FMC Chapter 2707

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2707 Ultimate Prosperity Clan, Astronomy
“It’s a very interesting statement.”

Li Yao thought of the special profession “Primitive Martial Artist” in the cultivator, which is indeed free to activate the genes from the ancestors in the body, presenting a strange form of ruin.

Including Li Yao himself, and in the deepest level of meditation, I have seen the ancestors of Prehistoric Era, and have gained some memories and inheritance.

In other words, is there a small part of the “Niger gene” in his body? really interesting.

“This is true, because our modern people are not completely ‘white sheets,’ and everyone is more or less talented.”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “Some people are good at Artificer. Some people are good at fighting. Some people are good at mathematics. Some people are interested in geography, archaeology and history. Although these people also want to learn, their learning efficiency is beyond the ordinary people. Ten times or even a hundred times, the same time, the same teachers, the same courses and training, but they are able to excel and come to the fore!

“This is not just an explanation of IQ, but a small part of the ‘Niger Gene’ that works. It is the ancestor of the ancestors of these people. When it was originally designed and manufactured, it was shaped into a certain A specialist in the field, despite hundreds of thousands of years, this part of the gene has been diluted to near zero, but still faithfully executed the initial instructions.”

Li Yao Gao Lei Ji has an eyebrow.

So, why can I become an Artificer Specialist for a small part of the reason, thanks to the gene in the body?

“Understanding the problem of the genetics of the Nigerian people, the mystery of the birth of the Saint League people will be solved!”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “When Saint League captured a stubborn and unyielding Empire soldier on the battlefield, or a sentimental Empire ordinary citizen, they sent the prisoner to a device called the ‘Temple.’

“The first step, they will use some kind of extremely precise technique, it is very likely that the light wave will be condensed into a shadowless and invisible scalpel, cutting off the connection between the brain system and the Brain cortex in the human brain, and the rationality of human beings. Thinking and emotional thinking are completely separated.

“After the implementation of such an operation, people may not forget everything in the past. All memories may be vivid, but they can no longer touch his heartstrings. He has become an absolutely ruthless cold-blooded animal.

“The second part is to activate the ‘Niger’s gene’ in the human body, presenting a special ‘returning ancestor’, turning the modern man back to the Nepalese hundreds of thousands of years ago, and by the way activated a variety of talents. Divine ability, you can work or battle in the shortest time.

“The third step, since the Nie gene has been activated, then the Way of Ultimate Prosperity – the awakening of Three Great Source Laws is a matter of course, plus a series of hypnosis, brainwashing and divine soul branding, a loyal The Saint League people are fresh!”

As soon as the three men spoke, they descended around the town of Saint League.

Of course, they did not go straight in, but slowly observed along a transparent wall to see the work and life of the Saint League people.

The transparent walls are not sealed, but are filled with dense air exchange holes, and those of the Saint League can see them as well.

Li Yao found a very strange phenomenon.

Seeing them coming, many Saint League people in the farmland stopped working. The Saint League people who were sitting in the middle of the town and sunning the sun also stood up and turned their necks like sunflowers, paying attention to them. The depths of the bleak and indifferent eyes burst into a vivid color.

Their eyes were hot and hot, and Li Yao was too unbearable. After careful observation for a long time, it was discovered that Saint League people were not staring at themselves, but Long Yangjun.

“Why are they… looking at you like this?”

Li Yao whispered, “The eyes are too strange, it’s just creepy!”

“Is this not obvious?”

Long Yangjun also replied in a low voice. “They perceive the smell of Pangu Clan from me. In their minds, I am about to be a “half god”, at least as a ‘Supreme God Servant’?”

Li Yao “Ah”, it was only when Long Yangjun was a half-Pangu semi-Nüwa freak, it was indeed the “middle god” of the Saint League.

“So, they worship you, believe in you, obey you?”

Li Yao came to the interest and thought, “Can you order them at will, even more Saint League people, thousands of Saint League people?”

“I know what you mean, but things are not that simple. If I can underestimate the words of all Saint League people, I have already done so!”

Long Yangjun looked at Li Yao and thought about it. Some of them are, “How can you explain to you the relationship between Saint League people and their ‘True God’? The so-called ‘absolute obedience from genes’ is also Not so ‘absolute’, yes, I can order these Saint League people to do some simple and simple work, let them work in an orderly manner, give me tea, and even show me what they are best at. Skills, these are fine.

“But if it’s a command that runs counter to the Way of Ultimate Prosperity, or something that would obviously hurt the interests of Pangu Clan, including too much order like ‘Dissolution of Saint League’, they certainly won’t do it, and even create resistance to me. of.”


