FMC Chapter 2717

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2717 Butterfly Dancing, Astronomy
Li Yao didn’t open his eyelids and found himself completely different from before the retreat.

There are countless subtle cracks in the depths of his cells. It is the trace of hundreds of years of crazy cultivation and battles. For more than a hundred years, the ordinary people from the hands of the chickens have been attacked by the Spirit Transformation realm. On top of it, there are countless times of “Shatters Void”, crossing the Star Ocean, and naturally it costs a lot.

His body was originally on the verge of collapse. After the first battle with Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, he even collapsed. He relied on Xiaoming and Wenwen to help him rebuild his body and activate his new ability. Support it.

However, in the second battle with Wuying Ji, the repaired body was also riddled with holes that left many unrecognizable scars. Although it will not interfere with his cultivation and fighting for the time being, it is a hidden danger.

But now, Li Yao feels that all the cells and even the genetic level of the cracks have been repaired. The hundreds of millions of cells that make up his body are all like the pearly pearls of the pearls, and he can even interpret the meaning of these cells. !

This is an unspeakable, unparalleled feeling.

Just as the blind man sees the light again, the monk hears the magnificent song again. Someone uncovers the wet and heavy diaphragm and carapace wrapped around his divine soul, which makes him feel more…the real world.

He can hear both his internal and external squirming and the breathing of Gold Crystal Tower staff hundreds of meters away.

He can see the turbulence of every wave in his sea of โ€‹โ€‹consciousness and the subtle changes in rock formations thousands of miles away.

The pheromone in his body communicates with the pheromone of all things in the sky. His magnetic field is integrated into the magnetic field of the whole planet. It is like a drop of water into the sea, disappearing without a trace, but it can be At any time, you can roll up the waves and mobilize the power of the sea.

Reinventing the golden body, the Tao is natural.

So far, Li Yao has finally understood the meaning of these two cultivation terms.

“Dad, Dad, what’s wrong with you!”

Xiaoming and Wenwen’s voice became more anxious, even with a faint panic. “Are you awake, Dad, why can’t we sense your magnetic field? You, your life magnetic field is weaker than an ordinary person. Isn’t your cultivation deviation lost?”

Li Yao smiled and opened her eyes.

I saw dozens of Spiritual Energy Puppet rushing in front of themselves, and I donโ€™t know how to do it.

They are all clones of Xiaoming and Wenwen.

Li Yao originally resisted the form of Xiaoming and Wenwen. He asked himself to be an open-minded person who could accept all the new things, but he was chased by several hundred steel skulls and mechanical spiders, and it was quite creepy. Hard to adapt to things.

But now, Li Yao understands and sees it.

Whether it’s a steel skull or a mechanical spider, or a much larger Spiritual Energy war, it’s just a “cell” of Xiaoming and Wenwen.

The connection between these steel skulls, mechanical spiders, and other strangely intelligent Spirit Artifacts, the process of ultra-high speed information interaction, is the ontology of Xiaoming and Wenwen, and is another direction of life evolution.

The life forms of Xiaoming and Wenwen are more similar to the Colony Civilization like Houyi Clan.

Perhaps this kind of grandparent between the grandparents and grandchildren can be called “generational inheritance”?

Li Yao’s eyes glowed softly, sweeping through Xiaoming and Wenwen, and immediately saw countless channels of information interaction, like a brightly-coloured transparent thread wrapped around each Spiritual Energy Puppet, extending to a very long distance. Far away.

“I am fine.”

Li Yao shook her head and smiled. “It’s two of you. How do I see your information exchange network? The more you look at it, the more awkward, the lines of everything in disorder are all entangled.”

Li Yao flexed her fingers and flicked it in midair, transmitting a new model, Houyi Clan’s main brain and a large group of information interaction models, to the two little ones.

It was like an invisible force, gently twirling the strings, connecting the information wires of Xiaoming and Wenwen’s body, and suddenly the UHF oscillated.


All of the Spiritual Energy Puppet’s Crystal Eyes are the most radiant, and Xiaoming and Wenwen are immersed in a great shock. The body โ€œๅ™ผpฤซ pฤ ๅ•ชโ€ bursts into a spark, excited to be unable to self, and it takes a long time to recover.

“This is – this is a new information interaction algorithm!”

Xiaoming was amazed. “With this algorithm, our computational ability can at least increase 15%, and it can also build a larger array of Crystal Computer groups, and the communication distance and anti-interference ability between them are greatly improved! โ€

“Dad, are you really okay?”

