FMC Chapter 2705

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2705 Saint League Five ethnic groups! Floating astronomy
Looking at Zhuge Jinglun’s mouth and a mouth-watering look, Li Yao was a little disgusting to the scalp.

“Hey, what happened to your ‘old friend’?”

Li Yao glared at Long Yangjun and walked behind Zhuge Jinglun, whispering. “Is such a bad joke, is he really a Madman!”

“Just kidding, don’t be so serious, how could he really be a mentally ill person? As for madness, it is probably a bit crazy. He is one of the most amazing Mind-Mending Masters in the whole Empire, so he was not taken away by Wuying Ji. ‘Fuel’ – even Wuying Ji can’t eat his crazy look, for fear that his vortex-like Brain will pollute other ‘fuels’.”

Long Yangjun also whispered, “But don’t you think he is interesting, just like the test just now, who else is better suited to dealing with Saint League people than Madman?”

“Where is it interesting!”

Li Yao has nothing to say, think about Long Yangjun, this guy is also like, and like to make friends with some crazy mentally abnormal people – her only friend in the Ancient Saint Sector, Yan Liren, is also a a hundred percent of Madman?

Wait, hey, it seems that there is something wrong. Is it true that in Long Yangjun’s eyes, is this “friends” to the same class as Yan Liren and Zhuge Jinglun?

Li Yao had no time to ask for an exit. Long Yangjun took two steps and took the same lifting platform with Zhuge Jinglun.

“Now take you to see Dean Zhuge’s favorite test field.”

Long Yangjun smiled at Li Yao, “Guarantee to make your eye-opener!”

The landing platform is slowly descending and should descend to the depths of the island, at least a few hundred meters below sea level.

When the lifting platform passed through a layer of black slabs, appeared in a vertical transparent pipe, and when the sun was shining again, Li Yao was really shocked and shocked by everything he saw.

He did not expect that he could see a town in the depths of the sea, under the archipelago, in the same beautiful scenery and paradise!

Yes, it is indeed a town that looks like ordinary and peaceful. Although the scale is not large, it is “the sparrow is small and complete,” surrounded by blue sky and white clouds and green hills and clear water simulated by the three-dimensional 3D light curtain. There are also a large piece of genuine’s fertile farmland, sloppy, chickens and dogs, and the farmer is working hard.

In the center of the town is a row of low-rise buildings, although simple and spotless.

However, the people living here seem to work in an orderly manner, but they all look at the cold and indifferent degree, and they rarely communicate with each other. Everyone is dedicated to the work of their own hands. Confession, no singing and laughter.

They are like some kind of… a machine that is covered with human skin, acting in accordance with the instructions of the program.

There are still a lot of Residents. I don’t know if I have finished my work, or I have no assignments at all. I sit on the open space in the middle of the town in a neat and uniform way, and look up at the virtual sun on the dome.

The temperament of these people is also very different. It is very different from the mental patients that Li Yao just saw in the open air. His mind turned and immediately guessed: “These are Saint League people?”

“Yes, a total of 1,225, are Saint League people captured in Empire’s Counterattack.”

Zhuge Jinglun said quite a bit, and explained, “They are mostly ordinary soldiers and civilians. They have not received any special spy training. They don’t know how to simulate emotions, so they don’t need to be screened at a glance. If you recognize it, you won’t lie.

“In fact, they are very gentle and hardworking people. It is very enjoyable to get along with them in a way that is easy to get along with.”


Li Yao is hard to find a channel. “They won’t be like the most fanatical believers, Ao Ao screaming, shouting and killing?”

“If there are higher-level commanders who enter instructions into their minds, of course.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “The 1,225 Saint League people in this town are the most grassroots performers. They will only obey orders, but they will not create orders themselves, since no commander orders them. Going to attack and killing, of course they will not do this, they can only act instinctively.”

Li Yao nodded thoughtfully and indulged in a moment, and asked: “Even if they don’t take the initiative to kill, why would they take care of such a town, and still cultivate, build and smelt honestly? I seem to have seen one. Magical Artifact repair shop, they will do it in such a delicate job?”

“I just said that this is their instinct. If the Saint League is regarded as a huge ‘Colony Civilization’, then they are the ‘work bees’ in the bee colony. They are born to work.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “Work is like a woman who is as deadly as a normal man. When a normal man is bored and doing nothing, he can’t help but want to go out and have fun. These Saint League people are being held. In the depths of the earth, when I am doing nothing, I can’t help but want to work. I only provide them with enough space and raw materials. Everything is done by themselves. It is as simple as it is.”

“What a… incredible!”

Li Yao muttered, “These Saint League people can open up a large farm in the harsh environment deep in the island, build their own towns, and perform very precise Magical Artifact repairs. Well organized, the lines are not messy!”

