglun smiled and said, “We have encountered some very unfortunate patients who have suffered serious Brain trauma and have to isolate their left and right hemispheres for treatment. Do you know, even if you put people between the two half of the Brain? All the nerves are cut off, people will not die, and will not even affect the ability of normal life, but will strengthen the mathematical or artistic ability, but the character will become very … strange.

“The same is true for these people. You can simply understand that they are between the brain system and the Brain cortex. They also have a small operation, cutting off the vast majority of Divided Spirit connections, cutting off emotions and reason. The path between.

“There are only two kinds of people in Brain. This is a cold-blooded killer who is extinct. The other is the Saint League. What kind of consequences will this kind of Brain mutation have?”

Li Yao said: “What consequences?”

“Lack of empathy.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “Emotional ability is almost innate instinct for everyone. I am a person, you are also a person. I don’t want to be hurt myself, so I don’t want to hurt you. Everyone has a childhood, and maybe there is My own children, people want to protect themselves and protect their children, so seeing other children will be particularly pity; even seeing kittens and puppies will give birth to a protective desire, can not bear to kill these beasts.

“The more we are close to us and the similar species, the more we will have a strong empathy. This instinct is the foundation of the intelligent life that constitutes society. It is not cultivation that can be erased, so even the powerful Immortal Cultivator is in the face. When the opponent does not have the power of the ordinary person, there will be empathy and will not be able to bear.

“Why does Immortal Cultivator want to advertise that ordinary people are just ‘original people’, are low-level ‘Human Race subspecies’, are human-looking pigs that are inferior, squat, lazy, useless and even evil? Just because of Immortal Cultivator With the ability of ’emotionality’, when you start with the same kind, you will have ‘unbearable’ and ‘guilty feelings’. Therefore, we have to label the ordinary people with ‘original’ or even ‘non-human’. Go to kill them calmly.

“In other words, even for the most ruthless Immortal Cultivator, killing the same kind will cause a touch on the mind.

“But for those who lack empathy, they don’t care at all.

“They don’t care about the feelings of others. They don’t care about the life and death of an innocent and cute little girl. They don’t care about their own loved ones, not even their own lives.”

“A lot of serial killers are like this. They often kill people for a few dollars or even for no reason. They don’t feel guilty and have no fear. They don’t care that they are caught after they are caught. Life is an item in their eyes. , including themselves.

“They may not all be ‘beaks of beasts’. In fact, many serial killers are highly educated, have a decent identity, and are in the upper class, they have high emotional intelligence and IQ, there is no need to kill! They were still taking risks and sent themselves to the execution ground, but just as the bullets opened their skulls, they still had no fear, don’t care, just don’t care!

“So, we have designed this series of questions, and let go of those false and confusing fake problems. The real problem is to examine what the tester cares about.

“In the simplest case, a normal person finds a wasp on his hand and will dodge or drive away in the first place because they care about their body and don’t want to be hurt. Who cares about the color of the wasp?

“Similarly, it’s good to be in the desert, the mother is fatally hurt, and the whole world is unrecognizable… These tests are carried out in layers, from deadly threats to their families, to their homes, to the homeland and even to the whole world. How can people be indifferent?

“But let’s see the tester, you can see his Brain scan map, whether you are going to die in the desert planet, or if your mother is in a pool of blood, or even the whole world will be, oh, The ‘intellectual rebellion’ was destroyed, and even his basic understanding of Human Race was subversive. He didn’t care, and he didn’t care.

“Irritable, when his Brain cortex responded positively, apparently when he was thinking positively, his brain system only showed the emotion of ‘irritability’. He was indifferent to everything, even if he was really cuffed with Crystal. Computer’s ‘intelligence’ does not matter, this is the most typical, extremely lack of empathy.”

“so that’s how it is, I finally understood.”

Li Yao relieved, “So, Dean Zhuge, you can judge that this is a Saint League!”

Zhuge Jinglun stunned Li Yao for a long time and smiled mysteriously.

“No, he is not a Saint League man, just a cold and ruthless pervert killer.”

Zhuge Jinglun laughed, like a meat buns that were flattened by people. “Despite all the problems in front, he seems to be indifferent, but the last question still touches the deepest hidden pain in his heart, which makes him show a little empathy. Ability, in the end, he finally has a little bit like a person!”

Li Yao is stunned. I don’t know what Zhuge Jinglun means: “The last question? That is… here is the subconscious world. He is actually a poor girl who has been sold to the depths of the streets and is abused by the parents.” Is there anything special about the problem?”

“Of course, our problem is not made up indiscriminately. The poor girl who was sold by my father did have someone, that is his daughter.”

Zhuge Jinglun extracted the tester’s information. In the past photos, the tester is a gentle and graceful appearance. “Look at his previous appearance. It is a good seller. He is a very popular middle school teacher. ”


Li Yao look at the photos, and then look at the beasts in the test room that were pressed to the ground by four or five strong men.

However, if you think about it carefully, when you answered the question just now, although the words were rough, the logical thinking was quite meticulous, and indeed it was highly educated.

Such a guy, actually sold his own daughter!

“Before the age of forty, this tester has always been a middle school teacher with a general ordinal score. It is no different from a normal person, but unfortunately, he was taken to the casino by a friend and was gambling addiction. All the property products still owe a lot of usury.”

Zhuge Jinglun said with no expression. “Since then, this guy’s cold and ruthless personality has gradually awakened. He first sold his biological daughter to the gang to pay the loan shark. After the wife and mother discovered it, he brutally killed two beloved women. They even smashed the scenes with a very calm and falsified scenes. They wanted to pretend to be gangsters who couldn’t make a debt, killing people and venting their anger. Oh, he even saved a large amount of personal accident insurance for his mother and wife. A lot of insurance money continues to gamble.

“He is such a demon of extinction, a demon that is not as good as a beast, and even on the issue of ‘the mother fell in a pool of blood’.

“But, unfortunately, he is just a demon, but not a Saint League person. In the deepest part of his heart, in the subconscious, he still has a slight sense of guilt about his daughter, so when he is accurately hit by the last question, He still collapsed.

“Brain scans and brainwave analysis data are superficial, he really collapses, not just performances.”

Li Yao has nothing to say, just think that the guy who came up with this “Spirit Diagram Test” is a Madman in itself!

“Since he is not a Saint League man -“

Long Yangjun suddenly said, “What do you mean by Dean Zhuge just saying ‘Catch you?'”

At this time, a small door was opened next to it, and the wounded researcher walked out. When he saw Zhuge Jinglun and others, he sighed a little, and then complained loudly: “Dean, our security measures should be upgraded. At least change to a solid chair – these Madman are powerful!

“It’s unfortunate, the Saint League people haven’t caught it yet, but I’ve slammed it in a slap, oh!”

The researcher grinned and angered.

“Okay, when I will interrogate you later…”

Zhuge Jinglun, a researcher, said with a smile, “We must change the most sturdy chair.”

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