Li Yao blinked. “I still don’t understand. Where is the ‘excessive’ limit?”

“It’s subtle, let’s say, let’s talk to you—”

Long Yangjun indulged for a moment, said, “The so-called ‘genetic obedience’ is roughly such a thing. Imagine that you are an 18-year-old boy who is just ignorant of meat. He is driven by genetic instinct, and the guy is hard. It’s almost impossible to poke the Crystal Armor. At this time, the girlfriend you just met soon said, as long as you do something for her, she is willing to spend the spring with you. I believe that as long as this matter does not violate law and morality, you are sure to And it’s incredibly hot to get it done?”

“This is…”

Li Yao pondered for a moment, “Even if it is a little bit contrary to law and morality, I guess I will go through the fire and not leave.”

“That’s it, the Saint League people’s ‘genetic instinct’ for Pangu Clan, and the ‘genetic instinct’ of the 18-year-old boy to the girlfriend, differs not much.”

Long Yangjun said seriously, “More importantly, when the Saint League people complete Pangu Clan’s instructions, the Brain cortex will secrete a special substance that will make them feel extremely intense, more exciting than the boys and girls. I can imagine how powerful their power is.

“However, everything has a degree. If the girlfriend wants a teenager to kill someone, he will be willing to spend the spring with him. This is obviously a ‘unreasonable, very excessive’ requirement. The young hot Blaze may calm down. Re-examine the relationship with your girlfriend.

“Similarly, if I swear by the identity of the ‘half god’, they will doubt, hate and even hate me!”

“You use this inferior analogy to explain –“

Li Yao said, “I understand more, no wonder they are staring at you with a sly look.”

Long Yangjun grinned and pointed his elbow at a Saint League man: “Just stare at me, look at the guy over there, and he stares at you with a sly look!”

Li Yao glimpsed a little, looking in the direction of Long Yangjun, and saw a maverick Saint League man staring at himself with some very weird look, watching for a while, then suspiciously, re- Looking at Long Yangjun, watching for a while, turning to Li Yao again, his eyes faltering between the two.

“No way?”

Li Yao stunned and licked the goose bumps on his arms. “What is wrong with this guy, others are staring at you, but his eyes are sweeping between us and pedaling two boats!”

“It seems that Wuying Ji 3.0 does not lie. The so-called ‘Dark Mole Plan’ does have something to do.”

Long Yangjun said, “This guy is very likely to be a ‘black boy’. He is attracted by the smell of ‘Wuying Ji 3.0’ on your body. You can’t tell the difference between us. Who is his ‘True God’? It!”

Li Yao suddenly realized.

Think about it too, Wuying Ji 3.0 said that now about a few thousandths of the Saint League people are being touched by him, absolutely admiring his “black son”, according to the probability, even if one thousandth is good, There should also be one or two “sunspots” here.

Li Yao secretly recorded the appearance of this Saint League man and the number on the chest, and asked Long Yangjun to take special care of him. Never let this Saint League die.

When he completely controls the Gold Crystal Tower, he can use this Saint League person to test the credibility of the “Dark Mole Plan”.

“Dean Zhuge…”

Thinking of “Dark Mole Plan”, Li Yao was in the heart and asked Zhuge Jinglun. “Liaoning Marquis Lei Chenghu once suspected that Saint League was on the verge of collapse, and he did not hesitate to gather all his strength and start a strategic battle with Empire.

“You are a Specialist in the field of Saint League people. Do you think that the suspicion of Liaoning Marquis is possible? The seemingly orderly Saint League really collapses itself?”

“The possibility of self-destruction is of course there. Any one of the ever-expanding high-precision Systems will eventually inevitably collapse!”

Zhuge Jinglun said, “The civilization of thousands of people and the maintenance of hundreds of millions of people is totally two concepts. The latter will encounter too many problems.

“The key point is that the current Saint League people are not 100% of the Nepalese, most of them are converted by the Homo sapiens. Love of freedom, advocating new knowledge and endless curiosity are our nature. How can it be completely obliterated? In nature Under the repeated impact, the shackles of ‘Three Great Source Laws’ are not so indestructible!

“However, it is necessary to expect the Saint League to collapse itself in a short period of time, so that Empire will not win without a fight. It seems too optimistic. After all, there is another one in the ‘Golden Wood Firewood’ five races. The higher ‘Ultimate Prosperity Clan’ is responsible for ruling and purifying, destroying all factors that may cause collapse, in the bud.”

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