“Yes, Saint League people can be roughly divided into ‘Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth’, and each different family has a different talent divine ability.”

Zhuge Jinglun pointed to the Saint League people who worked silently in the town, explaining to Li Yao, “These farmers are Wood Clan people who are good at farming, grazing and picking, and are knowledgeable about agriculture and animal husbandry, for the whole of Saint. League provides food.

“Those who are leveling the land are the Earth Clan people. They are explorers, architects and miners among the Saint League people. They have accumulated enough experience to upgrade to a ‘starcraft rebuilder’ and are responsible for the transformation. The new livable planet provides fertile farms and pastures for Wood Clan people, and even more important ‘relic explorers’. The vast majority of Saint League’s technology comes from the ruins of the wild, and the key to this profession is conceivable. .

“The Metal Clan people are repairing the Magical Artifact and smelting the implements. As the name implies, they are good at smelting, repairing and manufacturing of Magical Artifact. They are the Magical Artifact Specialist and arms dealers of all Saint League people, even those thousands of kilometers long. They are all made by them.

“Those who are sitting in the square and basking in the sun are Fire Clan people. Don’t think they are lazy. It’s just a break in training. They are the most professional, the most ferocious and fearless fighters. They are the main force of the Saint League army. .

Zhuge Jinglun pointed to the east, west, and south, and introduced the Saint League people scattered around to Li Yao.

Li Yao waited for a long time. He didn’t listen to him. He couldn’t help but ask: “Golden wood and fire, and a Water Clan?”

“There are no Water Clan people here, no Water Clan people.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “Water Clan is a group of Saint League people who are responsible for communication, telepathy, commanding, and higher-level thinking. Water Clan has two typical occupations. The first is the commander, and the second is spy. For example, the researcher we just exposed is most likely a Saint League Water Clan.

“Understood, Water Clan is a Saint League person who masters advanced logical thinking ability and a certain degree of telepathy, and can simulate and control emotions as he wants. It belongs to the core class, just like flowing water, will be Metal, Wood, Fire and Earth. The large ethnic groups are connected in series to form the Saint League.

“Because there are no Water Clan, Metal, Wood, Fire and Earth four-member Saint League talents so obedient, if you send in a Water Clan, maybe more than a thousand Saint League people will be rioted tomorrow.”

Li Yao remembered the riots of the Saint League who had witnessed Divine Might Prison and thought of Zhuge Jinglun’s words.

“So, how is the ethnic group of Saint League people divided? What determines the ethnicity of a Saint League?”

Li Yao is thinking, and humbly asks, “Is there a possibility of crossover and conversion? For example, a Saint League person has both the fighting and Artificer talent, just like the ‘Hybrid Type’ of the cultivator?”

“Of course, many spy have both the power of Spirit Communication and combat.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “As for the Saint League ‘Worker Bees’ at the grassroots level, there is a special set of rituals and testing methods to detect what kind of talent they have awakened and which part of the gene fragment has been unlocked.”

“Awakening talent, unlocking genes?”

Li Yao said, “I have seen the study of Saint League people. Most of the Saint League people’s abilities are born in nature, not learned, but they don’t understand. Can Dean Zhuge explain? Some basic skills can be inherited, which I can understand, but skills such as smelting, planting, and land reclamation can also be inherited?”

“of course can.”

Zhuge Jinglun smiled slightly. “The zebra’s cubs just run half an hour later, and the cat’s offspring will naturally climb the tree. Most animals can inherit the instinct to survive, and Saint League can pass. Genetics, inheriting the technology and knowledge of a large number of Prehistoric Era, isn’t that well understood?”

“and many more–“

Li Yao frowned. “We are also the inheritors of the Civilization. We don’t have a fundamental difference between our physical structure and the Saint League. Why can Saint League people easily awaken this kind of talent through the genetics? No?”

“Because each other’s immediate ancestors are different.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “Our direct ancestors were created by Nüwa Clan later, more mature and perfect works, which are called ‘smart people’, and their immediate ancestors were originally created by Nüwa Clan, relatively rough test pieces. Let’s call it ‘muddy’ or ‘niren’.”

“Clay people?”

Li Yao said, “I have heard the legend of Nüwa’s creation. It is said that Nüwa originally used wicker down muddy water, and the muddy water fell to the ground and turned into a small mud point. Each mud point is a small Human. Race.”

“Yes, this is a poetic and abstract statement, but myths often reflect reality. The first early Human Races did have something to do with muddy water.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “In the thirteen flood-based carbon-based races, many races called the early Human Race a ‘mud tower’ or ‘Nianta’, which translates to the meaning of ‘grey white clay figurine’. ”

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