FMC Chapter 2721

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2721 share Brain! Floating astronomy
“Well, this… ‘land fairy’, I am not dissatisfied with your ability.”

Lei Chenghu took a deep breath and looked at the nose with some exhaustion. “Just, our situation is really critical. In addition to making people feel refreshed and prolonging life, do you have more and more direct divine ability? ?”


Li Yao thought very seriously. “Now, I am more sensitive to the magnetic field and brain waves than the past ten times. I can easily see through a person’s life magnetic field and even condense my brain waves into wires. Extend it, invade other people’s Brain nerves, and interfere with other people’s brain waves.

“It would be like a very powerful Crystal Computer expert that can invade someone else’s Crystal Computer, tamper with data, transfer information, and even release Crystal Computer Virus.

“Of course, the human brain is a hundred times more complicated than Crystal Computer. If the divine soul is strong and Dao Heart is a firm expert, it is like setting up dozens of firewalls around your own Brain. Then I can’t drill in, a little careless. Will also trigger backlash!

“But if it’s a general expert and an ordinary person, I have the possibility to influence their Brain. The simplest is to invade the visual and auditory nerves, let them see something that doesn’t exist, and hear the sound that doesn’t exist.”

Lei Chenghu is still frowning: “For example, seeing a series of dancing butterflies? What’s the use of this stuff!”

“Not just butterflies!”

Li Yao blinked and looked at Lei Chenghu’s slightly tired appearance. Suddenly, there were numerous bright golden threads that were shining but not visible to the general people. The intricate lines stretched toward Lei Chenghu. Lived his Brain.

Lei Chenghu flashed a strange light in the fundus, and suddenly it was like a sip of a poisonous scorpion, and jumped up.

“what are you doing!”

He screamed and rampageed like a thunder.

“War God” Lei Chenghu, who rarely saw “the planet crashed in front without discoloration”, was so disappointed that they were shocked.


Lei Chenghu is a peerless expert of Spirit Transformation Grade. It is a powerful divine soul. It ranks high in the entire Empire. When he is angry, his flames burn, he immediately expels Li Yao’s brainwaves and backlash to Li Yao. Li Yao screamed, stepping back two steps and holding her left eye.

When the palm was uncovered, the left eye was red and bloody, as if it had been punched.

Look at Lei Chenghu, but it is full of white face, heart is awkward, and I was greatly scared.

“You invaded the visual nerve of Lei Chenghu?”

Long Yangjun’s heart moved and reacted instantly. “What kind of illusion did you project on his retina, and he scared him like this, wouldn’t it be a bunch of butterflies?”

“Not a butterfly, not a caterpillar or a donkey.”

Li Yao glared at the red and swollen eyes and smiled. “It’s just a bunch of countdown numbers.”

“In front of a person, there is a string of countdown numbers on the end, how can you linger?”

Long Yangjun muttered. “It sounds like a terrible picture!”

“Unfortunately, my strength is still too weak. For the expert such as Liaoning Marquis, I can only take the method of ‘sneak attack’, and he is busy with military affairs recently, working day and night, and being tempted to be short-lived.”

Li Yao spread the handkerchief. β€œOnce the Liaoning Marquis reacted and raised the alert, my invasion collapsed and I also hurt my divine soul.”

“But under the sun, the Spirit Transformation Grade expert like Liaoning Marquis is not much.”

Long Yangjun Thoughts, “If it is a second-rate expert like Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, or simply an ordinary person, it will be difficult to resist your invasion.

“Imagine a series of sparkling countdowns in front of an ordinary person. No matter where he goes, this countdown goes with him. Even when he sleeps, he closes his eyes. The countdown is still shining in the dark.

“At the same time, his voice will continue to appear in your ear, your sharp, thin and thief voice, wow, I think this ordinary person has only two end, either go crazy or just put You should worship as a god.”

“I think so.”

Li Yao smiled bitterly. “Until today, I understand the ancient ‘Landed True Immortal’, ‘the reincarnation of the gods’, how come, cultivation to the extent that the magnetic field of life can expand and influence others at will, is indeed very suitable Dress up the gods and ghosts, and recruit a large number of believers for yourself to create a heavenly kingdom that does not exist!”

Everyone was silent and fell into deep thought.

They are not mediocre, but the Empire of True Humanity’s premier wise man, naturally know that pure combat power is not enough to determine the outcome, this diversible ability to confuse people is the most terrible.

“Now think about it, Wuying Ji doesn’t necessarily have cultivation to a realm like Li Yao, even ten times stronger than Li Yao, so it can confuse everyone and become the ‘Dark Star Great Emperor’ of the whole Star Ocean. ‘!”