Wenwen is more concerned about the situation of Li Yao. “The reality of your days is too scary. And now, where did you get such an advanced algorithm, and how did you transmit it to us? We clearly did not sense it. There is a slight fluctuation in the magnetic field of your life! No, you have no life magnetic field at all, you look like a… ordinary people!”

โ€œNothing is plain? There is nothing wrong with it!โ€

Li Yao stretched out comfortably and found that her skin was peeling off countless colorful, glittering things like phosphor powder. The new student’s skin is as baby-like, but there are hidden mountains and drain seas. Power, but this power is naturally integrated with the surrounding, and the general expert can’t sense it.

“I just seemed to have had a dream, a dream that has passed through millions of years. I got this algorithm from Houyi Clan millions of years ago. It is not suitable for the current Human Race. It seems to be more suitable. you guys.”

Li Yao smiled at the two ecstatic little guys, just like the father saw the children who just got new toys and couldn’t put it down. It was good to see the two little guys for a while, this is, “Yes, what am I? How long have you been meditating, how do you gather on the ground, and what happens when you are like an enemy?”

“How does Dad know that the army is on the ground?”

Xiaoming and Wenwen looked at each other more and more surprised, Wenwen said. “Dad has been meditating for seven days and seven nights, you… really don’t know what you did?”

“Seven days and seven nights!”

Li Yao doesn’t feel too long, but feels too short. Compared with his millions of years, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years in the “River of Life”, seven days and seven nights are not even “one moment”.

He is quite a bit like the feeling of being separated from the world, but he really doesn’t know what he is doing. “I am not a good end to retreat here, what else can I do?”

“We really can’t tell, Dad sees it!”

Xiaoming and Wenwen manipulated several Spiritual Energy Puppets, activated dozens of 3D 3D light curtains, and played out the various phases of the Gold Crystal Tower over the past few days.

The first light curtain appeared in the panoramic view of the Gold Crystal Tower. I saw the original pale gold Gold Crystal Tower suddenly bursting with milky white light, which entangled every Glyph Rune on the Gold Crystal Tower outer shell. The entire Gold Crystal Tower becomes crystal clear and transparent.

All the staff of the Gold Crystal Tower, as well as the Guards members, ran around in disbelief. I don’t know why Gold Crystal Tower was suddenly activated into such an odd mode, but they didn’t know how to switch or turn off. I could stunned at the almost transparent Gold Crystal Tower, and spewed a ray of water like a spring.

The second light curtain is the sky plaque corresponding to the Gold Crystal Tower. Above the sky, the clouds gather, as if the clouds of the whole planet are attracted here. Li Yao has never seen so many clouds piled up in this life. It is like a splendid Sky City that will be crushed to the ground.

The third light curtain is the brilliance of the Gold Crystal Tower, which merges with the clouds.

The clouds slowly rotate like vortex, and they burst into colorful flames. This flame spreads in all directions, thousands of kilometers away, and finally turns into a huge butterfly!


Li Yao murmured.

Focusing on the Gold Crystal Tower, this layer of colorful clouds has been growing for a long time. It only covers the area of โ€‹โ€‹500 kilometers on the first day, and countless people are bathed in the brilliance of butterflies. Even if you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can indirectly appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime, visually striking scene through various video tools.

“Is this what Dad is doing?”

Xiaoming said, “Can’t it be coincidence?”


Li Yao scratched her hair. “Probably me. Who told me that my strength is so strong?”

“In addition to the alienation in the sky, there are more strange things happening within the coverage of this huge butterfly.”

Wenwen said, “There are countless people who have reported to the authorities that they have seen butterflies – not a huge butterfly made up of this cloud in the sky, but a series of shiny, colorful, very beautiful butterflies.”

“It’s time for spring blossoms.”

Li Yao said, โ€œWhat is the strange thing about seeing a small butterfly?โ€

“Itโ€™s no surprise to see the little butterfly.”

Wenwen said, “But it is very strange to close your eyes in your bed and see the butterflies dancing in the dark, even forming a formation resembling a gene chain.”

โ€œThe authorities initially speculated whether it was a large-scale mass snoring, that is, people saw self-implication, self-hypnosis, and mutual infection after seeing the huge butterfly cloud in the sky.โ€

Xiaoming said, “But please ask the most powerful Mind-Mending Master to check these people, but you can’t see why, and let these people draw the patterns of butterflies flying in their eyes, they all draw a similar gene chain. – These people don’t know each other, careers and realms are different, some are ordinary people, some are Low Rank Immortal Cultivator, and even a few Golden Core Experts have seen them, they have no possibility of collusion, how should this be explained? What?”

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