Li Linghai looked at Lei Chenghu, and if he thought, “Liaoning Marquis, the past you and me, once worshipped Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, but it is a bit of our heart and a few points. Was disturbed by the life magnetic field of Wuying Ji, and he was enchanted by him unconsciously?”

Lei Chenghu glimpsed, his eyes became more and more gloomy.

“Yes, this divine ability falls into the hands of the ambition, perhaps he calls the wind and summon the rain, and reverses the Divine Weapon.”

Li Yao paused, it doesn’t matter, “But for me, it’s useless, because I never thought about becoming a god of Supreme or Sovereign Emperor – this work is too tired, who do you who do it? Well, I just want to be free, happy, and let all people in the world be free and carefree.

“However, the connection of the cranial nerves is two-way. When my virtual cranial nerve invades the Brain of others, the neural fields of the two sides are connected together. The visual information and auditory information received by others, including his thinking, can be Transfer to me to achieve the sharing of vision and sound, even ultra-high speed information interaction such as ‘secret voice transmission.

“It means that if I can get into a person’s Brain, even if he is far away, I can see what he sees, hear what he hears, even without any communication Magical Artifact, and him. Conduct long distance communication.

“Of course, all this is only a theoretical possibility. After all, I have just awakened the new ability. I still need to experiment repeatedly to know the success rate of ‘vision sharing’ and ‘mind communication’.”

β€œEven if people from thousands of miles, everything they see and hear can be known to Brother Yao at the same time?”

Li Jialing said, “So amazing, isn’t it the ‘Lianliyan’ and ‘Shunfeng’ in ancient legends?”

β€œYes, I guess the ancient legends of ‘Clairvoyance’ and ‘Shunfeng’ are similar to the divine ability.”

Li Yao said, β€œEven if the eyesight is raised to the limit, even if it can reach the level of the most advanced telescope, how can it penetrate the barriers of mountains and high buildings and see the picture behind the high walls?

“It’s even more unreliable to follow the wind. You have to hear the sounds of tens of thousands of kilometers. How much interference there is, how many noisy noise sources, how can you filter them one by one and analyze the sound you want?

“So, no matter whether ‘clairvoyance’ or ‘shunfeng ear’, it is impossible to see and hear directly, but to indirectly see and hear by sharing the vision and hearing of others.

“There is nothing magical about this. No matter the sound or the image, after entering Brain, it will be converted into bio-current and photoelectric signals, and the human brain will send these signals to the outside world through the brain wave every minute. It seems that the ripples in the lake are not calm, but they are weak to the extent that the naked eye can’t detect it.

β€œAnd as long as I can perceive these flaws that are invisible to the naked eye, I can in turn deduct the pictures they produce – it’s that simple.”

“It’s that simple?”

Li Jialing thought about it, but shut up.

β€œThat is, you can see a Saint League person, what you see and hear now?”

Lei Chenghu instantly grasped the military use value of this divine ability. “For example, you can see the Saint League high-level, the staff and guards around the Ultimate Prosperity High Master see everything? No, you simply Can I get to the Ultimate Prosperity High Master’s Brain and see what he sees?”

“How can this be?”

Li Yao screamed, “First, the five or six Ultimate Prosperity High Master of Saint League must be an expert who is proficient in the secret skill. The protection of the neural field is definitely more strict than that of the Liaoning Marquis. Maybe they all have it. Similar to the method of brainwave attack and defense, if they rush into their Brain, they will be discovered by a little carelessness. Maybe they will invade my Brain in turn, sucking away everything in my mind. Become their beggar, then play with fire and self-immolation!

“Second, we don’t even know where these damn Ultimate Prosperity High Masters are hiding. Star Ocean, how do I search? You know, brain waves extend out, which is equivalent to ‘soul out’, loss Big, you want me to ‘soul out’, through Spiritual Nexus, through Star Ocean, go to dozens of Greater Thousand Worlds and search for several Ultimate Prosperity High Masters, think about the difficulty and risk, maybe a Star Ocean Storm My three immortal souls and seven mortal forms were blown away, leaving only an empty body and lying at the bottom of the Gold Crystal Tower!”

Lei Chenghu for a moment: “So, what kind of Saint League people can you reach?”


Li Yao said, β€œThe relatively clear Saint League people gathering point is the Deep Earth Sector that has just been occupied by them. There must be a lot of ‘black sons’ that Wuying Ji 3.0 calls. These people are the easiest to search and close. Use them as a springboard, and then find the Ultimate Prosperity High Master step by step, figure out the Saint League offensive plan, find a way to give Ultimate Prosperity High Master a ‘Beheading Technique’, even inside the Saint League, set off a storm!”

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